April 10, 2012

Celebrity Run in NZ(see article) + Top 100 Books Downloaded at Project Gutenberg + Examples of Mabelalexa's Magic with RA Pix + Richard Armitage as Euron Greyjoy in Game of Thrones


Getting into a Euron Greyjoy sorta mood..isn't that Guy3's black shirt?;)

Game of Thrones, ep 3 reviews:

Couple of Mabelalexa's magic ways with RA pix - just when we thought he could not be improved, she found a way to do it:) See her tumbler below:

Below is the Game of Thrones character Musa has identified as the best fit for a possible future RA role in the current hit series.  His name is Euron Greyjoy - a nasty yet seductive sort of man.  As we're well aware, the conflicted character seems to have been RA's first role choice in the past.  Although, according to Musa, Guy of Gisborne could be described as an angel compared to Sir Greyjoy -  which leads me to believe the latter is decidedly more dark than light. Euron appears in book #4 of GRR Martin's 7-volume series.  Today GoT, season 3 was given the greenlight by HBO. (more to come)

A description of Euron and his entrance into the world of Westeros is explained at website above:

Euron Greyjoy Quote:   Godless? Why, Aeron, I am the godliest man ever to raise sail! You serve one god, Damphair, but I have served ten thousand. From Ib to Asshai, when men see my sails, they pray.

King Euron Greyjoy, A Feast for Crows
World of Westeros People

Euron Greyjoy is the younger brother of Lord Balon Greyjoy and captain of the Silence, a ship crewed entirely by mutes whose tongues Euron ripped out. Euron is a wildly unpredictable man, known for his delight in playing vicious mind games and waging psychological warfare on those around him. He is a pale and handsome man with raven black hair, a neat dark beard, blue lips and bright blue eyes. He wears a patch over his left eye, and is nicknamed "Crow's Eye", though it is unclear what he hides beneath the patch. He was banished from the isles by Balon for seducing Victarion's wife and warned never to return while Balon was alive.
Euron returned to the isles the day after Balon's death, the timing of which strongly implied his involvement. He had not been seen in the Iron Islands for over two years and claimed to have reaved all over the world during his exile, including a trip to the feared ruins of Valyria. He also captured and holds hostage several warlocks of Qarth, who may have coached him in black magic.
At the Kingsmoot called by Aeron Greyjoy, he promised to conquer all Westeros for the Ironborn using dragons, which he claimed he could bind to his will with a magic horn. He was chosen as the new king and began raids upon the Reach. These raids were wildly successful, and Euron weakened possible rivals by giving lands and titles to key followers of theirs. However, he failed to move the Ironborn beyond raiding and to continue their quest for the dragons. Instead, he sent Victarion to find Daenerys Targaryen, court her in his name, and bring her and her dragons to Westeros.
Previously, at the start of Greyjoy's rebellion, Euron executed his own plan to sail into Lannisport and burn the Lannister fleet at anchor. This earned him a reputation for cunning he has never lost.

Stunning portraits of Euron can be found at link below - the artist seems to be taken with the character:

Link takes you to the artist's website.  Click on Song of Ice and Fire--you'll see pix of dark haired/blue eyed man with eyepatch--that's Euron. Starting to get the impression he might be a tad too evil--a slight rewrite by Geo Martin would quickly remedy the situation;)      http://mathiaarkoniel.com/

Top 100 books downloaded at Project Gutenberg:


Sue said...

Euron Greyjoy sounds just like Richard's cup of tea and I'm sure he'd enjoy getting into the role. I must say some elements of the character seem to have been lifted from the film Sparticus (showing my age now)played by Kirk Douglas (I remember the patch over the eye). Obviously a lot darker than GOG, but from an actor's perspective I'm sure you could have a lot of fun and frolicks with this script.

Sue said...


Re the titanic theme

Just like to mention that there are to be giant puppets in Liverpool. to commemorate the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. The ship was of course registered in Liverpool and many Liverpudlians worked aboard the ship. I happen to be attending a conference next week and I'm hoping to get time off for good behaviour (well we live in hope)and get to glimpse them.



Now, how about a giant puppet of Richard? Now there's a thought. Perhaps dressed in Gisborne's leathers? Now that's an awful lot of leather!!!!!

Musa said...

I'm sure there would be a market for a giant puppet of Richard - LOL. I would buy one if I had the room.

I wonder when they will be casting for Euron? We'll have to be on the lookout for when GRRM starts posting about it. Like your eyepatch Ricrar.

I'm watching the real life Downton Abbey on the Today show :)

Ricrar said...

Thanks for the link, Sue. If you're not sure whether a distant relative might've been onboard the Titanic, ancestry.com has made their archive available to search until Apr 15.

Yes, the more I read about Euron Greyjoy the more I'm convinced it's exactly the type character Richard enjoys most.

Greyjoy enjoys playing psychological games with those around him and apparently can turn on the charm w/ladies--he seduces one man's wife & then proposes to a principal character in the series--Danerys(his true interest is in her dragons. The last would sound like a euphemism when referring to any other drama besides GoT:)

One tweet today suggesting RA would rock the Euron role, received many enthusiastic replies. Readers suggestions in the past have often resulted in the actor being cast in GoT. Most prominent example is Sean Bean as Eddard Stark.

Ricrar said...

I'll need to look up the DA clip from the Today Show, Musa. Never watch that particular show so would've missed it, if not for your mention.

Thx for your kind eyepatch remark - it killed me to cover one of those stunning blue eyes. Upon reflection, should've allowed part of the eyebrow exposed. Someone on twitter made the same comment as you, about an eyepatch often having a sexy connotation--in RA's case, that's a given, isn't it;)

Musa said...

Euron is a very dark character, but he has to be sexy too, and yes, we know that RA would fit the role perfectly. But I know not everyone would want him to play such a dark role. Though if you're a GoT fan, or have watched only a few episodes, you know that even Euron is not the most evil of all!

Like your new poll. It will be interesting to see the results.

Smiled at the N&S review. There should be a warning on the DVD!


Sue said...


About checking on whether any of my ancestors were on the Titanic on ancestery.com, I was already aware of this, but in case anyone else is interested I would just like to mention that you can search their site for free re this until the end of May. Usually it's a pay per view service.

Re Euron character.

I must admit I've never seen GoT as I don't have Sky. Apparently a critic said it was exciting and blood curdling but was quite a complicated storyline to follow and a bit far fetched.

I really found GOG very sexy and didn't mind in the least that he was considered a cold blooded mass murderer, as many others seemed to. It just made the character seem more of a challenge. Just imagine trying to get the better of a man like that!

It would be great if Richard took that role on, he could certainly pull it off, no problem there. Would it stretch him as an actor do you think? It might be a lot of fun trying to find out. Welcome to the dark side!!!!! It would be nice if the guyliner made a return, even if it was only on one eye!

Ricrar said...

Musa, the question of how far to the dark side is Richard willing to go with a role certainly makes for an interesting discussion. We know he's said he's bored by strictly the goodie two shoes character and prefers layers of black & white. I've not yet read volumes 3&4 of Martin's series, but plan to get to them asap in order to determine if Euron has any redeeming qualities besides his appearance.
Yes, JT continues to make them swoon on a daily basis.

Ricrar said...

Sue, according to physical descriptions I've managed to find online, Euron has one bright blue eye and a black-colored eye under the patch. A relative referred to them as his happy and evil eyes.

As for perhaps raping his sister-in-law and possibly sexually abusing his younger bro, all comments I've read made those offenses sound arbitrary. It might've been pure seduction with the first and simply nightmares for his sibling.

Maybe Musa would like to comment on those two incidents, since she has already read volumes 3&4 in the Song of Ice & Fire series.

Agree that Richard enjoys stretching his acting legs, but even with Guy he seemed to want a redeeming moment. Of course, that never happened for Lucas North - so perhaps it was simply a matter of the Robin Hood legend requiring a good example for the targeted audience.

I'd definitely enjoy watching RA take on the Euron role. Believe it's possible to have it offered to him, if the suggestion is made by fans to GoT readers & also to Geo Martin. The latter, along with HBO execs, make the casting decisions. The most prominent character to be cast as a result of readers suggestion was Sean Bean as Ned Stark.

Sue said...


Talking of HBO execs. Here in England it was reported that horses had died during the filming of Dustin Hoffman's series about horse racing, made by HBO. I was horrified by the news and was relieved to hear the series has now been cancelled. There is no excuse for animals being injured or killed while making dramas and good care must always be taken of them. I'm sure of course that Richard always showed great kindness and generosity of spirit while riding his horse in RH and also as Thorin. Now the thought of Richard and those hunky thighs astride.......no, sorry have to have a cold shower now, bye!!!!

Ricrar said...

Lol...Oh my! those thighs:)

Yes, Sue, I've been watching the reports about 3 horses dying on that HBO set. One death would not be suspicious, but 3 on the same project is simply too suspicious to allow the filming to continue.

As far as that series being cancelled, it was never of any interest to me whatsoever - there were only 2 films I can think of when Dustin at least prompted a chuckle or 2 from me - his first "The Graduate" and the one when he dressed as a woman for most of the film. Otherwise, the actor - along w/so many others from New York(Robt DeNiro, etc) - would quickly put me to sleep if not for the fact I've not given them that chance for awhile. Their films are usually ugly, extremely violent, coarse, profane, insulting to our ears, souls & minds. Otherwise, they're fine;)

HBO often wastes our time with inconsequential dribble. That's why it was such a happy surprise when they decided to produce the Game of Thrones series - although I'd enjoy it even more so if the wildlings, dragons aspect were not part of the drama. Have no idea why anyone is entertained by ghoulish creatures when we could be learning some history and/or admiring the beauty of creation as in any RA series:) - Not just for appreciation of physical beauty(cough,cough--although that should not be underestimated;) but also the entire fascinating masterpiece.
Hope you have a great wkend.

Musa said...

Back to Euron and RA. It maybe be too dark for him, though I think he would enjoy the challenge. Euron is bad and mad.

Trying to remember book #4, as usual so much happens. The sister-in-law is his brother Valerion's wife. Difficult to tell - told through Valerion's memories but he does mention Euron taunting him that his sister-in-law had been with him willingly. Difficult to say with Euron, he is bad enough,no question. But could be Valerion hiding the fact his wife was unfaithful with his own brother. As for the younger brother, can't remember. Must look at the book again.

Yes, there's a scene where Euron is wearing nothing underneath a fur cloak. You are right, RA may run the other way!

Ricrar said...

Your interesting descriptions of the incidents certainly does make it sound as though there was mutual consent between Euron & his sister in law.

We should keep in mind that RA will have impressive leverage after playing the large Thorin role in TH. If he wants, he could no doubt negotiate the naked under fur cloak scene be more subdued. *drats if he does* giggles

Did you ever notice all the tumblrs devoted to GoT? Many specific to House Greyjoy. Great many artists have found strong inspiration from Geo Martin's Song of Ice & Fire series.

An amusing comment made more than once at tumblr is that the Greyjoy sigil resembles a uterus. Actually, when we consider Theon's numerous bedroom gymnastics scenes, that symbol seems downright appropriate. Wait until Euron returns to Westeros - from what I've gleaned from you and at various websites, he's not a slouch in the uterus region either. haha

BTW, Titanic mini-series starts 8pm tomorrow evening on ABC.

Sue said...

I love the idea of Euron/Richard wearing nothing but a fur cloak. Of course he would get extremely hot and eventually have to discard his cloak! We will have to pray for a heatwave!

Personally, if I was an actor, which happily I'm not, I'd love to play the darker kind of characters, just for the fun and sheer excitement of it all. Playing a dull character must be very boring indeed!It must be great to be able to turn yourself into another person and forget your own trials and tribulations of your own life for a while. Wonder if fact ever gets mixed up with fiction in their brains? Or a little role play perhaps?)

Re Dustin Hoffman. I must admit the only films I remember him in were The Graduate (love the idea of a younger man and an older woman scenario) and Tootsie, but I didn't really like either of them.

Ricrar said...

I like the way your mind works Sue, but you know what Richard said shortly before we heard about the Thorin role. He said "I don't want to be known as the guy who takes off his shirt."

Now that he's made his bigscreen breakthrough, I doubt he'll take the shirtless route unless they make him an offer he can't refuse. That been known to happen, so we live in hope:)

We just finished watching first 3hrs of Fellowe's Titanic series - I really enjoyed it. Being a history buff, any drama that replays another era with emphasis on an accurate portrayal leaves me very happy. Sunday's final hour follows new ep of Game of Thrones.*gurgle,gurgle*

Musa found an article on line announcing the Hobbit dwarves will appear at a running event in Wellington. We're hopeful Richard will participate, since that's one of his past times.

Sue said...


I look forward to finding out if Richard took part in the running event in Wellington. Of course he'd run much faster if a few of his more ardent fans were behind him! (Or maybe they will be?)

About the shirtless thing, well strictly speaking he would be discarding his cloak not a shirt. Is GoT a bit racy with nude scenes then? To be honest I think Richard is too good an actor to be in a series like this, but then again it pays the rent.

Ricrar said...

Hi Sue, production values are very high for GoT. Anyone who doesn't appreciate the fantasy genre, but does enjoy historical drama, usually gets hooked on Martin's series of books. It's based on your War of Roses era - only this time there are 7 kingdoms & almost as many characters w/claims to the iron throne of Westeros.

The role Musa identified for Richard belongs to House Greyjoy - Euron eventually becomes the king of the Iron Islands. The Greyjoys are marauding pirates whose family slogan is "we do not sow"..meaning they're men of the sea. Euron is definitely an ambitious, self-assured, lord & master hottie among GoT characters. He doesn't appear until book3 & has an expanded role in book4. That gives us time to submit RA's qualifications as well suited for the role.

As for the quantity of sex in GoT - it's about average when comparing w/other modern drama. However, in this saga sometimes the type of sex is quite shocking. In book1 we're introduced to incestuous House Lannister twins. She's married to the king of Westeros, who of course has his own issues - not least of which is his sexual apathy towards his wife. Despite their cool relationship, Queen Cersei did manage to provide 3 children - including the apparent heir to the throne.

During one scene, Theon Greyjoy(played by Sheriff of Nottg'm's son) returns to his hometurf, after being absent for about 15yrs - he was fostered out to House Stark many miles away in the North - forced to leave home as young boy.

After departing the ship upon his return to his birthplace - the island of Pyke - a young woman(unknown to him) offers to have him ride on the back of her horse to his father's castle. Being a ladies man, the usual flirting results in Theon fondling particular body parts of hers that are within easy reach:) She didn't protest. Only reason that's noteworthy is because after he greets his father inside their castle, the same girl walks into the room and Theon's father says to her, to the effect - "Have you already greeted your brother?" With that the rarely flustered Theon gasps his sister's name outloud. *audience is equally as shocked unless they've read the books* After hubby watched that scene he said "he's not at fault - he didn't recognize her on the horse." I replied "Yes, but she knew who he was." Which gives you an idea why certain scenes in the series receive so much attention.

Otherwise gorgeous locations, fascinating writing, impressive acting, lovely costumes all contribute to the unique spectacle that is Game of Thrones.

Sue said...


I'm starting to wonder if Richard might be attracted to the role, I'm certainly warming to the series after reading the brief storyline you've given me above. The fact that Richard's father is from Yorkshire and the War of the Roses connection could just tip the balance in favour of him accepting such a role. One thing I'd insist on the writers doing though is changing the black eye patch for a slightly scarred looking eye. I'm sure that would only enhance his attraction. (Mind you would RA's mum be up to watching yet another bare bum scene from Richard!!!!What a big boy he's grown in to!)

Ricrar said...

Sue, believe you're correct that Richard might be attracted to the War of Roses inspiration for the drama - although after playing the fantasy role of Thorin for 2yrs of his life, I'm starting to wonder if he might feel desperate to switch genres for his next project. Maybe something more modern..the promised "all about love" role?

Of course, if part of his contract w/HBO(to play Euron) is their commitment to make a Richard III series, that could indeed be the "too good to refuse" prize, plus another hefty financial deal. The latter would probably banish any financial concerns far into his future.

For all we know, RA might have already committed to a new role - after a well-deserved rest - once TH promotions have ended.

Still no word which hobbit dwarves will participate in the Wellington celebrity run.(takes place Tues evening US time - Wed 9:45am in NZ) Would be nice to be thrown at least a few new RA pics as a bone for our long-suffering patience for past 18mos.*fangurls are saints* haha