April 29, 2012

All 10 Spooks Series to Replay in UK + Stuntman Quote

Stuntman Quote:  Mick on Chris Ryan's Strike Back
Question #10: A lot of us are Richard Armitage fans. What was he like to work with?

QUOTE: Mick Milligan: Richard is a gentleman. He did well in doing a lot of the fight sequences himself for the sake of character authenticity. For the duration of the shoot he lived John Porter. I think he even surprised himself. Easily one of my favourite actors. He's one of us.

It was Classical Night on Dancin' w/the Stars -- Wm Levy's Viennese waltz was danced to one of the hymns sung during our wedding ceremony - Ave Maria - might've become a li'l teary eyed:)  Watch at end to see his 2 children and their mother in the audience.  Cuban-born William came to the USA a few yrs ago, when his stepfather requested and received political asylum from Castro's oppressive government.

If you've been an RA fan long enough to remember a temporary connection to the movie 'Charlie', appears it might be making progress.  Newly designed website:


Teuchter said...

That image of what I presume is the "Charlie" character on the website looks an awful lot like Richard Armitage to me! Does anyone else think that?

Ricrar said...

Hey there Teuchter,

Have to apologize for the late reply, didn't notice your comment until now because it's under third post down from the top.

I'm not sure which 'Charlie' character you're referring to?? Don't recall RA ever playing a character named Charlie.

Thanks for the comment:)

Teuchter said...

Now it's my turn to apologize for tardiness in replying!! "Charlie" was going to be a movie set in Italy during the II World War that RA was potentially going to star in. Here is the link I found on your website from Sunday April 29th. http://charliefilm.co.uk/charlie-cast.php He was to play an Allied soldier and Lara Fabian was apparently going to play the part of the doctor's wife. The film was never made - I think obtaining financial backing may have been one problems - and there was also no firm cast list - so whether it will finally be made remains to be seen. I doubt if RA will be the one to play the part now of course as things will no doubt change for him after The Hobbit! :)

Ricrar said...

Greeting again Teuchter,
Do you mind if I ask how you access this blog? Reason I ask is because I almost missed your comment again because it's under the 4th post down the page. Spotted it while checking other data. If it's alright with you, I'd like to copy & post your comment about the Charlie film in comment box under the latest post. That way others might be interested in participating in the conversation.

As for the Charlie film, yes you're correct that it's a role RA considered before receiving the Thorin role. In fact, many RA fans participated in that website's forum for quite awhile, even after it was announced Richard found it necessary to back out of the role. There was never a firm commitment on his part, sounded as though it was mostly spoken word. Sadly, the producer/director did have difficulty finding financial support for the film. It does seem as though the prospects have improved during the past few mos because a new homepage was designed at that website. I've read a great deal about the story and believe it will be an interesting movie once it's finally released.

I agree that the roles RA will be offered will probably be in major movies from now on. Won't it be wonderful to finally see his Thorin performance--seems as though we've been waiting forever. Only a few short mos to go and no doubt we'll see him once again in many promotion interviews..Hooray!:)