July 10, 2014

Richard Armitage:Today's Morning Show Interview + Pic with Andy Serkis + Newly Discovered Esquire Vid + NY Times Crucible Review(see link) + Broadway World Review + Listen to Excerpt from RA's Narration of Cornwell's Lords of the North & blondie Uhtred;) + Scheduled for Radio Interview(see link) + New Video-- Thank You Anglophile Channel for Making Us Feel as Though We Were There--BRAVO! Richard..please get enough rest..

Today on UK morning show:
From the Esquire photoshoot:
and another with visit from spirit of John Proctor..
Who borrowed Proctor's boots??
This reminded me of wellwishers reaction to newly discovered Esquire video(see below)
NY Times reviews The Crucible:
About Ms Farber:
 "Her interpretation brings out this play’s echoes of Greek tragedy, where conscious words and actions are rooted in cavernous depths."
About Richard Armitage: 
" Mr. Armitage, known for playing Thorin Oakenshield in the “Hobbit” movies, gives us a John who is first and foremost a physical being, a farmer who has spent most of his life fighting against privation.
His rumbling voice comes from his viscera, and he stands like a man who feels undressed without his plow. His first instinct, like that of his fellow townspeople, is to survive, and in “The Crucible,” surviving and doing what’s right are not synonymous. Mr. Armitage gives palpable, sinewy force to John’s struggle, making the moral instinct feel primal, something that’s genetically coded but hard to bring into dominance. Such full sensory existence — and the ambivalence within — is embodied by everyone" oExcerpt: "Anna Madeley and the smoldering Richard Armitage as Elizabeth and John Proctor have fantastic chemistry and play the parts with so much raw emotion that is sometimes painful to watch as the village is torn apart." 
Upcoming RA Interview - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0495p7s

Here's an excerpt from RA's fantastic narration of Bernard Cornwell's Lords of the North..

In the estimation of almost 100% of those who see this Esquire video(he's preparing for their photoshoot), it qualifies RA to be the next 007(and IMO that's overdue!) As we know, that role requires a sharp mind, action scene expertise and stunning appearance. He def has all three.

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