April 7, 2011

Clive Standen's Tweet Compliment for RA + Spooks 9 + Family businesses: Party Planning & Monarchy + Cabana Boy Found in Camelot

Spooks 9 News:  I've noticed tweets from RA supporters exclaiming joy & amazement that Spooks 9 is now available for viewing on NetFlix.  We will finally start the series this evening - looking forward to observing DH's reaction to the unravelling of Lucas North.  It took every ounce of will power during the last 6mos to not reveal to him the unexpected storyline twist for the MI5 agent he had watched in Spooks 7 and 8.  (Past post below focuses on one of the eps & comparisons w/Spooks8)

Past post from Oct 2010 - Spooks 9 comments:



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      Middleton Family's business:  http://www.partypieces.co.uk/thepartytimes/?p=2794

Stumbled upon a 12yr old movie last evening called Forever Mine.  I didn't recognize either of the stars but found the man playing the 'cabana boy' verrrry intense in his obsession with another man's wife.  The movie was made during the ten-year period when I'd ignored all actors and movies UNTIL that fateful day when my sister's Christmas gift arrived - North and South. 

All day today the film would come to mind, because the male star looked familiar and I couldn't place where I'd seen him before.  It finally dawned on me - he's currently Merlin in Camelot.  Everyone reading this no doubt is aware of his lengthy body of work, including a movie I had seen - primarily to discover why so much fuss was being made over Gwyneth Paltrow - Shakespeare in Love.  The actor is Joseph Fiennes - believe the following photos make it obvious why it took awhile to place him.  First one demonstrates his appearance in Forever Mine (12yrs ago) and today as Merlin...

This discovery furnished me with a great laugh.  It all started earlier today when someone on twitter told me Clive Standen(RH3) was tweeting.  I'll admit it -- depending on the particular celebrity(refuse to follow Charlie Sheen on principal) I can be as enthusiastic a twitter ho as the next female.  Hit the follow button after letting Clive know his performance last evening as Gawain was well done AND that he should try to avoid Morgan if possible.

Decided he and Peter Mooney(playing Arthur's brother Kay) are the hottest things currently in the new series CAMELOT, and searched for pix in order to post that crucial fact here:)  Well, that's when the story developed into a great chuckle - for it seems my warning about Morgan should definitely have been directed at Peter(Kay) instead of Clive(Gawain).  Although as a famous American once said "ya never know until it's over."  Click on the following link then scroll until you see a small pic(it will draw your attention) identified as Morgan with Peter Mooney , then you'll get the joke.  It seems the plot is about to sizzle even more than it has so far.  Apparently Morgan agreed w/my assessment that Kay is hotter than Arthur;) On second thought, the latter is her half-brother - evidently even shape-shifting sorceress' have their own code of honor.  More likely it's another case of "not over til it's over."

Here are Peter Mooney and Clive Standen...

UPDATE:  Clive Standen's latest tweet
CliveStanden: "I can Feel the Armitage love. So pleased for my 'brother in arms'. He's a great guy and deserves everything that's coming his way"    3 hours ago


Musa said...


Look forward to what you think about Spooks 9 and Lucas.

I'm still in denial - my Lucas is still the character in S7 and S8.

RiCrAr said...

Yes Musa, after following Sharpe through the Napoleonic War - with even his & Patrick's thrilling sighting of the little general in last wk's ep..Lucas North time is finally here.

Can't tell you how many times during the past 6mos that I was tempted to mention the MI5 agent DH had watched come in from the cold, and thereafter act like a modern-day knight for 2 series, had come to a less than valiant end. Managed to keep my lips zipped and never hinted there was a shocking, and for me disappointing, plot detour for our fav spy candy;)

So, I share your yearning that LN will one day return to the grid(never believed he had actually jumped) and as we know the talented writers will explain away with ease his S9 spiral downturn. Perhaps...it was all a very bad dream. Heehee Doubt they'd really have the nerve to try to pull that one on Spooks fans.

Will let you know how another one of Lucas's fans reacts to S9. Hubby has enjoyed all Richard's characters starting with Guy2. Hope his Strike Back 2 participation is hefty enough to warrant buying the dvd. I'd rather re-watch the last 3 series of Spooks than suffer through SB2, without John Porter's presence in at least half the eps.

Musa said...

I'm curious about what your DH thinks about Lucas/John, if he shares our opinion of the writers or not. I have the DVD's but can't bring myself to watching it again yet. That's great for you that he's enjoyed all of RA's characters.

So you've seen Sharpe's Waterloo. There's two more Sharpe episodes - the more recent ones. Fans hoped for a third, for Sharpe to find his daughter, but doesn't look like it.

I'm with you about SB2.I just hope they don't kill Porter in SB2, or turn him into a villain...please, not again! But I agree, I don't think I'll care to watch more of it without RA.

Isn't that tweet great from Clive Standen!

Ah, sending Armitage Love to New Zealand..

RiCrAr said...

Musa, DH has made certain I'm aware there are 2 more recent Sharpe eps. With Father's day followed closely by his birthday, he knows those eps will soon complete his dvd set. Wouldn't it be heavenly if Sean managed to make more of them.

BTW, the actor who plays Patrick is currently in Camelot as Guinevere's father. He's providing a firm on-screen presence as always. Expecting to see Hannah Thornton as a nun in ep4.(have a mental block of the actress's very Irish RL first name & it doesn't help that it's difficult to spell;) The update of that legend seems like a reunion for former RA peers.

I'm planning a new post with hubby's strongest reactions during certain scenes of eps 1&2, Spooks9. We usually only watch one ep per week, but last evening Vaughn's appearance triggered his curiosity. When ep1 ended, he asked "shall we watch the next one?" I said "that's up to you--I've already seen the series." His reaction "that last scene has me curious about the upcoming plot, so why don't we take a break--clean up dinner dishes--then watch ep2." Of course, my heart & head were shouting Yes!Yes!Yes! at that point.

The remark he made that was most surprising to me happened in the scene where Lucas is searching the hotel room bathroom and finds a vial of pills. As LN rummaged here and there my sweetie said "I like to think I looked a little like him about 15yrs ago." Being one half of a mutual admiration society;) I replied: "Yes, I can see it..your hair is now distinguished salt&pepper but it was coal black when we met..you're both above average height and the two of you have blue eyes." He's always been free w/compliments, so it was nice to have an opportunity to return them.

Ep 2 ends without much revelation of why Vaughn has appeared, therefore DH doesn't yet realize how emotionally unraveled the series will leave LN. That's when his comments should become really interesting. Fascinated to find out if hubby has a negative reaction as the drama unfolds or just 'ho hum..another hero bites the dust.'

RiCrAr said...

UPDATE: Hannah is Sinead Cusack...always confuse that Irish name with another - Siobhan. Wonder if Sinead is related to the American Cusack acting family. I know of at least two...there might be more.

Sue said...


Yes I believe Sinead Cusack is related to the Cusack acting family, one of many I believe.

Love the tweet from Clive Standen about RA. Everyone Richard seems to work with says what a great and lovely person he is, which although should make me happy in a way I feel a bit disconcerted by it all. I mean can someone be that perfect and never get in a strop? Sometimes those that appear happy and patient on the outside can often go home and kick the cat. (Or wife). I hope Richard isn't one of the latter!

Does this man have any bad habits? (Although he did say at one time he picked his nose - well there's plenty to go at!)

RiCrAr said...

Sue, does a 'strop' mean to have a temper tantrum?

Remember when RA stated during an interview that he does tend to hold things in and then flashes a hot temper which could include throwing a chair through the window. I sort of sniggered at that remark, ascribing it to his professional need to often lose his temper a la Sir Guy. I suspect early on in his career Richard needed to convince himself that he could demonstrate uncontrolled anger. It's more or less a job requirement for any ambitious actor.

Doubt very much that he wouldn't control his emotions in his private life. Actually, if he did throw chairs through windows in his private life, he would not be the fine person we believe him to be.

Maybe you can help me locate an interview where Richard admitted to enjoying going for days between projects without shaving or showering:) He was sort of explaining why it might be best that his former live-in girlfriend had move out. If that's the correct timeline, the interview would've taken place after his 5mos stay in Africa for Strike Back.

I've searched for that particular interview in vain. Perhaps it was in one of the show biz magazines rather than a newspaper?? Thought his admissions reflected the truth that RA really enjoys a typical bachelor's life. Wasn't it the same interview when he said his house only gets sorted out when he does it himself... because the security of highly sensitive scripts would be in danger if he had a housecleaner.

Was it in the same timeframe that he was asked during an interview what he missed about home when he lived for 5mos in Africa? His replay was that he missed nothing about home and was so into the John Porter character that he dreamed about him at night. I remember excclaiming that we had something elese in common w/RA---dreaming about John Porter;)
Let me know if you can remember when the "unshaved/unbathed for days" remark was made or the "missed nothing about home" one as well. I know the latter was definitely during the promo interviews for Strike Back.

Anonymous said...

The Sharpe series was utter delight. Mr. SB managed to make a thoroughly conscientious character (who might have stereotype boring) hero very interesting.Could have been better cast as Robin in BBC RH than JA? Just speculating, as I think JA did some good stuff there, just not quite up to the level of Mr. A at that point of acting development.

As for some remarks made by Mr. A in interviews, I take some with grain of salt. There is a (somewhat?) mischievious, slightly teasing? quality. Rather English.


RiCrAr said...

Hey there fitzg...almost missed your interesting comment down here. I know how that can happen however, after posting a question recently for Dezz at his website. When I returned to see the answer, had difficulty finding it because I'd placed my query in one of his older posts;) Being a hollywood spy no doubt helped, for he managed to find my post and replied.

Hubby & I have just finished watching the complete Sharpe series. We'd watched episodes whenever available here and there over the yrs. DH was so happy to see each entire ep without editing for tv ads. Sean Bean is a courageous man as well as actor. He recently stated in a prominent interview that he believes Mel Gibson is a fine man. That took unbelieveable courage, since the often cruel and incorrect media had scourged Gibson after a girlfriend made abuse charges against him.

I have no idea whether or not all the charges are true about Mel, but I do know Sean Bean seemed unconcerned that the show biz media might consider him a target in the future. It took major backbone on Major Sharpe's;) part.

Will post more info about Sean Bean's new tv series w/Ashley Judd. It sounds interesting.