October 20, 2013

Richard Armitage:Excerpt From The Hobbit Extended Edition + John Porter Friday(ep 1,Strike Back) + Has Guy's horse Richie Been Replaced?;) + New Thorin Desolation of Smaug Postage Stamp for all the Philatelists out there + Cinemax's Original Strike Back Interview

Good news for History buffs: US Starz Channel has greenlighted a sequel to the recently concluded The White Queen series titled The White Princess.  As for the comment below in the next to last paragraph - truthbetold, we are extremely happy to see another historical saga renewed.  US entertainment appetite must finally be tiring of creatures like zombies who eat humans and are shifting instead to human history. Therefore, there will still be plenty of death and destruction - only this time it will be sadly human upon human, interspersed with happy events such as peace treaties, marriages and births.  Overall it's extremely good news, because it brings to mind the wise words of some historic figure, who said "those who do not know the history of the human race, are doomed to repeat it's mistakes."

The American cable channel Starz is to recommission the enjoyable, if flawed, show.
Mandrake hears that Starz hopes to develop The White Princess, a stand-alone mini-series which is also based on Philippa Gregory’s novel series, The Cousins’ War.
A spokesman for Starz says American audiences are more forgiving than their British cousins when it came to historical inaccuracies.
The show began as a co-production with the BBC, but a corporation spokesman insists that there was never any intention of going beyond a first series.

Interview from Lucas days: http://www.richardarmitageonline.com/articles/SundayTimes-20100912.html
The White Queen series has ended - one of the few times I would not have objected to a movie's storyline tampering with the historic facts.  But alas, RIII did indeed die yet again.  A tribute to a fine series that finally made clear distinctions between the Rose branches..


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