July 28, 2014

Richard Armitage:New weatheRmAn Interview;) + Interesting Crucible Review by Person with More Profound Perspective Than Most(see link & excerpts) + 50 Shades Trailer Review + Twitter's Rick Grimes Comments on Into The Storm's Sarah + New ITS Interview(see vid) + Outlander Trailer + The Hobbit:Battle of the 5 Armies Trailer + Fantastic Game of Thrones CC Panel

..the redemptive thread that runs through and is brought about in the play so poignantly by the characters of John Proctor (Richard Armitage) and his wife, Elizabeth Proctor (Anna Madeley).
Both of them, but specially Richard Armitage, convey so vividly and humanely that moment in a person’s life most of us hope never comes when our integrity, our whole being, those whom we love, and care for, the God we worship, if any, and our very soul are at stake, that moment where the choice we make will bring either life or death, both in the natural and spiritual realm. Thousands of people around the world are being persecuted, tortured and murdered for their faith right now, and for them a moment like this which is so sensitively, intuitively, innately acted by Armitage and Madeley, is all too real. Indeed, for so many there is no choice to be made, because that choice has been taken away by those who play God to sustain and feed their greed, pride, fanatism, power, you name it.
..For me, Richard Armitage, transmitted all these emotions in a spectacular fashion. He captivated the audience and not just by his manly, handsome presence but so much more so by the palpable dynamism in his performance of the co-existing traits in Proctor’s personality where love and hate, self-assurance and fear, aggression and sheer tenderness can co-exist in equal measure. This illustrates beautifully the peril the world is in today and has always been: good and evil in us constantly surfacing within us and battling each other, integrity versus conformism and resignation, honesty versus deception and betrayal, freedom versus bondage to others, our own passions or the devil himself.
Explanation re below tweet. RA's Into The Storm co-star Sarah was in fact Rick Grimes' wife in The Living Dead. Rick is played by Andrew Lincoln(RA's former Strike Back co-star) *need a playbook to keep track*;)

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Into the storm? That's what I use to say when I came home and Lori was PMS'ng

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