March 14, 2014

Richard Armitage:VOTE(See links below) + New RA Project Revealed + Early St Pat's Day(Mar 17) Photo Blitz

The Out Takes from recent interview:
VOTE for Thorin..
NEWS of New Role:
Richard has been cast in Urban and the Shed Crew, a Blenheim Films production, which has just started filming in Leeds in the UK. The filming will take place over the next 6 weeks. This film is adapted from the best-selling novel of the same name, written by Bernard Hare. Richard will play 'Chop', an ex-social worker who befriends the eponymous character 'Urban'. 

More information at says the information comes from an anonymous reliable source, who has been given the go-ahead that this information can be shared.
From Amazon website:
You're twelve years old. Your mother's a junkie and your father might as well be dead. You can't read or write, and you don't go to school. An average day means sitting round a bonfire with your mates smoking drugs, or stealing cars. Welcome to Urban's world. Bernard 'Chop' Hare was on society's margins, living on one of Leeds' roughest estates and with a liking for drink and drugs. So he knew what life in the underclass was like in '90s Britain. But even he was shocked when he met Urban, an illiterate, glue-sniffing twelve-year-old. And through Urban he got to know the Shed Crew -- an anarchic gang of kids between the ages of ten and fourteen; joy-riding, thieving runaways, who were no strangers to drugs or sex. Nearly all had been in care, but few adults really cared. Bernard decided to do what he could. He didn't know what he was letting himself in for.
For those curious about RA's current 'Urban/Shed Crew' shooting location, a friend forwarded this photo recently posted by a local..
New series coming this summer..
Great fan graphics..don't know who to credit..if you do, please give me names..


Ricrar said...

Very recent query from Sue about the possibility RA might be in NZ in Sept. Her comment:
Sue said...
Hi RiCrAr,

Here's a little snippet that I thought you may find interesting. Billy Connolly, the Scottish comedian, who also appears in The Hobbit, was recently interviewed re the Scottish independence referendum (voting whether to stay part of England or not). Asked if he would be voting in the referendum, which takes place on the 18th September, he said that he would be in New Zealand. Do you think this may mean that more filming is taking place re the hobbit? If so, will Richard also be winging his way over to New Zealand along with Billy Connolly and other cast members?

March 13, 2014 at 1:25 PM

Ricrar said...

Sue, IMO Billy Connolly's remark about being in NZ on Sept 18 is definitely an indication Richard could be there as well. The latter seems to appear in almost every scene in Hobbit films, so he might easily be needed for the Scottish actor's scenes.

Sue said...

Hi RiCrAr,

Great news about Richard's new project! Will RA be swapping his American accent for a Yorkshire one do you think, hope so!

It's just the right kind of gritty storyline that I prefer, so it gets my definite thumbs up!!! I think that dramas taken from books, especially written from the author's own life experiences are the best, so I'm looking forward to this film. It isn't an 'A' list film of course, but going back to his northern roots won't do Richard any harm, it will keep his feet firmly on the ground, after living the high life in LA and New York.

Yep, best news I've had in ages!

Ricrar said...

Have you read Bernard Hare's book Sue? If not, here's a 2 page sample:
Would be lovely if a few Leeds locals snapped a couple photos of the Urban movie while they're filming. I remember the excitement whenever there were pics online as Capt America was being filmed in Manchester.

Sue said...

Hi RiCrAr,

No,I haven't read Bernard Hare's book, but a programme called The Culture Show did produce a 10 minute film with Bernard Hare giving his reasons and background to writing the book. It also gives some insight into the characters portrayed in the book, and also interviews them. (Bernard Hare is in the process of adopting Urban Grimshaw the main character in real life).

It's not lost on me that Richard will be a more attractive version of Bernard, but that's showbiz, but I really hope he gets the essence of the poverty and underbelly of society that is the main message in the storyline. It's not lost on me that it reflects many northern housing estates, such as Leeds and Liverpool, including Manchester where I lived and grew up, where on the surface it looks an affluent city, but scratching beneath the surface, poverty and hopelessness blights many young lives and is never far away.

Here's the link to the film for the Culture Show clip:

Enjoy! (I wonder if Richard is doing his research and seen this?)