February 3, 2014

Richard Armitage:Into the Storm Premieres on Aug 8(see fanvid Rock Me Like a Hurricane) + John and Margaret's Kiss for Peace in Times Square

, how does it feel to be famous? Your just debuted in New York City!
John and Margaret's train station kiss was included with all the following:


cleopatraascreenplay said...

Morning, Ricrar! And how are you this fine Friday? We are having cold rain today in North Florida. Two days ago it was 80 degrees. Today it's 48 and raining. Go figure. Last week it was 28 for two nights straight. This weekend, it is to be 80 again. Armageddon?? I'm just not sure which interpretive framework to use for this ....

I have two questions. 1. Do we know of our fearless hero's Valentine's Day plans? Inquiring fans want to know! 2. What is "There and Back Again?" I am completely out of the loop. New movie??

And two comments. 1. I have a kitty cat boy named Torti who strongly favors RA. His hair is just the same! He's actually a tiger cat but looked like a Torty as a baby, so we named him Torti. Do you think I only imagine the resemblance?? (Have I mentioned, I love RA's new hair?? Love, love, LOVE it :) :). It reminds me of the whole "does RA like cats or dogs" discussion earlier last year).... 2. And, finally, MI5 was on again last night, local Channel 5, right here in little ol' North Florida. It was the episode where Lucas really goes off the deep end. IT WAS SO GREAT.

Cheers! All the best.

Ricrar said...

Doing great Cleo, hope you are the same. We're having a bright, sunny Fri although very cold. This has truly been the winter from hell up north, so it's good to have some sunshine for a change.

As for Richard's Valentine's plans, alas he never kisses and tells;) Revealing more than once that he enjoys cooking, perhaps he's planning to prepare a romantic dinner for a special someone. OR maybe go out to a fav NYC bistro and then dance the night away. When he was filming RH in Hungary, he mentioned in an interview that he enjoyed the latter more than once.

The TH before There and Back Again stands for The Hobbit, it's movie #3. The one when we need to be prepared with a good supply of kleenex.*sob*

Love the description of your new 4-footed friend, Torti. Would you believe there are a total of 5 felines in just our immediate family. In fact, hubs and I had a chubby(yet regal;) black & white cat for 14yrs. They certainly how to wind their way into your heart, don't they. Hope you have a lovely wkend.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

*Sigh* RA dancing the night away on Valentine's Day ... Just the thought gives one pause! Well, you let him know for me, I will join him dancing any day! I'm fairly competent at it. In fact, when I was an undergraduate in Paris for a semester, I danced well enough on my own that people thought I knew what I was doing. The main way of dancing there then (a million years ago) was this cool couples disco dancing. So, I was pretty good alone; so people would ask me to dance in couples, which I had absolutely zero experience or training in. These sweet Parisian guys would flip me around in circles, which was great fun -- kind of like a roller coaster! But more than once, my inexperienced other arm would go flailing out and hit some poor innocent bystander in the face. I kid you not. It was terrible. :) I tend to stick to singles dancing these days, just so I don't get in trouble with local police for inadvertent assault, you know .... We Americans are such individualists -- even in our dancing, apparently.

Yes, Torti is a sweetie. I can understand the draw of cats. I was just rubbing his belly last night, and, fierce as he is, he just rolls over like a little purring machine .....

Have a great weekend yourself! ;) :) Cheers!

P.S. Thanks for the info on the name of Hobbit 3. Silly me! :)

Ricrar said...

Sounds as though you had a wonderful time in Paris, Cleo. My fondest memories for dancing are teaching both brothers and the hubster to dance. The latter knew he'd better get out there with me on the dancefloor or my restless tapping feet would find another partner;) haha At least, that's what I led him to believe in order to get him to try. After a few lessons he was a natural.

One of my bros credited his success with ladies to my dancing lessons but the fact he repeats the story whenever possible proves his charm alone would have sufficed.

BTW, the Anglophile channel stated they'll have an interview with Richard at the end of this month in NYC.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Afternoon, Ricrar! I did have a lovely time in Paris. I loved dancing so much -- and only once or twice was I called a menace. People would sometimes gather around to watch and it would all be so perfect until that errant hand would lose control and slap whoever was in the unfortunate line of fire. I was so sad! It was all so innocent! :) :) Needless to say, I never dated anyone in France.

I'm glad your brother had more luck!!! :)

Can't wait to see RA interview. Now, if we could just get RA as Wentworth. That would be downright swoonworthy ... to say the least!