May 24, 2012

Sign Richard III Petition(see link) + Wonderful NZ Trip Report by YA(link below) + GoT ep 9 Epic Thriller + Hair!Hair! He's Beardiful With It, BUT(here's your chance) + Richard Armitage News, Photos and All advertised

Sign the Richard III Petition:

Great Hobbit trip report courtesy of YA and..

Interesting review, among many, of last night's fantastic Game of Thrones S2, ep 9 - Even though the amount of blood was beyond my comfort zone - this time learned to live with it - as it's difficult to take siege of a city without some bloodshed:

Do you want the Thorin beard to stay or go?  If the latter, here's your chance..

Butterflies are Free..(and the prettiest insect on the planet)
This photo of hubby's was my inspiration for the above RA collage.  Yesterday while walking away from the parking lot, in order to hike around our fav lake, we spotted this group of beautiful swallowtail butterflies at the edge of the tarmac. They're huge.  At first we were concerned they were in distress, because we  walked close enough to touch them yet they remained in the same spot.  Upon returning from the hike, we checked to see if they were still there.  As we approached the flock? hive? bevy? swarm?:) group, they suddenly fluttered into the air in unison. Naturally we were very relieved to see that these natural works of art were in fine flying order. Perhaps they were napping the first time we approached:)


Backgrounds including RA:


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