July 3, 2014

Richard Armitage:New ITS Article in Total Film(see below) + Into The Storm Trailer Has Been Seen on Various US tv networks(see below) + Photo of Urban After Watching Chop Play Proctor + 5 Stars From The Times & Telegraph

After being contacted on Twitter by someone seeking professional information, I realized providing RA's agent's website could be helpful. While there, see their comments about the recent rave reviews for The Crucible.:
Go  in Tour de France!!
Thanks to RA Central for new Into The Storm article

Thank you to the helpful wellwisher who pointed out I'd received misinformation about Frances Tempest designing Crucible costumes. Sorry, the poll has been replaced by another asking instead your fav chaRActer costumes. Following past post explains Ms Tempest's Guy of Gisborne, Robin Hood designs..
Lucas North toasts John Proctor..
John Proctor..
with wife Elizabeth..
and Abigail..

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