April 18, 2011

Capt America Prequel Announced...Kruger?? + Tolkien Prof Needs Your Vote + Gollum's Birthday(sort of) N&S: 2004 RA Interview + MIT Study:More Men Say I Love You First + Sue & Anonymous Provide Details About Tree Sprigs Held by RA

CAPTAIN AMERICA NEWS:  It has been officially announced that there will be a prequel to Capt America.  No doubt first question for us is :  "will they include Heinz Kruger in the prequel?"   Query #2:  Will RA have the time available from filming THE HOBBIT,  if Heinz is indeed written into the script?

RA page on the IMDB website:

RA 'porridge' interview in the London Sunday Times on Sept 12, 2010...

NEWS:  Have you read THE HOBBIT?  a tolkien prof is taking a poll asking women if they enjoyed reading the book--he intends to send the results of his poll to the NY Times..

It's Gollum's "preciouss" Andy Serkis's birthday(the cave dweller's motion-capture actor)

RANetdotcom on twitter found an RA interview from 2004 with quotes from him about N&S..

Poster Anonymous commented below that the tree sprig RA held during the traditional NZ ceremony is from the Pohutukawa tree(photo above).  See comment below and a NZ website providing the tree's history.  It's used as their traditional Christmas tree.              http://www.nzhistory.net.nz/media/photo/pohutukawa-flowers

Comment from Anonymous:  >I think it was a 'bunch of leaves' from a pohutukawa, because the Maori people of the land regarded the pohutukawa as one of the chiefly trees and individual ones were sacred.In everyday life a pohutukawa tree was planted in memory of chiefs, battlefields, or birth of a chief’s son. Healing power was recognised in bark juice and nectar for diverse complaints. <
By Anonymous on Strike Back 2 Love Scene + 2006 Clip:RA & RH Co-st... on 4/18/11

Sue's Reply:   >Thank you Anon. that sounds very interesting. I must look it up on Google. I must say that New Zealand people seem to respect the traditions of the Maori people, which isn't unfortunately true of Australia and aboriginals. We could learn a lot from these people (as we can from British folklore). Plants are amazing things and can be the answer to a lot of health problems if we only took the time to discover! <
By Sue on Strike Back 2 Love Scene + 2006 Clip:RA & RH Co-st... on 4/18/11
Dancing's theme last night was 'PATRIOT GAMES'
Where are you Laura? Didn't you tell us a few mos ago that you do not receive Dancing with the Stars, and really enjoy any vids posted here?  Well, my dear, check out the following clip and enjoy!  The live action had me feeling verrrry patriotic..teehee.  Kirstie appears to have pulled herself together and dropped the drama queen overdrive mode she demonstrated for a couple wks.  Therefore, her and her partner are back - although it's really due to his performance..Maks could've danced by himself and received even higher marks:)  Keep in mind that he's Russian and she's 60yrs old.

Oh, having second thoughts..maybe it's not a good idea--don't know if it will really be appreciated.  Afterall, how many RA fans enjoy watching a TDH tattooed guy gracefully moving about in black leather pants....hahaha...:)


Just remembered there was actually another time when the red-white&blue looked even better...


POLL RESULT:  Recent MIT study results claim MEN are more inclined to utter those 3 li'l words with a humungous meaning *I Love You.*  Could an MIT psychologist be wrong?  Findings sound quite official when given that imprimatur, do they not?  Do you believe it?  Well, when we take into consideration the fact that some men cynically utter those words if they're convinced you're more likely to 'advance' the relationship, the study results do indeed become more credible.  Second reason for their declaration is an assertion that many men are more needy than most females assume them to be.  That sounds plausible as well, doesn't it. (our recent poll result is the last one in sidebar)

From the below website:    >A new study shows when it comes to professing love in a heterosexual relationship it’s the man that’s more likely to utter those three little words. Josh Ackerman, a psychologist who teaches at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, recently published a study that pinpoints which of the sexes fesses up to love first.

The study found that 64 percent of people (wrongly) believe women initiate the love talk. Ackerman says, “We are constantly bombarded by this idea that love is about women, in a sense. Women are the more emotional ones, and men hide their feelings. But that doesn’t necessarily appear to be the case.” No, siree.

Ackerman and his team interviewed 205 straight males and females and questioned them about past and present relationships and who said “I love you” first in the relationship. The study revealed that men “were more likely to have said “I love you” first.”<

Marian's heart: "hmmm,,,you never explained your intentions quite like this before..just might reconsider.."




Laura said...

I'm here, just very busy. I check in each night before bed, to ensure Sweet Dreams! Keep those tasty pics coming!!

I get DWTS here, but it comes on during the "finish up the homework, get ready for bed/bedtime story, kisses & snuggles" hour, so I never get to see it. And my VCR quit recording anything when we had to go from analog to digital. Why yes, you MAY call me Wilma Flintstone, why do you ask??? ;)

I hate to say, I'm kind of "Len-ish" when it comes to the dancing... I look for an electricity when I watch either the dancing or skating, and this time I didn't get it. They were good... I won't take that from them. I just didn't get the "charge", I guess. I have to say, though, I've heard a lot of speculation about a romance between Maks and Kirstie. I don't see it, do you? What I do see is a couple who get along really well, and are having a really good time out there. Which might be even better than a romance...

RiCrAr said...

You didn't see any electric sparks when Maks jumped unto the dancefloor sans shirt with rippling muscles, bulging biceps, a rather Guy-like swagger and his swivelling hips enveloped with black leather???? *sizzle, sizzle* ;)

Actually, a man who swaggers usually turns me off, and Maks has and does as far as cancelling any human yearnings in his direction. The reaction to him was strictly - YOWZA! That's one hot male body! and that's where it ends. He doesn't have any erudite qualities at all, therefore once my temp cooled down, went into the usual "it's only that cave-man Maks" mode. That said, I really did enjoy his dance to American Woman, as the red/white/blue undulated on his Russian rib cage:) We don't see that every day!!
Those final words were also my initial reaction to Richard as Guy seductively strutted along Nottg'm Castle corridors in RH2.

Need not worry that the pix will stop -- Richard's universe is currently striving to keep the RA torch burning until there's another shot of adrenaline from somewhere - visual reminders advance that cause.

DEZMOND said...

this must be the longest post I've ever seen, Ricrar :)) but it does include a shirtless Dicky which we approve :))

Happy B-day to our dear Gollum! Our precious :)

RiCrAr said...

Ooooh, Dezzy, you're starting to stop by quite often...*making me blush*;)

Yes, shirtless Richard is definitely something special to behold. It's Easter week, so it might be disrespectful to post a half doz of his most stunning pix for you right now. However, you've given me a good excuse to dedicate a post totally to those scenes where Richard was required to shed his shirt and reveal all those rippling muscles. BTW, he hates being thought of as a heart-throb..he fights that image tooth & nail. Anyone with his superb acting abilities doesn't need to be concerned that oodles of women constantly swoon over him, does he. This blog alone is approaching 200,000 hits.

Be forewarned - next week's photos might spoil you for life;) All those other actors could start to look downright enemic. haha One day next week will be 'Shirtless Day - Dedicated to Our Darling Dezmond.'

Laura said...

Nope... I never fell under the Maks spell. I prefer a guy who is a little more of a 'tease' when it comes to baring it all. (hmmm.... wonder who fits that description?) Seems like every time I see Maks, he's got his shirt off, or ripped down to there.

I WILL, however, give him all the props when it comes to dancing. The man can MOVE, and I do enjoy watching that, very much.

Although... Shirtless Day could change my mind about guys regularly shedding their shirts...

Musa said...

Looking forward to Shirtless Day :)

Thanks Ricrar, and Anonymous, and Sue for the info on the branches RA had in his hands during the Powhiri. Isn't he wonderful to not only speak in Maori but to make a point of giving something of significance like the Pohutakawa Tree.

A Captain America prequel? I think that's a grand idea, maybe all about Heinz Kruger. I can imagine there would be a misunderstood soul inside the villain...mmmm...yes. The character seems to have been around in several comic books: