July 3, 2014

Richard Armitage:New ITS Article in Total Film(see below) + Into The Storm Trailer Has Been Seen on Various US tv networks(see below) + Photo of Urban After Watching Chop Play Proctor + 5 Stars From The Times & Telegraph

After being contacted on Twitter by someone seeking professional information, I realized providing RA's agent's website could be helpful. While there, see their comments about the recent rave reviews for The Crucible.:
Go  in Tour de France!!
Thanks to RA Central for new Into The Storm article

Thank you to the helpful wellwisher who pointed out I'd received misinformation about Frances Tempest designing Crucible costumes. Sorry, the poll has been replaced by another asking instead your fav chaRActer costumes. Following past post explains Ms Tempest's Guy of Gisborne, Robin Hood designs..
Lucas North toasts John Proctor..
John Proctor..
with wife Elizabeth..
and Abigail..


Sue said...

Hi RiCrAr,

I must admit that reading the Sunday Times interview, Richard seemed a little off kilter, that or the interviewer had partaken of a few drops of the amber nectar, not sure which!

Liked the naked bit, now that would have wowed the audience, what say you? He would have course of needed a bath towel, rather than a hand towel to cover his modesty, shall we say! (But would prefer a face cloth!)Seriously though, I think these kind of dreams are usually brought on by stress, and are due to the person feeling vulnerable, hence the "nakedness".

I don't personally feel that someone who has ever been shy fully conquers it (speaking from experience) you simply learn how to deal with social situations, delivering what is expected.

As for trying not to intimidate people, I don't believe for a moment he could ever be capable of that. He may look like some kind of huge, hirsute, grisly bear, but deep down he's a gentle giant, daft as a brush, but would never admit to it (no street cred in that!)

I do think that Richard often takes on the persona of the character he is playing at the time and this reflects in his interviews. Thank goodness he hasn't played a psychotic murderer as yet, otherwise who knows what his interviews would turn out like!!!!

As for visiting Salem in preparation for the role, he could have done worse that research the Pendle witches, here in Lancashire, England. Such a shame he is now given as living in New York, (for us Brits, not for America of course! Drat and double drat!)

I'm glad some credit was given to the other actors, it is a very impressive cast, and I recognized many from TV and screen performances, so he's in good company.

Well done Richard, a true professional, but lighten up a little please. Life is short, make it sweet.

Ricrar said...

Sue, IMO the Gold report said more about her than Richard. The interview took place 4 days before Crucible previews, so his "naked dream" remark was probably said in jest - referring to the classic anxiety dream many experience prior to a major event. She made it sound as though he was getting erotic - perhaps that's what she hoped anyway;)

Did you see the video below about the Pendle witches? It's the same area the Puritans emigrated from to Massachusetts, so they were probably well aware of the Lancashire saga. The research in the video below said the king at the time, James I, believed in witchcraft and felt they had him as a target. Didn't he even write a book on their practices, etc? A conclusion in the video is that many who prosecuted the Pendle witches were trying to curry favor with the king at the time.

Ms Gold called us innocent;) Oh yes, that's definitely us - pure and snow white. Lol At this point, her silly remarks are laughable more than anything else.
When are you going to see The Crucible? Many wellwishers are making return trips stating it had them absolutely mesmerized the first time.

Sue said...


I must try and get to see The Crucible, as these days it only takes a couple of hours on the train from Manchester/Cheshire to London, but I hate busy London with a vengeance. Plus to be honest the play is a bit dark for my taste, but I'm sure it is an excellent adaptation.

I'm rather intrigued by the fact that Kelsey Grammar (Grammer?) is correcting grammar on Twitter, how sad, that he has nothing more constructive to do. Maybe he should also concentrate on spelling as well, especially the differences between England and American spellings, very perplexing at times to us Brits!

The fact that your video clip about the Pendle Witch child has Simon Armitage, no less, presenting it, he of Manchester University and northerner. Any relation do you think?

I wonder if Sir Guy's scene from Robin Hood, where he is overseeing the trial of a witch by using a ducking stool in the local pond, prepared him for his latest role? Boy did she give the Sheriff of Nottingham a mouthful! (I do miss leather clad Gizzie!)

Ricrar said...

Sue, I'm convinced you have Extra Sensory Perception. I've just this moment posted a throwback of a Guy of Gisborne poll from Feb 2010. Then I noticed your comment mentioning Guy.

I think the grammar correction from Kelsey Grammer was just his play on words in order to lure as many followers as possible in the first few days of his introduction to twitter. He just recently had a show on HBO - I didn't watch, not my cuppa. He's one of the few sensible, intelligent actors in Hollywood. The others mostly follow the herd and act like brownosers in order to be given roles.

I had the same thought about Simon Armitage. He has a slight resemblance to RA, so maybe there's a distant relationship.

Writer Phillipa Ashley tweeted within past couple days that Phillipa Langley told her the Richard III project is still viable and RA is still interested. Maybe his Crucible success will finally result in financial backing for the film. That would be wonderful! Take care, R