January 31, 2014

Richard Armitage:Monet Painting Offered at Auction NYC in May, Triggering The Impressionists Revisited

News Article giving details of Monet (Water Lilies) and Renoir auction:

British newspaper below said fans of beefcake will be happy to know the ever popular actor Richard Armitage will return to their screens as Claude Monet in The Impressionists.They explain since the artist never once removes his shirt the publication was providing the photo below as a public service for it's readers;)Lol
More Berlin fan photos: http://www.starwhispers.com/landscape-and-celebrity-photographs/2013-12-09-the-hobbit-desolation-of-smaug-european-premiere/
As long as we're in an artsy mood.  Found this on twitter.Note artist's name..



Sue said...

Hi RiCrAr,

Nice of them to remind us fans of "Beefcake" Richard what we're missing, although in truth it is a very old picture of RA, who has since decided to ditch the chest waxing in favour of the more hirsute look! I must admit I do tend to favour the smooth waxed finish myself, but alas beggars can't be choosers. (I don't particularly like the description "beefcake" either if I'm honest).

I see his film "Into the Storm" is due for releasle in the UK on RA's birthday. Is this a good omen do you think?

Unfortunately I don't have your faith RiCrAr in thinking that this film may well launch his large screen career. I'm not a great fan of disaster movies, and there are just so many film versions of this ilk, which are usually what I would rate as 'B' movies. Still, who knows it may catch the eye of a big American film producer, so fingers crossed.

Ricrar said...

Sue, that Brit new article is from years ago when The Impressionists debuted on one of your tv channels.

Take a look at latest post. John & Margaret's fabulous train station kiss was shown last night in Times Square in what the AXE company(Mens products) calls their 'Kiss for Peace' project. Question is, who gets the credit for that famous kiss - Eliz Gaskell or Sandy Welch?

I'm hopeful the Armitage effect will come into play with his upcoming film Into the Storm. Imagine Richard on the bigscreen soaked to the bone, shouting husky orders in Guy or Thorin style.

Sue said...

Hi RiCrAr,

Interesting that the AXE company should feature John and Margaret's long, lingering kiss and use it for their "Kiss for Peac" project (do you think any royalties will be forthcoming for the use of these pictures?) Unfortunately all credit must go to Sandy Welch, not Elizabeth Gaskell as I seem to remember it was Sandy's creative writing that was responsible for this onscreen treat.

I like the image of Richard, soaked to the skin, which you conjured up for me. Alas it would have been nice if we could hear his lovely British accent, but it should be interesting to know how good his American accent sounds, not that I'm any expert!

Hope he is back on our screens very soon, as I am building up a terrible thirst due to the resulting drought caused by RA's absence.

Ricrar said...

Sue, I don't know how long that lovely kiss photo lasted at Times Square. It might've only been 60sec - as you can see at the link above, there were tens of thousands of kiss photos submitted to AXE.

It was part of their 'Kiss for Peace' project "make love not war" is the theme - I'm sure both Mrs Gaskell and Sandy Welch would be happy to hear that screencap was part of such a worthwhile endeavor, no matter how fleeting it might've been.

Sue said...

Hi RiCrAr,

Interesting to hear about the project with a theme "make love not war" is taking place over the pond. As you may know it is the centenary of the start of WWI this year, and there are lots of projects taking place here in England. (I also happen to be involved with just one of these online sites in relation to family history).

Actually to tie this in with Richard (a very tenuous, but none-the-less, a link) Tolkein's revolver, which he used during his time in WWI, is on display at the Imperial War Museum in Manchester, in the UK.



I wonder if Richard or any of his own family have relatives who served in WW1, or whether they may visit the IWM North, which is only down the road from Leicester? Maybe I'll see him there! Richard, it's a date! (Fat chance!)

Anonymous said...

Hello! Anyone? Don't write a comment, this is just a hen peck idea.
The tough role for the actor RA is to stay with a good script.
RA could become another Laurence Olivier?