May 5, 2012

Eric Vespe's Lovely Words About Richard Armitage(see below tweet) + Gandalf Approves + 51 Shades of gRAy:Who should play Chris gRAy?(See Poll) + New HBO Hemingway Film + Blockbusters With Buzz from Latest Edition of EW + Thorin in 10min CinemaCon Footage

Not that we needed confirmation, but it's always nice when one's quality of taste or choices are affirmed.  Eric Vespe today tweeted:
You Richard Armitage fans have your devotion placed in the right man. He's very smart and very kind..Tweet-versation continues below

Eric Vespe more tweets & responses today:
You Richard Armitage fans have your devotion placed in the right man. He's very smart and very kind. Can I join the Army?
 that's a lovely thing to say & of course why many of us have supported him for so long. What made you say that in particular?
 Spoke with him today. Can't elaborate further. :)

 You made my day! Will there be a new set report coming soon?


Which character should play Christopher gRAy in 51 Shades?(see poll)

Should Guy of Gisborne play Chris gRAy?  Afterall, he and Marian tortured each other for 26 excrutiatingly delicious episodes of RH:)

Quote from eyewitness in article below:
  • Legolas and Tauriel in an action sequence and a tense threat to Thorin!
"I witnessed the whole Company of Dwarves struggling through Mirkwood forest, greenscreen everywhere, and most obviously they were covered with spiderwebs and goo.  Their run through the forest is abruptly cut short with an arrow in Thorin’s face.  It is rather reminiscent of the bit in FELLOWSHIP where Haldir and his team bring weapons to bear against Frodo.  ... Orlando Bloom makes a triumphant return to the role of Legolas spitting out a venomous threat to Thorin: “I won’t hesitate to kill you, Dwarf.”  I’ve never heard Legolas sound quite so pissed off.  It’s really, really cool."
[R: My instant reaction to "cut short w/an arrow in Thorin's face" was "NO! Not the face!YIKES!"
Excerpt from latest edition of Entertainment Weekly Article entitled “News and Notes”
BLOCKBUSTER With BUZZ: Thanks to CinemaCon, Hollywood is hyped for The Hobbit.. 
“Peter Jackson’s Vision for the Hobbit is Clear, REALLY Clear…
Almost everyone throughout Peter Jackson’s Hobbit looked great.  But  maybe it looked too great? As happy as exhibitors were with the storytelling on display in Jackson’s two-movie return to J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy world, there were loud grumbles about his decision to shoot it with new technology that uses 48 images, or “frames,” to create every second of footage, instead of the traditional 24.  The result was an ultra-clear image that the oscar-winning filmmaker hopes will make 3-D less bothersome to the eye…Both films will also be released in the traditional format, but some big theater chains agreed to give his 48-frame experiment a shot.  “We’re happy with the visual aspects of 48 frames per second,” says Amy Miles, CEO of Regal Entertainment Group, which plans to upgrade between 2,500 and 2,700 of it’s 3-D projectors for THE HOBBIT.  “There are some guys in our industry where you just say, over time, they’ll figure this stuff out.  It doesn’t hurt that it’s somebody like Peter Jackson.”

[R: We know for a fact that PJ has superlative taste when it comes to making exactly the right choices for his films, don’t we? ;D]

Planning a home painting project? Try color combos:


Musa said...

Isn't that wonderful what EricV said about RA!

Of course I'm a bit jealous of EV because he talked to Richard just recently. Wonder what they are plotting? EV also mentioned he had talked to Aidan and other dwarves. So an interview? Or the long awaited Hobbit post? Or something else?

Ricrar, I'm sure you saw that Quickbeam, another of the The One Ring Net team, will be headed for NZ in a few days? Hopefully he'll tweet some, though I know there's much they can't say.

In the US and other lands it will be Mother's Day tomorrow. Happy Mother's Day.

Ricrar said...

Thx for the Mother Day greeting Musa, very much appreciate it:)

I'd wager you're correct that Eric's assignment will be published sooner rather than later. Surely PJ has formulated his promotion strategy for the hobbit from now into the Dec premiere.

I noticed your comment while posting latest, which is a revisit to Spooks9. Jonia's newly discovered pic has apparently reawakened the conflicted emotions about that series.