April 21, 2012

Richard Armitage:James Bond Poll Results at Flix Chatter: THE HOBBIT: at CinemaCon: 10 Min in 48fps(frames per second) +Thorin's Beard: Ever Wish You Could Shave It Off? ;) Thx to a Clever fan, You Can Do It..see Link

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Summer is almost here..

NEWS:Thank you Musa for the heads up about:

 If a miracle occurred and you find yourself in conversation with a certain actor, here are a few details you'll need to learn in order to impress him with your knowledge of the cutting-edge process used to project THE HOBBIT: An Unexpected Journey..
Up to 10 minutes of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will be screened in 3D at 48 frames per second during a Warner Bros. slate presentation Tuesday at CinemaCon.
The Hobbit will be one of many films that will be previewed at the theater owners confab, where for the first time in at least a decade, all of the major studios will present preview clips of their upcoming slate. 
Millions of fans around the world are eagerly anticipating the prequel to Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy, which grossed an estimated $2.9 billion worldwide.
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will also become the first major motion picture to be made at the high frame rate (HFR) of 48 fps.
Frame rates are the number of images displayed by a projector within one second. 24 frames per second (fps) has long been the standard in cinema, but Jackson,James Cameron and Douglas Trumbull are among the filmmakers who are urging the industry to consider higher frame rates — what they believe will greatly reduce or eliminate motion artifacts.
Some HFR-related announcements are expected at CinemaCon, as digital cinema equipment manufacturers are working to be able to support whatever the demand might be from exhibitors and studios.
Sony expects the majority of its 13,000 installed 4K digital cinema projectors to support high frame rates by the time The Hobbit is released Dec. 14.
While many have an eye on The Hobbit’s December release date for the update, there is some speculation that a 48fps trailer might be released as early as July (though The Hobbit will also be available in 24 fps).
At CinemaCon, which opens Monday at Caesars Palace, The Hobbit clip is scheduled to be shown using a Christie projector with the RealD 3D system.

SHAVE the beard - How clever is this:     http://tannni.ucoz.ru/britva9.swf

Don't know how I missed this wonderful fanvid by Angie -- it's one of my all time fav songs paired with one of two men it brings to mind everytime I hear it...


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Musa said...

Thanks for posting the link to Tanni's very clever shaving off RA's beard!
Made me think of that very sexy scene in Marie Lloyd when he's shaving.

TORN has a report on The Hobbit 3D tech issues about the film, but it does say probably new Hobbit trailer in the summer. My guess will be they'll premiere it at Comic-Con, but that's just a guess.

Ricrar said...

Thanks for the new trailer news, Musa.

As for Comic-Con, most important question is whether Thorin is expected to make an appearance. If I were a betting woman, and I am on occasion:) I'd say YES!!! Sincerely hope it won't be in full Thorin regalia. *chuckles*

I recently saw a tweet where one RA fan told another she had a dream the 2 friends attended some sort of convention & who was in next booth wearing Thorin's coat etc but RA, of course.

First friend told the other that she became very jealous in the dream when RA walked over and paid more attention to her friend than to her -- seems the lucky female was holding a cat & Richard wanted to pet it. *giggles*
Remind me to borrow a cat if ever we expect to be anywhere near him. haha

Sue said...


Here's a snippet of information from England that you might be interested in. A New Zealand Theatre Company performing a Maori haka opened the London Shakespeare festival at the Globe Theatre. Apparently they have also performed the play Troilus and Cressida in a New Zealand theatre before coming to England for the festival. Isn't Richard a patron of the Globe Theatre? Wonder if he watched them over in NZ?



As for the Thorin/Richard shave off, I had to chuckle reading a news article over here in blighty about Simon Cowell, the judge on Britains Got Talent and the American version having a "Brazilian". I'm always in favour of a smooth as a baby's bum shave but that's going a little too far don't you think? Wonder if RA, who is renowned for his waxed chest, ever considered an all over wax job? Ouch!!!!

As for Richard at 48 frames per second, I'm all for it!

Ricrar said...

What really amazes me, Sue, is that Simon Cowell revealed that he had a brazilian - does anyone really care whether he needs an "Australian sheep shearer" there or not? Lol...quoting you:)

I've never watched Simon or his show but he did guest some months ago on the Craig Ferguson show - what a self-centered, arrogant man he is. He even told the host that he needs a new haircut. haha Simon sat there with his super spiked locks, signalling "it's thinning" for all to see and then ridiculed another man's thick head of hair. *probably jealousy rearing it's ugly head*

Thanks for the link about NZ theater group, I'll take a look. Believe you're correct that RA would find their production of interest - especially since they were scheduled to perform at the Globe, as he had not so long ago.

Sue said...


The critics seem to be giving PJ's 10 minute long snippet of TH a bit of a slating. No mention of the actors or storyline, the criticism seemed centred mainly on the quality of the film. I don't think the 48 frames per second went down very well. Perhaps it wasn't a good idea to release any clips of the film until it had been properly "tweaked" as I get the impression some of the special effects etc. had not been included. Maybe PJ was using the audience as a sounding board to see what they did (or didn't) like about it. Either way it's a little worrying. Better to find out the reaction now than afterwards though.



PS: I can't stand that ego maniac Simon Cowell. I honestly can't see what these dumb women see in him apart from the size of his wallet! (I doubt it's the size of anything else!)

Ricrar said...

haha..agree 100% about Simon, Sue. Women who find arrogance attractive won't be so entranced once in a personal relationship with that sort of man.

Yes, I've read a few of the reactions to 48fps - there is a great deal of skepticism about it right now. Good news is that The Hobbit was filmed also in the traditional 24fps so it's up to each theater owner whether they want to invest in this new technology.

The descriptions of the visual impact ranged anywhere from "not cinematic" to "able to absorb more details during action scenes." If PJ remained true to the novel, Thorin is in many of those action sequences and I for one would relish seeing every split second of him.

PJ must have been curious to get feedback about the cutting-edge filming/projection technique. Would love to be a fly on the wall to hear his reaction to yesterday's commentary.

Sue said...


If I were PJ I would be very disappointed at the criticism of the 48 framer per second issue. Not really much point in doing in 48 if most cinemas don't have the technology to see it. I think, like 3D it's just a gimmick. I don't care what type of film they use, it's the acting and storyline that interests me.

I think Thorin seems to be as much a leading character as Bilbo. I've a sneaky suspicion that Richard will steal the show. I remember when he was GOG in RH, series 1. He didn't have any lines much but made up for that by pulling faces behind KA and waggling his bum to get the audiences attention (which it did of course!)Series 2 was the best for GOG, both in storyline and acting. Series 3 the scriptwriters went completely barmy and destroyed all Richard's hard work spent building layers of the character.