April 16, 2012

Vote at Flix Chatter(see link): Richard Armitage Among Actors Named to Play James Bond + Would Make Compelling Euron Greyjoy(See Artists Impressions) +Wellington Celeb Run + Eye Witness on Twitter:Thorin:) Enjoyed Film at Welllington Embassy Theatre More than Once(see poll)

VOTE for RA to play James Bond--Ruth added a poll:

Sophisticated masculinity--can almost hear the deep, dulcet toned voice:
"Bond..James Bond" ordering "a martini, shaken not stirred"..

Sue suggested RA would probably pick up greatest speed during a celebrity run if a few of his fans were in hot pursuit ;) teehee..agree and must tell her it's especially true if she's one of the fans..haha *winks at Sue*

Yet another Euron Greyjoy from the Been There Drawn That website:

He hasn't yet even entered the fray, however someone was already inspired to herald Euron Greyjoy's coming - perhaps in Game of Thrones season 3..if not then, definitely season 4:

Another actor with all the right moves..Week 4 Dancin' w/Stars was Latin Night, therefore Cuban-born Wm(Guillermo) Levy was definitely in his element.  Said he didn't want to be a Latin sent home this week - his sultry tango guaranteed he was not..


Sue said...


I must admit I'm a bit nimble on the old pins when there's something worth catching!

That battered old briefcase Richard is often seen carrying makes me wonder just what he carries in it. Maybe a fan could squash in to it if she really tried hard enough? Maybe he keeps a set of dumb bells in there so he can keep in trim between interviews!

Ricrar said...

Lol..maybe he keeps a stack of autographed photos of himself to throw as a distraction if "nimble on their feet" fans are in hot pursuit:) That or chocolate donuts for the same purpose.

Didn't Richard mention he's been using that same leather briefcase since LAMDA? Might it have been a gift from someone who's been an inspiration in his life - perhaps his parents or his teacher, Ms Pat?

After a kiwi tweeted that RA was seen more than once at the Embassy theatre in Wellington, accessed that cinema's website in order to see what's been playing there. Noticed they have the option of watching in an intimate cocktail lounge type setting. The thought crossed my mind he might've been on a date, until I quickly realized the female tweeting probably could'nt have resisted mentioning he was with someone of the opposite gender, if a fact.

BTW, Martin Freeman's wife recently tweeted that TH filming ends in July. Hopefully promotions for the film will start in Aug, but that's probably too early - maybe early Nov?

So, you'd better keep in training, just in case there's soon an opportunity to squash into that briefcase much closer to home;) *be sure not to damage anything vital, please* giggles

Sue said...


I must admit the thought that his briefcase had some kind of sentimental attachment for Richard -mainly because it has obviously seen better days and a gym/shoulder bag would probably be a much better choice.

It may well have been a gift from his parents as you say. I remember my dad buying me a leather satchel myself when I started my first proper job.

Musa said...

Love the Euron video Ricrar! Great find.

Is it just me, or do some of the Euron drawings in the video and elsewhere look a lot like RA? There's one B&W one in the video that I think had to be inspired by him.

Hope he's keeping up his running skills for the various Hobbit premieres and all the fans!

Ricrar said...

hmmm, sue, just had the thought that Richard might be returning to London just in time for, what I'm sure for residents, must be thought of as the 'dreaded' Olympic crowds & traffic. Although, no doubt he'll be ready for much needed rest & recreation - perhaps he's already made plans to be elsewhere until the big event has closed.

Musa, I'm amazed how well RA fits Geo Martin's physical description of Euron Greyjoy - "handsome, bright blue eye(happily Richard's other one is not black:)..charismatic, etc. That role also seems to fit the profile of Richard's preferred characters - conflicted in many ways. Euron is ruthless yet easily laughs. It seems readers either find him compelling or a total turnoff.

Reminds me of how most people react to cats - they either find them cute & cuddly or consider their independence & stealth like moves despicable. Never could understand those who have such a visceral negative reaction to felines, but have observed it more than once.

If he's interested, the Greyjoy role would probably be far enough into the future that Richard would have time for other professional projects before GoT 3/4 begins filming.

Sue said...


Just voted for Richard as the next 007. Unfortunately Daniel Craig says he hopes to still play Bond for the next few films at least.

I can't quite imagine Christian Bale as the next Bond. A bad tempered, tantrum throwing 007? No thanks.

I think by the time DC hangs up his gun Richard will be about the right age to play Bond, a more mature 007 is more credible than an actor barely out of nappies (dipers).

I think Richard would play the role rather tongue in cheek, with a fair sprinkling of that good sense of humour of his. A very British Bond me thinks.

Ricrar said...

Sue, Daniel might say he want to play 007 for next few films but the producers/investors might decide a new face would be in best interest of the franchise.

I'm not sure if Richard would be interested in the role, although it would put him on the proverbial easy street for remainder of his life. He'd finally have the means of making his Richard III dream come true.

Agree his humor would give James a very human, charming style. I'd really luvvv to see him do it.

O.K. We've already planned 2 projects for RA's professional life once TH has wrapped - now all we need is a little cooperation from him and we'll be happy as clams for the forseeable future:)

Ricrar said...

Sue & Musa - check the latest post where you can give Richard a shave, if you've grown a wee bit tired of all that Thorin facial hair:) Clever fan has made it possible.