April 5, 2011

Look Who You Voted Off the Island + New Guy Vid + April 29:Reasons to Watch + Technical Details of Cameras Used for The Hobbit + Have You Voted for Our Guy Today? + Hot Fashion Trends:Westeros 2011

Ladies, look who you voted off the island..Lee Preston..just saying ;)

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ok...fess up;)...who gave Sir Guy the prayer book...(psssst...don't tell the hunkess--he's winning her poll as baddest dude:)

Andrew Lesnie reveals The Hobbit 3D cinematography set up

[Mon 04/04/2011 ]
Oscar-winning cinematographer Andrew Lesnie ACS has revealed the 3D set-up that is bringing The Hobbit to the big screen.

The long-delayed 3D adaptation of J.R.R Tolkien’s classic fantasy book started filming last month at Wellington's Stone Street Studios and on location in New Zealand.

It is the first major movie overseen by Jackson to be shot on RED-manufactured cameras after Lesnie and the director flirted with using the RED ONE on 2009-drama The Lovely Bones.

In an email to IF, Lesnie said The Hobbit is:

•being shot on 30 RED EPIC cameras;
•using Zeiss Ultra Primes, Master Primes and Optimo zoom lenses;
•shooting at 47.96 frames per second;
•using 3ality Digital rigs.

RED boss Jim Jannard has previously revealed that the production would use its new, smaller EPIC digital cameras, which can shoot at 5K resolution and up to 120 frames per second.

A number of other major 3D blockbusters are also reportedly using the EPIC including the Spiderman reboot and Underworld 4, while director Bryan Singer has said that he will use the cameras to shoot the 3D film Jack the Giant Killer. Last week, the first independent 3D feature film to shoot with the EPIC was announced – Hellbenders – using Element Technica's new lightweight ATOM rig.

Australia-Singapore 3D co-production Bait was recently filmed using RED ONE M-X cameras with Element Technica Quasar 3D rigs, supplied by Panavision.

The Hobbit, which will be released as two films in late-2012 and 2013, is again set in Middle-earth, some 60 years before The Lord of the Rings.

The films reunite much of the same team which created the record-breaking The Lord of the Rings trilogy, including Lesnie, production designer Dan Hennah, conceptual designers Alan Lee and John Howe, composer Howard Shore and make-up and hair designer Peter King.
[Mon 04/04/2011 ]


Martha McCallum will co-host FOX's royal wedding coverage.  She's written an informative article -  asserting there are 3 principal reasons why everyone should care about the ceremony.  See if you agree with Martha...

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Being on set with Ian Mckellen is great and all, but being on set with Gandalf is way way better.

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17.5 hour day, exhausted and ready to do it all again tomorrow.



Lady Rose said...

LOVE the pictures! :D

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Welcome Lady Rose :) Happy to hear you're enjoying the RA images. Every frame he's ever filmed must be available to view somewhere on the internet. Would you say the camera loves Richard? *winks*