July 10, 2014

Richard Armitage:Today's Morning Show Interview + Pic with Andy Serkis + Newly Discovered Esquire Vid + NY Times Crucible Review(see link) + Broadway World Review + Listen to Excerpt from RA's Narration of Cornwell's Lords of the North & blondie Uhtred;) + Scheduled for Radio Interview(see link) + New Video-- Thank You Anglophile Channel for Making Us Feel as Though We Were There--BRAVO! Richard..please get enough rest..

Today on UK morning show:
From the Esquire photoshoot:
and another with visit from spirit of John Proctor..
Who borrowed Proctor's boots??
This reminded me of wellwishers reaction to newly discovered Esquire video(see below)
NY Times reviews The Crucible:
About Ms Farber:
 "Her interpretation brings out this play’s echoes of Greek tragedy, where conscious words and actions are rooted in cavernous depths."
About Richard Armitage: 
" Mr. Armitage, known for playing Thorin Oakenshield in the “Hobbit” movies, gives us a John who is first and foremost a physical being, a farmer who has spent most of his life fighting against privation.
His rumbling voice comes from his viscera, and he stands like a man who feels undressed without his plow. His first instinct, like that of his fellow townspeople, is to survive, and in “The Crucible,” surviving and doing what’s right are not synonymous. Mr. Armitage gives palpable, sinewy force to John’s struggle, making the moral instinct feel primal, something that’s genetically coded but hard to bring into dominance. Such full sensory existence — and the ambivalence within — is embodied by everyone" oExcerpt: "Anna Madeley and the smoldering Richard Armitage as Elizabeth and John Proctor have fantastic chemistry and play the parts with so much raw emotion that is sometimes painful to watch as the village is torn apart." 
Upcoming RA Interview - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0495p7s

Here's an excerpt from RA's fantastic narration of Bernard Cornwell's Lords of the North..

In the estimation of almost 100% of those who see this Esquire video(he's preparing for their photoshoot), it qualifies RA to be the next 007(and IMO that's overdue!) As we know, that role requires a sharp mind, action scene expertise and stunning appearance. He def has all three.


Sue said...

Hi RiCrAr,

What a wonderful video, and how sweet and lovely is Richard!

How the hell he's still standing after all that completely baffles me. Such stamina, he must be extremely fit, both mentally and physically.

I read this morning in the newspaper that the BBC are to film a drama to rival The Game of Thrones, but without the fantasy bit, and guess what, yes it's based on Uhtred, from the Lords of the North! Now that's got to be a hit (but only if they have cast Richard in the main role of Uhtred.

It's going to be called "The Last Kingdom", beginning when Uhtred is kidnapped and raised by Vikings before returning to England to fight them. My goodness what I wouldn't give for Richard to get that role!. Anyone that has read or heard (with Richard narrating) the novels must agree that this part was made for our RA. I just hope they keep the humour in the storyline, because if I'm honest I was peeing myself when Richard read some of the scenes from the book, they were really funny, but in a dry way.

So, now we have it, Richard's next role!(At least he will be familiar with the character).


Ricrar said...

Thanks Sue. Yes, if you look in previous post, you'll see my lame version of Richard as Uhtred.I've listened to his LOTN at least 5 times. His "SHIELD WALL" bellow is still emblazoned on my brain;D Richard did say he was looking for a UK tv series BUT I believe that was before the play came into view. Would he now rather stay onstage? Maybe not - possibly he wld still rather professionally mix it up. Along that line of thinking--I saw a tweet saying the odds of him playing Bond moved from 50:1 to 10:1 - that role wld be difficult to refuse because it would enable him to be financially independent, thereby having the luxury of focusing on the roles he really relishes.

I'm truly concerned RA might overextend himself with the unbelievable work schedule for the crucible. Hopefully someone is keeping an eye out for fatigue and making certain he has enough rest. Maybe you could volunteer to do that for our fav actor, Sue;)

Sue said...

Hi RiCrAr,

I don't think I'd be very good at making sure Richard got enough rest, far from it, I'd be likely to knacker the poor lad completely, rendering him incapable of getting out of bed in a morning!!!!

The Crucible is only running for 3 months I believe, so although it will be a strain I think it would have been much worse if it were to go on for any longer, or go on tour with the play.

I think the Last Kingdom would be ideal for him, as it would give him financial security, and the time in between to satisfy his lust for stage work. If the BBC drama is a hit like the Sharpe series (also by Bernard Cornwell)this could further his career even more than The Hobbit. Richard would also be a good choice by producers because he is known both sides of the pond, and as it is being partly funded by American producers, it would make sense to choose him. Of course Uhtred will be a young boy at the beginning of the series, although perhaps they could start the drama as a flashback with a young actor, then carry on in the present with Richard as Uhtred, giving him a backstory.

As for James Bond, Daniel Craig doesn't seem ready to give up that title at the moment, but when he does Richard should definitely be in the running for that role, without doubt!

Ahh well we can live in hope!

MsG said...

Sorry not been participating recently, but couldn't contain my excitement after seeing him live!
That was a great video.....just like it was last Monday for me! Although I did have to rush off to get the tube home as it ran from 7.30 to 23.10! So sadly didn't hang out at the stage door.
I had a great seat too, in the front but by the stairs where the actors came on and off. At one point I was tempted to lean out and grab the passing Richard but feared I may be rugby tackled to the ground by an usher...so resisted the temptation.
Those of you that have not yet been, I just have to say he IS just as gorgeous live as on the tv.
And still think he's very modest despite his fame now. At the end of the play when they all came on to take the bow he was in the middle of the group, and then (as he's the 'star' of the show) the rest of the cast left the stage so he could take a bow alone, and as they walked off I could see him visibly gulp. Awww just love him ;)

Ricrar said...

Sue, I agree - if the choice is between Uhtred and Bond, prefer the former as well.

If they film the young boy episodes first, it will work well with Richard's schedule. They're supposed to start production this Fall, when he's busy with BOTFA promotions. He should be finished early in Dec - hopefully he has already committed and will thereafter revisit the Uhtred role. We can dReAm!!;)

Ricrar said...

MSG, it's absolutely wonderful that you saw Richard in The Crucible. He must have the stamina of a bull to keep his energy and passion for the Proctor role fresh for every performance. As we know, he's up to that task. Hopefully the Old Vic has been persuaded to provide a dvd for everyone. It wouldn't be wise business strategy for them to announce it before the play closes. Fingers crossed that another dReAm will come true.

Apparently Uhtred is described as blonde in the Cornwell Saxon Chronicles, which does make sense. Fans wonder if indeed RA would play him with lighter hair, assuming he wants that role. I've just posted a miserable attempt at how he might look - it's bad but good enough to give us an idea. IMO he looks almost as thudworthy as all his dark-haired characters.

Sue said...

Hi RiCrAr,

Actually Richard has played a blonde before, in the film Frozen. He didn't have a big part in that (yes there is a bit of innuendo in there somewhere!) He looked okay with lighter hair, although he's have to have a beard dyed the same colour of course, but better that than a falsie.

When Richard was in America and had sported a longer hairstyle, it seemed to get lighter and lighter and I started to like it that way. Shame he had to have it chopped off for The Crucible (yes there's another little innuendo there too!)Of course Uhtred isn't a viking, so maybe he could get away with brown.

I think after 3 months of playing John Proctor each night, week in week out, after three months he will be glad to get back to TV. He'll likely be exhausted after all that (and not due to my ministrations either I might add, although we live in hope!)

Ricrar said...

Sue, I remembered Uhtred explaining he was born a Saxon and adopted by a Viking - then a friend told me someone commenting at her blog about Uhtred, insisted RA could never play him because his hair is described by Cornwell as blonde?? I listened 5Xs to RA's narration and don't recall any mention of lighter hair.

I remember applying an effect to one of his most stunning photos which resulted in a rich chestnut brown hair shade--Luv it! Will look for that photo--it's one of my absolute favs.

BTW, very happy you didn't take me up on the suggestion you should keep an eye on Richard and make sure he's getting enough rest for his demanding Crucible schedule. No doubt that would have had the opposite effect! ;D