April 21, 2011

Game of Thrones, Ep 2 Airs Sunday + Peter Jackson Announces Easter Break + Richard Armitage Pix etc.

Posted today on Peter Jackson's Facebook page:   Easter Break
                                .by Peter Jackson on Thursday, April 21, 2011 at 3:21pm.
Just arrived at our four-day Easter break, which will be a nice time to recharge batteries and do a few script tweaks for future scenes.

We always find there are three distinct phases in the life of a film script. First, it exists before the film starts shooting. In this period, which can last from months to years, the script is a theoretical document—an imaginative version of the movie.

Then you start shooting and things come much more into focus—usually in a very positive way. We now have actors who bring their skill to the roles and suddenly we see the characters in a more vivid and tangible way. This is both fun and satisfying, and always inspires us to embark on constant script revisions to meet the renewed potential these characters now have. I feel that much of the best writing happens during this period, but it does make a very busy time—very, very busy! Sometimes we have gotten these revisions to the actors a little late. We constantly joke to Ian McKellen that tomorrow's script pages will be slid under his door sometime the night before... and sometimes that has been true.

The worst case of this came during The Fellowship of the Ring, when we revised Boromir's long speech about Mordor at the last minute and only got it to Sean Bean on the day it was being shot. Sean handled it very cleverly—if you look at the movie, you'll see he occasionally has his head bowed, as if dealing with the emotional weight of the horrors of Mordor. In actual fact, the new script page had been taped to his knee! By the time we were done with several takes and a few different camera angles, Sean had the speech down pat, and it was mainly those takes that were used in the final cut.

The final writing phase comes in post-production, when you edit the movie. No matter what you were imagining when you wrote the script, and what you imagined during the shoot, nothing now matters beyond the actual cut film. We often find that script work continues during post, including writing and shooting new scenes, reorganising the order of scenes, or recording additional dialogue to slip into shots. We do all of these things, and the writing only stops when the film is finally finished.

Many thanks for all the comments about the first posts. A few common questions have come up and I'll answer some of those over the break. Now to get back to the script for those Rivendell scenes we have coming up...
Peter J
Always nice to know why we do what we do, for instance, why eggs and bunnies for Easter?


Was the above (London tube) the inspiration for the design of Bilbo's hobbit hole entrance hall? See it in very beginning of the following Peter Jackson tour of Bilbo's abode and other hobbit set locations...



Unbelievable hand-made model of Bilbo's hobbit hole:
LOL...just saw this one for first time.  Heehee..it's medieval Easter fun in Sherwood..watch Guy roll his eyes:)

Past Post:  Dec 26, 2010:


I've always thought of Daniel Radcliffe as a mini:) RA.  Doesn't this side by side visual aid confirm that comparison?  One of retired Harry Potter's latest roles is a costume drama...


Blogger works in mysterious ways.   Found a comment at this blog yesterday to a July 2010 post.  It's from an official Game of Thrones site.  The poster commented that it sounded as though Richard Armitage would make a fine Ned Stark in GoT.  I replied that we're hoping a miracle happens and Richard manages to play Stannis Baratheon.  He would be absolutely spectacular in that fascinating role.  Stannis falls under the spell of the red priestess as a result of his deep yearning to regain his rightful seat on the Iron Throne as King of Westeros.  See yesterday's post here...

Ep 2, GoT will air on Sunday; however Camelot tonight will be a marathon replay of eps 1-4. 
Don't take the following list very seriously :)  Time Mag is famously liberal and as you would expect from a politically biased publication, their list includes about 95 liberals and 5 conservatives.  One of the latter is PM David Cameron(he's indeed influential in the right way:)  GRR Martin, author of Game of Thrones, is on the list as well. 


Musa said...

How very nice of PJ to feature my other favorite actor, Sean Bean in his new blog post :) I knew the story about SB getting the changes at the last minute, and that he had to read it on camera, but I didn't know the script was taped to his knees! "One does not simply walk into Mordor..."

I think in all fairness in his next blog post he needs to talk about RA and Thorin and post some photos - PLEASE :)

They should be going on break soon for The Hobbit so Martin Freeman can shoot Sherlock. Wonder what RA will be doing on his summer break? Stannis in Game of Thrones? More filming of SB2? The Rover?

Have a Happy Easter everyone!

RiCrAr said...

Musa, see my latest remarks about GoT. Someone from one of their sites commented yesterday to a post from July 2010..haha Don't know how that occurs - Perhaps as a result of an internet search? The poster said it sounds as though RA would make a fine Ned Stark to which I replied that Stannis Baratheon would be even better.

Did you see the Time mag list of 100 most influential people including GRR Martin? I studied the list and there are about 95 liberals and 5 conservatives...including British P.M. Cameron. Time is a famously liberal publication. We stopped paying an attention to it many yrs ago. At one time it was politically unbiased - not any longer.

Good for Geo to be included on the list. One of the feb Repubs they mention is an impressive member of congress Michelle Bachmann. She's one of the new members elected last Nov to start controlling excessive federal gov spending. They deliberately ignored Sarah Palin's inclusion on the list. The Dems are running scared from Sarah -- no doubt Time didn't want to enhance her profile any further, therefore the deliberate snub. Their action makes her prominence even more glaring. We don't think of Sarah as the next Pres, but she would make a fantastic VP or member of the Pres's cabinet.

Doesn't it seem to you that Peter Jackson is saving Richard's tremendous impact & charisma for the movie's premiere? He seems to be aware that RA h as a huge online fanbase but is fairly obscure to the rest of the world. Jackson's compliment to Richard's acting abilities made it clear he expects The Hobbit audience to have a strong visceral reaction to thunderous strong dwarf leader THORin. Reminds me of RA's reply to an interviewer a couple years ago when she asked him how he coped with dark acting moments. He said many times he did wear 'a face of thunder' but quickly shook it off.
Hope the Easter bunny fills your basket with tons of RA's fav chocoates;)

Laura said...

I loved the "SnookieOokums," I'm still chuckling over it.

The first time I saw RA was when he was Harry, in Vicar of Dibley. And it was right after on of the HP movies had been released. I saw this gorgeous guy on my screen, and my first thought was, "Dang, Radcliffe sure grew up nice!!" And then I heard that voice. And then I knew, and was sunk.

Time is still publishing? Who knew?? I tossed them even before I tossed Newsweek, I think. I don't remember now. But I have to agree with you on both Bachmann and Palin. I love to simply mention the name "Palin" and watch my Lib friends just knot up in absolute fury over her. I do not understand the hatred. Not a single one has ever been able to articulate *why* they hate her so, either.

I'd like to see her maybe as Sec. of Energy - and open up some drilling. And I'd LOVE to see Bachmann go all the way. Dare I dream?

RiCrAr said...

Laura, it's called Palin Derangement Syndrome, same symptoms as the earlier affliction known as Bush Derangement Syndrome.

In my experience at my political forum, libs cannot express their political outrage without resorting to four-letter words. "Name calling is the last resort of a bankrupt mind."

They've been indoctrinated with their obsolete liberal philosophy...wound up like childrens' play toys...then sent out into the world w/the programmed directive to attack anyone who doesn't thoughtlessly follow the same wrong-headed political nonsense they've been 'taught' to defend.

Their programmers make the process more palatable for the students by assuring them they will be the 'brilliant' Americans charged with changing an evil empire. Then they enter the real world and meet unprogrammed, average citizens who know beyond a doubt that the liberal robots are simply wrong, and they become frustrated, curse spewing, unattractive and desperate. Most dangerous among them are the tv talking heads..unfortunately many females who've been led to believe they're considered equal to the male liberal Democrat males. HA!...what a farce...just look at the way they savaged Hillary Clinton when she attempted to become a presidential candidate. Women can do their political dirty work, but when it comes to the top prize, no way they'll receive it. There are male groups who've entrenched themselves at the top of the heap - the naive Democrat women continue to follow like sheep.

Isn't the snookie ookums vid precious. Amazing how there always seems to be one more that was missed earlier.