March 21, 2014

Richard Armitage:USA Today:"Into The Storm is to tornadoes what Jurassic Park was to Dinosaurs" + Photo at Audible for Hamlet Narration + Vote 4 Thorin in TORn's Mar Madness(see link) + First Photo of Chop from Set + Davinci's Demons Season 2 ep 1, season 2 Mar 21

Star, Tom Riley, and composer, Bear McCreery, discuss Davinci's Demons2:

Ricky has sorta an Elvis air about him with that white scarf. In celebration of RA at Cinema Con in Las Vegas, everyone out on the dancefloor for Just Dancin & Elvis 'Viva Las Vegas'!..

Must have blinked and somehow missed this Strike Back scene *cough*
Nice theme we seem to have going here - leather jackets worn with extra sizzling creativity. Following is Tom Riley in character as Leonardo DaVinci..

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