January 11, 2014

Richard Armitage:Live Appearance Thurs NYC(See details) + Game of Thrones4 Trailer + An Intro for the Poldark Series Remake + Davinci's Demons Returns + John Thornton of Gaskell's North & South

In 1972, Harold Pinter wrote a screenplay from Proust’s seven-volume masterpiece Remembrance of Things Past.

Decades later, Pinter and directing partner Di Trevis adapted the never-filmed script for the National Theatre in London. It has never been produced in the US. In celebration of Pinter’s long friendship with the Poetry Center and the centenary of Swann’s Way, we present a staged reading of the play, affording us “the pleasure of providing yet another angle of perception upon a work so elaborate and many-faceted it never fails to give back new light,” wrote John Updike.

The production is being directed by Di Trevis—who worked closely with Pinter—and Ed Sylvanus Iskandar. It features the following actors:

Natasha Andrews
Richard Armitage
Dan Amboyer
Kersti Bryan
Annabel Capper
Peter Clements (Marcel)
Samantha Dakin
Andrew Fallaize
Lara Hillier
Hall Hunsinger
Natalie Turner-Jones
Michael Villastrigo

A well wisher believes this particular character has RA written all over it.  Her instincts are usually very good in that way, so we shall see if she's correct: http://www.amazon.com/Swanns-Way-Marcel-Proust/dp/1444436546
John Thornton Revisited(Gaskell's North and South)

Another new historical series.  For a history buff this makes us happy, happy.  Pres Truman once said "the only thing new in the World is the History you don't know"..
Jan 20, be sure to watch the finale to season 1 of Sleepy Hollow. Here's the actor playing Ichabod Crane with his reaction to the suggestion Washington Irving's hero should wear skinny jeans..
Very first Outlander trailer..
Guess which is the hottest hairstyle currently being requested across USA--finger waves. Edith is a trendsetter.
"It's not over until" the part is cast - therefore, here's a documentary explaining the original series Poldark.  The Poldark Society still has hopes our fav actor will play the starring role in the upcoming remake of a once very popular tv series:


cleopatraascreenplay said...

Greetings, Ricrar. I hope all is well with you and that you had a lovely Christmas and New Year! I saw The Hobbit over the holidays -- WONDERFUL. Love the new photo posts, as always. Cheers!

Ricrar said...

Hey there Cleo, Yes, all is well with me and we really had a lovely holiday season this year. Thanks for asking. Hope you and your family did as well.

This Thurs Richard will participate in a Proust screenplay reading in NYC. A number of fans have tickets, so we should get first hand reports asap.
Take care!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

A Proust screenplay reading. How fun is that. How very literary! Will it be taped? Can we see it?

Cheers in RAland!!

Ricrar said...

You'll find the link to the theater's tickets website in post above. There might be tickets available if you can be in NYC by 8pm Thurs evening;) We should get photos and perhaps an adventurous fan will manage to get some video. Hope so.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Unfortunately, I can't get up to New York by tomorrow to see it myself! I hope someone tapes it. I have loved his other readings of poetry, novel excerpts, etc.

BTW, when I was in NYC in November for work, I did see the production of Richard III that you recommended. It was wonderful! I even sat in the stage seating, which was a unique experience. :) Thanks so much for the recommendation! I only wish I could be there to see the reading tomorrow.

All the best.....!

Ricrar said...

Some fans are speculating which character(s) Richard might read tomorrow. This is one seen as the type of conflicted roles he enjoys:

We shall see if that particular fan was correct.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Hi, Ricrar! Love the new photos from the Proust reading! I haven't been able to open the video from tumbler yet....can't seem to access it on my home computer. It looks like the reading was wonderful as well as fun. I hope RA enjoyed it. Sending all the best. Cheers!

Ricrar said...

Did you manage to see the Pinter/Proust vids? If not, just watch the one posted above and follow it to youtube where you'll find parts 1 & 3 as well.