October 30, 2010

Entertainment Weekly Article Courtesy of bccmee on Twitter + Lucas North's Tatts:have we seen them for last time?(see them at below Post of the Day link) + A Few Creatures Seemingly Already Inhabiting Middle Earth React to Peter Johnson's Words

While cybersurfing came upon a website inhabited by what appears to be long-time fans of The Hobbit. [See below link] Forum title and first post read as follows:

>The Hobbit Will Shoot In New Zealand. Peter Jackson wants to make dwarves sexy<

"It's official: The Hobbit will film in New Zealand. Woo.

Jackson's next task: making Dwarves sexy. On casting Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield, Jackson says:   "Thorin Oakenshield is a tough, heroic character, and he certainly should give Leggie and Aragorn a run for their money in the heartthrob stakes - despite being four feet tall."  Jackson also says that having 13 Dwarves in the movie will give him greater opportunity to explore the culture and full range of personalities among the Dwarves"

He received the following reply..."As if dwarves aren't already uber-sexy."

To which I had a reaction similar to....
Post of the Day: Sept 2, 2010 - Have we already seen Lucas North's tattoos for the last time?(see poll)


judithj1 said...

His height is one of his best assets. Whatever!

Musa said...

Lovely to see him in EW - YES!

RiCrAr said...

Hey there Judith,

Judging from what Peter Jackson has said so far, about his decision to cast RA, it sounds as though he was most impressed w/Richard's acting ability. But the latter's physical attributes also helped him win the role - the director wanted hunky dwarves...who wouldn't?..hehe

Maybe our visual perspective won't really notice the dwarfish aspect - he'll be walking along side a 5'7" actor, so our impression might be of a tall person, as always. Don't you feel Richard's Thorin performance will be so darn dynamic that we'll barely notice anything else?

In the meantime, we'll have 6'2", eyes of blue, Porter to swoon over. Does The Hobbit news eliminate the possibility of an RA play in 2011?

RiCrAr said...

Musa, your post slipped by as I was writing my tome:)

judithj1 said...

Suffering from insomnia so thought I would visit your site. I believe that filming with Peter Jackson in New Zealand will take up a good deal of RA's time. However, if he does decided to appear on stage, I am going to see him, no matter when or where!

Still lurk around and read your great blog but now that I am kinda self employed I don't have the leisure time at work to surf that I used to!

Have turned two friends onto N&S, and am in process of coverting a third. Just amazing how they want to discuss JT's and what an honorable person he is! Happily I am always available for that initial viewing on their big screen tvs as I only have my laptop to watch it on. It did strike me last night how much of Thornton's actions and expressions reappear in GoG.

Also my one friend thought it was inappropriate for he and M to snogg at train station and for M to just take off for Milton with him. I assured her they would be staying at Mommie Thorntons and nothing inappropriate would happen. Oh God, where is a sequel when you need it?

RiCrAr said...

Visit anytime you've a moment available, judith. RA news has been fast & furious since the hobbit announcement--never know what might pop up here from day to day.

I totally agree w/your friends impression of JT as a man of honor. Today's news media seems to be obsessed w/portraying all businessmen(and women:) as greedy vultures, however, in my experience that's an inaccurate assessment of the group. There are still many honest and honorable entrepreneurs who try to treat their employees with fairness & respect. As JT implied, in the end that attitude has positive results for the business and everyone involved - both the owner and workers.

IMHO, Sandy Welch could be trusted to consider Mrs Gaskell's wishes if a miracle happened and she was tasked w/writing a N&S sequel. Believe her beautiful train-station ending proved that point(although, that said, I must admit the JT millworker kick seemed totally out of character for the man). However, Sandy would still receive my vote to write a sequel.

Who knows, perhaps Richard will make the suggestion at sometime in the future, when his Thorin performance gives him that type of influence w/the powers that be. We know it will need to wait in line behind his Richard III aspirations...nice to dream, isn't it;)