April 25, 2011

Without a Shirt Wed:Dedicated to Dezzy..the Hollywood Spy + Tuxedo Tuesday + Game of Thrones Review + Twitter Spawn:First Humungous Worldwide Bookclub

Above: flirty girty skirt-chasing Lee - Below: Lucas North: Spooks 9
 Below: John Porter of Strike Back...

Paul - the Controversial role that keeps viewers wondering..did he or didn't he?? Last moments of the drama provide the answer..

The one and only Guy of Gisborne - prince of black leather - although, he looks even better in costume below *giggles*

A Twitter Star is Born:  Our very own faboamanto (aka Musa) is included in a compilation of quotes tweeted while watching ep 2, Game of Thrones.  Ignore those who feel lazy gutter language makes them sound brilliant, when actually the exact opposite is true.  Fabo kept it clean this time...thank G_d!;)  teehee...she'll get me for that one:
Had to chuckle at this Game of Thrones drinking game idea:
@selachance: Game of Thrones Drinking Game. Drink 4 boobs or beheading. Finish drink for inappropriate brother/sister relations.

[UPDATE: after ep 4 of Borgias---they finally killed us off as well;) We decided the never-ending drumbeat of dark, diabolical ugliness simply didn't have any redeeming qualities to warrant finishing the series. It actually pained both DH and myself to feel as though we were forced to make that decision, because we usually thoroughly enjoy historical drama. The pre-premiere warnings of a medieval Sopranos-like series was right on the mark. We didn't care for that one either - both prompt feelings that your mind is being insulted, polluted and abused.]

Game of Thrones, ep 2 Review:

Had to chuckle, but it is good to see history truly 'felt'...;)

Only 4 more wks for Kirstie Alley on DWTS.  She has lost 30lbs so far during the gruelling hours of practice.  Counting weeks of dance workouts leading up to show #1,  and hours of rehearsal daily since then, it must average a drop of about 3pounds per week for her.  Last night's offering...


tyme_4_t said...

WOWSERS!!!! What a extRAordinary way to start a Tuesday!
I've seen the pics a thousand times I'm sure...but they still make me *squee*!

Musa said...

Love RA in a tuxedo - stunning!

Musa said...

Oh, just saw the Pattison College link (thanks Ricrar and Violet). RA is such a loyal and sweet person, isn't he? I'm sure they all have to be so proud of him, not only the very talented man that he is, but the lovely person that he is.

RiCrAr said...

Very happy you enjoyed TT pix, tyme:)
Even though we have not seen them on screen for a couple yrs, couldn't help feel yet again a twinge of regret that Spooks writers didin't pair Richard w/Miranda's Jo character. Match-up could've sizzled as hot as Guy+Marian.

Agreed Musa...apparently Richard makes time in his busy life for old friends. "Make new friends but keep the old, first is silver and the other gold" comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Tuxedo Tuesday - cool name and STUNNING pictures.

RiCrAr said...

Hey there, alfie:) Certain subjects never fail to stun...am I right?

Richard always claimed to find red carpet appearances a major nusiance, but he very rarely gave that impression, did he? Out of dozens of pix taken during his BAFTA appearances, there might be a couple where the smile does seem frozen in place. Vast majority of pics he looks thoroughly sincere, relaxed and happy to pose for fans.
He's such a credible actor! ;)

Famous actor once said "acting is all about sincerity...if you can fake that, you have it made." haha

Musa said...

OMG! What a riot...I don't know whether I should thank Winter is Coming or not for including my GoT tweet...just kidding, I love all the guys on WiC - LOL

Ricrar! What do you mean I kept it clean THIS TIME? :( Ha! Ha!

I Love Without a Shirt Wed! Best Armitage day since Tuxedo Tuesday!

RiCrAr said...

Hey Musa - you had at least 2 tweets in WiC's collection. You could have some fun on Sun during ep3 - think of something to shock the WiC crowd.

We'll need to invite Dezzy over for a visit tomorrow. Show him there are superb actors w/stunning WoW! physical attributes as well;)

Laura said...

Holy Mother of.... thud. LOVE the theme days! hmmm, How about "Sizzling Saturday" and you could feature The Eyes... all those smoldering looks.

Maria said...

I'm searching for best Tuxedo the big question for me is where can I buy? help me guys

RiCrAr said...

Very pleased everyone is enjoying theme days. I'll keep your smoldering idea in mind, Laura.

Maria, if only we could somehow buy a tuxedo with the same contents as those above. *thud*

DEZMOND said...

the third and fourth pics are definitely the best.
And I believe I used teh first one back last year when Dicky took almost 2,000 votes in one of my polls :)

RiCrAr said...

Dez, 3rd & 4th are John Porter, skilled SAS agent, in Brit TV series STRIKE BACK. It's an extremely exciting series. Porter rescues a damsel in distress from ruthless terrorists, for starters, and then teaches much needed manners to other dark forces.

So, Richard took almost 2000 votes in one of your polls. Why don't you ask which fictional MI5 agent was sexiest, in a new poll? The series SPOOKS has had a long list of them over 9yrs -- Richard was the latest and hottest, Lucas North.

Laura said...

Maria, the tux that I choose (if you first enable the "show all" feature) is center, in the fourth row from the bottom. It retails for $99. I think it would look amazing on my favorite guy.

Unless, of course, they figure out a way to employ RiCrAr's idea, and sell the tuxes 'filled out'. Then I choose the ones featured here on her site.

RiCrAr: how about "Thud Thursdays"? Too obvious??

(please let me post,please let me post)

RiCrAr said...

hahaha Laura. Next week we'll have thud thurs & smoldering Sat;)

Became distracted with the wedding past few days - back to the usual eye feast extRAvaganza next week.