May 12, 2012

Lucas North in Russia + Sweet Dreams (DWTS semi-finals) + Richard Armitage as Lucas North:Spooks Revisited

Following is Jonia's newly discovered Spooks 9 photo..I prefer the original pic below, which includes Iain Glen playing Vaughn, because he has recently become my fav Game of Thrones2 character.  As Daney's valiant protector - Ser Jorah -  he's nudged Tyrion off that GoT pedestal.  The husky-voiced, rugged(in a good way) Scottish laird attitude might have a great deal to do with it:) along w/the fact he's another superb actor..

If you're planning to participate in N&S global watch:
Temporary Tatt Designs:
Fascinating trivia gleaned while researching couple of my ancestral surnames--anglicized Ulster surnames:
O'AirmeadhaighArmedy, Armidage, Armitage, Armytage


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