April 10, 2011

Females Need Not Apply:) + Fascinating Sean Bean Interview(*Married 4Xs*Yikes*) + Second Viewing:Spooks9 +Tolkien & Arthurian Legends + What Color Should You Stay Away From?(weep;) + Sir Guy Wins Best Baddie Poll

Sean Bean interview:

LOL...it was only a matter of time before the other half of the human race was heard from...why don't they ever listen to us? ;) hahaha..clever..

Not horsing around Hobbit News:  Who will ride The Hobbit's latest purchase - Claire the white mare?

taaaaDaaaaa...announcing the winner of the biggest baddest hunkie poll:
News / Sir Guy of Gisborne wins Big Bad Poll
April 10, 2011 By Hunkess
QUOTE:  The results are in and it seems we, as a site, have decided Sir Guy of Gisborne (aka Richard Armitage) is the hunkiest Big Bad! The blue blood of noble Sir Guy of Gisborne finally beat the bloodrinking Sheriff of Area 5, Eric Nortman. Poetic.

Congratulations Mr Armitage!

For those interested in both Arthurian legends and Tolkien - a comparison study:
Stumbled upon the above while searching for the recent theonering.com report about a white mare named Claire that was purchased by the hobbit production company.  She's pure white - Above study discusses white horses described in Camelot  andLord of the Rings.  Amazingly topical touchstone intersection  for those watching the latest Camelot update as well as progress reports on The Hobbit movie.

Second viewing of Spooks S9 (ep 1) for me - first time for my love. the team is attending Ros‘s funeral. Afterwards, outside the church, Harry pulls Ruth aside and proproses marriage to her. She refuses saying in effect “how would it work? The two of us in a cottage? What would we talk to the neighbors about when they visit?

Hubby said “that’s right - they couldn’t talk about their work.” Later he added “Harry’s feelings for her might cloud his judgement in a crisis.”

He quietly watched from then on, until the high tech weapon under the Houses of Parliament was released. Then he commented “that will be the way future wars are fought, ya know - with electro-magnetic technology.”

Only other reaction to ep 1 was when Vaughn was leaving and said “good to see you again John.” Hubby repeated “John.” Then he asked “shall we watch the next episode?” I told him it was up to him and he expressed much curiosity about Vaughn - we started ep 2 after a short break.

(Ep 2) The oil tycoon‘s evil plan is revealed. What really surprised me was how contemplative hubby became over that character. He asked - “how old do you think he looks?” I said “about 60-65” which prompted him to explain his interest. “Why would someone that age care so much about the political landscape in a foreign country to the point he’d plan a massacre?” My answer was the suggestion that many business owners become very protective of their company, and start to think of it almost as a person. Maybe the man’s motive was to protect his life’s work for his children or grandchildren. The hubster said “that’s plausible - that’s why I asked you.”

After gunfire was sprayed in the elevator, the camera showed Beth’s blood-spattered face with wide-open eyes - DH gasped. He was visibly relieved when Lucas approached and Beth spoke to him.  Afterwards we were both extremely puzzled why Beth kept one of the wounded mens’ cell phone. I’d somehow missed that entire sequence of events first time around.

At some point during ep 2,  Mr Ricrar remarked about RA - “his serious face is the most serious I've ever seen.” :)

The only other observations were during the scene when Harry offered his resignation to the Home Sec’y - hubster said “bet the Home Sec will return the envelope to him before the episode ends.” As the two men discussed the fact the billionaire oil man was crucial to the country since the BP disaster, DH made a sound of appreciation for the cutting-edge geo-political topic's inclusion in a TV program aired over 6mos previous.

His very last words on the first two episodes of Spooks9 were “hopefully we’ll learn next week why the other man called him John.”

Long distance TOC...*winks at collectors* ;)

My result was blue...boohoohoo...I love blue - can't stay away from it...primary reason is because my significant other's eyes are blue, and other family members as well.  Living room carpet is dusty blue...dress I've recently purchased to wear to my niece's upcoming wedding is sapphire blue.  Too bad it wasn't orange or mustard...haha...not a problem whatsoever to stay away from those two colors.

Thx to Musa: Anne Rice again mentions RA as her choice for vampire Lestat.  Quote has to be in blood red... 
Anne Rice

My dreamcast for a Vampire Chronicles will never "happen." But here it is, happening now on this page: Richard Armitage as Lestat; Matt Bomer as Louis; Eva Green as Gabrielle; Matthew MacFadyen as Marius; Jeremy Irons as David Talbot; directed by Kenneth Branagh. (Thinking about the others).

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MsG68 said...

Mm..mm..m..m..mmm never get enough of watching THAT kiss :P

MsG68 said...

Oh yes...blue for me too...got distracted from the question by you putting that vid at the bottom there...

RiCrAr said...

MsG68....Wow! honored that you've ascended from the blog's basement to comment -- the Thornton kiss works like a charm;)

As for the poll, they'll never pull me away from blue...it's actually been very good luck for me, so doubt there's any credibility to that poll.*winks..what a surprise* ;)

RiCrAr said...

Memo for Ms Musa - as promised, I've added hubby's reaction to eps 1&2 to above post. Future eps should be more interesting, as Lucas's identity starts to be revealed. At this point all DH knows is that Vaughn called him John. That alone has him verrrry curious.

Musa said...

Interesting report from your DH about S9 so far. Great comment about future wars being fought with electro-magnetic technology - interesting but scary. I remember in that episode I was more involved in Lucas and what he would do about the young woman controlling the weapons.Yes,our adorable and very serious RA :)...just love that pic of Lucas with the file folder...

I guess you didn't know Sean had been married 4 times!

"One does not simply walk into Mordor"

RiCrAr said...

Isn't the above video hilarious of the female offering her help to the fellowship? ;) It was executed so well technically that it looks like part of the film.

Howled when she suggested she would need some help, then winked at Legolas..have no idea who she is - she does have great comedic timing.

My jaw almost dropped open when I read the SB was married 4 times:O
His Sharpe adventures of the heart were not that far off the mark, were they;) Sean did comment that he's been far better in life at moving about than standing still - and that as his children matured they've come to understand him better.