February 13, 2014

Richard Armitage:Video Assembled by the Anglophile Ch including Many Well Wisher Greetings + "played Swann with melancholy dignity"..Thx to Myri for Heads Up on Another Pinter/Proust Review

Quote from translation of Japanese interview: RA: "Yes, I wanted to get into human psychology more deeply. My desire to study Shakespeare 
seriously became strong. That’s why I first studied classic drama again at LAMDA (London Academy of 
Music and Dramatic Art) and then another two years with the Royal Shakespeare Company. After that 
my work expanded to TV and movies. Currently I am thinking about studying silent movies. I am 
interested in the reactions of viewers to movies without words." 
See entire translation at www.richardarmitagenet.com

NEWS - Pinter/Proust Review: Quote: "Charles Swann, one of the novel’s heroes, was played with melancholy dignity by Richard Armitage, while the object of his desire, Odette de Crécy.." http://www.theaterscene.net/ts/articles.nsf/(AlphaP)/451F8C8218B5E1CE85257C6E001A3E3D?OpenDocument

Davinci's Demons returns on Mar 22 - watch for Mr Hale and Guy's sister moonlighting and time traveling:

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