April 25, 2012

Richard Armitage:Kindle Trivia + Euron gRAyjoy + Pix + Dancin' w/t Stars Wk 6 Rumba

Did you realize that you can delete books from your kindle and redownload at some future date?  Apparently amazon keeps a record of your downloaded books and all you need do is request it again from them:

Fall TV series pilots under consideration:
My first choice would be 'Gilded Lilys' costume drama set in 1895 NYC
Pour some sugar on Porter - that's almost what it seems Mabelalexa does to his photos :) See her tumblr..

Now for a dram of soothing John Porter in action...hehehe...actually for me, it does have a calming effect to know there are authentic special forces (and other members of the military--not all male), who are as determined as John Porter to neutralize those in this world who would harm innocence - in the name of their insane cause..

Game of Thrones Name Generator:
Richard Crispin Armitage's GoT name is Richard Hornwood (Corbois).
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Since there's no way possible, at the moment(hope springs eternal..;) to see our first choice - might as well enjoy next best thing..


Anonymous said...

OK, I really want to know why people think RA "reaches out to people in all walks of life" and "has personal doubts." Frankly I don't sense either of these traits, so someone please explain.

Anonymous said...

Didn't he express self doubts often in early interviews? Maybe some are voting "reaches out to peope.." because he sends holiday messages to fans.

Ricrar said...

Yes, there are quite a few interviews from years ago when Richard mentioned he wasn't certain if he had enough talent to continue pursuing an acting career. I believe North and South was the turning point when he realized he could actually make a go of it.

There's an interview quote where he said eventually he realized he couldn't, & didn't want to, do anything else - that was the incentive for him to forge ahead.

As for reaching out to people in all walks of life - here again there are numerous quotes & on-set photos where RA is either munching on a lunch sandwich w/crew members or stating he'd envisioned himself behind the camera at that stage of his career. As mentioned, there's also the example of his habit of sending Christmas and other messages to his "community of friends."

IMO, by now - especially after winning the major role of Thorin - Richard must feel fulfillingly self assured of his acting talent. All he needs do is choose the lucky future mother of his children and he'll no doubt fill satisfaction in his personal life as well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my questions. I would guess since 2004 that any self-doubts he may have had about his talents have long vanished. As for reaching out to people in all walks of life, the holiday messages might be a bit of a stretch. But then again, how many other actors of his stature actually mail autographed photos to whomever requests them?

Ricrar, I ditto your sentiment about his finding a mate. I'd love to also see him fulfilled outside of his career. He deserves it.

Musa said...

Love the new Euron eyepatch. Really suits him with the beard.

Ricrar said...

We should soon hear about casting for first half of A Storm of Swords. If the 7gawds(old & new) are with us, perhaps the GoT writers will decide the most rivetting Greyjoy - Euron - should sail into sight for next season. He would definitely spice things up in Pyke. Going to pray for his coming in the weirwood.(might be displaying symptoms of Westeros syndrome:)