January 25, 2014

Richard Armitage: New Ep of 'Reign' Tonight(see preview) + 13min Video of Pinter/Proust Reading + DaVinci's Demons S2 Trailer


Sue said...

Hi RiCrAr, long time no post!

I must admit having watched the clip of Richard taking part in the read through of Proust, I think he might be better sticking to roles like Guy of Gisborne, otherwise he's likely to starve as an actor in America. Not up my alley at all, I would have been bored rigid, except for the odd glimpse of Richard, but really not my type of thing at all.

No sign of any other acting work on the horizon then, I presume, judging by the one-night acting role?


Ricrar said...

Great to see you're still among the living Sue;)

Didn't you enjoy Richard's character flirting his stubble off with Odette? Or brazenly approaching a male brothel patron with very suggestive body language?

Apparently RA's former acting class peers, including the director, persuaded him to take part in the Pinter-Proust Reading. Seems it was just one of several events celebrating an anniversary for one of those writers.

Latest new about Richard is that he flew to LA end of last week. His well wishers are hoping it's for professional reasons.

Hope you've been well and have escaped near misses with Australian sheep shearers;)

Sue said...

Hi RiCrAr,

I think Richard is trying to conqueror America, as most actors seem to do at one time of their career or another, not an easy task for most lesser mortals, although Richard's talents may swing it.

I notice that his former drama school colleague and constant companion, Annabel Capper, was in the Proust read through.

No, I'm afraid I'm not a fan of all that arty, farty stuff. Give me the tough, hard man, roles any day!

Still, good to know that he's ticking over nicely.

Let's just hope that in his aim to achieve success at the dizzy heights of LA, his notoriety on the British screen doesn't decline. Better a big fish in a small pond, than a micro-organism over in the pond that is America. Still our loss is undoubtedly your gain.


Ricrar said...

Is there any hope Richard might be Poldark? I understand they've starting casting roles, but nothing yet on who will play Ross.

Fans would love it but I'm not sure Richard is ready for a return to tv. Hopefully Into the Storm in August will blow everyone away and lead to other major movie roles.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Morning, Ricrar! You must know the real answer to the second poll -- what professions do the majority of RA's fans come from.... Are you going to tell us? :)


Ricrar said...

Actually Cleo, IMO the largest demographic are librarians & grade school teachers. There are some IT workers, nurses and assorted other professions as well.

Since 1994, Richard's North and South has been sitting on the British writers/BBC dvd shelves in libraries all over the world. With John Thornton's photo on the cover, methinks it lured large numbers of librarians to watch and fall under his difficult-to-shake spell.

If not for my sister's fascination with BBC dvds over the years, I'd prob never have found Richard. Her Christmas gift to me of N&S (in 2009) started my journey, and as you know, it has been quite a ride.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Morning, Ricrar! So, RA has the corner on all the smart girls!!! :) :) How nice is that :) :)

I first saw him on N&S as well. I didn't catch on until I found MI5, though. As much as I like period pieces, I think the international intrigue always gets me. If you can combine the two, all the better! I've gone back over N&S a number of times now, of course. And I have used it for educational purposes as well :)

Can't wait for more. Saw the Hobbit. It was wonderful. When is Hobbit III coming out? And Black Sky? I'd love to see some of his theatre performances on dvd....any news?

Cheers! And Happy Friday!

Ricrar said...

Well, let's not generalize about that - I have some teachers in my family and..uh, perhaps enough said;) All you really have to do is look at American students international test scores to get the full picture. Methinks the core of the problem is that there's more emphasis placed on non-academic topics in our public schools rather than on authentic scholarship.

In addition, unionization lured many into the profession over past few decades who do not have a true calling to be a teacher. The best have no choice - they just love to convey information in an interesting way - the 3mo long summer vacation was not even on the checklist when they made their decision. I'd wager you're that type of professor - am I right?;)

Ricrar said...

BTW, the new title for Richard's twister film is Into the Storm. It opens on Aug 8. Believe I saw Dec 15 for premiere of The Hobbit:There and Back Again.
We'd better be prepared with plenty of kleenex for movie #3;( although, actors are famous for relishing the type of emotional ride RA has already experienced with Thorin in the final film.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Evening, Ricrar! What sort of teary stuff is going on in Hobbit III? Does Thorin finally find his lost love? Or is it more in the order of father-son stuff? Inquiring minds, and so forth....

As for teachers, I don't know any who've gone into it for the summers. Most professors work fully through the summer anyway, paid or not. We don't have a choice. Most teachers & profs I know are very dedicated. (The students are absolutely the best, most inspiring part of the job!) We're basically public servants with enormous numbers of years in college degrees, continuing training/education, affiliation with other universities around the world to keep on the pulse of what's happening around the world and in our fields. If you work for a state university, you're really a public servant. We love the work, but we're extraordinarily underpaid in this society, given our level of training, education, and experience. Just my two cents! I'm very lucky that our public education for elementary and secondary schools is excellent in my county. I wish everyone were as lucky!

Re: Sophie's choice poll -- medium stubble, please. And the medium long hair he has been donning for some months now. Why mess with something that is working? Your posting of Monet and the carousel art print are quite apropos, I would say! :) Art is a beautiful thing.

Ricrar said...

Cleo, If I tell you why Hobbit movie 3 is teary for us, I'd spoil it for you. UNLESS, you really are not concerned about that. I tend to not place much importance on learning details about a film before seeing them. As someone who places more importance on real life events I've always had the reaction "it's only fiction" whenever the question of revealing plots has surfaced. However, I do respect everyone's preference, so if you want to know why Richard's Thorin will make us cry in Dec, just say so and I'll tell you the *sob* reason why. *sob*;)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

I WANT TO KNOW, I WANT TO KNOW!!!!! I can't wait 'til December!

Afternoon, Ricrar. I hope you are having a lovely Monday!

Cheers :)