October 20, 2013

Richard Armitage:Excerpt From The Hobbit Extended Edition + John Porter Friday(ep 1,Strike Back) + Has Guy's horse Richie Been Replaced?;) + New Thorin Desolation of Smaug Postage Stamp for all the Philatelists out there + Cinemax's Original Strike Back Interview

Good news for History buffs: US Starz Channel has greenlighted a sequel to the recently concluded The White Queen series titled The White Princess.  As for the comment below in the next to last paragraph - truthbetold, we are extremely happy to see another historical saga renewed.  US entertainment appetite must finally be tiring of creatures like zombies who eat humans and are shifting instead to human history. Therefore, there will still be plenty of death and destruction - only this time it will be sadly human upon human, interspersed with happy events such as peace treaties, marriages and births.  Overall it's extremely good news, because it brings to mind the wise words of some historic figure, who said "those who do not know the history of the human race, are doomed to repeat it's mistakes."

The American cable channel Starz is to recommission the enjoyable, if flawed, show.
Mandrake hears that Starz hopes to develop The White Princess, a stand-alone mini-series which is also based on Philippa Gregory’s novel series, The Cousins’ War.
A spokesman for Starz says American audiences are more forgiving than their British cousins when it came to historical inaccuracies.
The show began as a co-production with the BBC, but a corporation spokesman insists that there was never any intention of going beyond a first series.

Interview from Lucas days: http://www.richardarmitageonline.com/articles/SundayTimes-20100912.html
The White Queen series has ended - one of the few times I would not have objected to a movie's storyline tampering with the historic facts.  But alas, RIII did indeed die yet again.  A tribute to a fine series that finally made clear distinctions between the Rose branches..



cleopatraascreenplay said...

Evening, Ricrar! Love the new polls. I chose Lucas in series 7, of course. So sweet and gentle and vulnerable. And so tall, dark and handsome. Man. It's hard to argue with that!

As for which RA character would be most comfortable in 2013, I voted for Sir Guy of course. But Thornton comes in a close second for me. He would deal well with the indivdiual self-maximalists of our age. He'd give 'em a run for their money! Sir Guy would simply smite them with his mighty sword!!!!!

Love the pics. Go Lucas!!!!!!


Ricrar said...

Thanks for the feedback Cleo. "self-maximalists of our age" is this a flowery term for Liberals;D *chuckles* Yes, JT would no doubt give them a lecture on how a business must make somewhat of a profit if said business has any chance of staying in..er..business.

Richard had better have another interview planned for near future - RA fans are bursting with anticipation for next one. I'm going to post one from 2010 - He was still playing Lucas at that point.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Evening, Ricrar :). Well, I might have put the self-maximalists somewhere else on the political spectrum, as you know, but then I am not happy with most politicans these days. As of this moment, I am officially recommending French or Japanese style civil service testing of all public officials, including as a requirement to run for public office. This is a recommendation I am making to: anyone who will listen. Thus far, the response is....deafening....of course.....

I don't like self-maximalists when they're touchy-feely, or –- what is the opposite of touchy-feely in the political world? Anyway, I don't like them, Sam I am. That's the wonderful thing about John Thornton. He runs a mill in a serious and hard town -- he is tough but also ultimately learns and listens and works with labor. Good for him! A Mill Master with a heart! Gotta love it. No extremes on either side.... He is quite the illustrative hero, in my opinion. Cheers! Happy Wednesday.

Ricrar said...

Most business owners are willing to work with labor Cleo, because in the end that's the only way either group will survive. I was born into the labor side of the equation, and after observing the give and take on both sides, IMO it's the labor side that's most demanding and unrealistic. Sadly, they swallow the class warfare fed them by leftist politicians, and others who benefit from having voters who are naive enough to act as sheep, thereby keeping the leftist politicians in office.

As I said, my background has been totally peopled with Democrats, but John Kennedy & FDR would completely reject the unworkable, radical political philosophy that party pushes today.

On a more pleasant topic, this Fri will be ep 1 of Portah in Strike Back.*thud* Can hardly wait to see the reviews for it.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

I suppose it varies case by case for me, Ricrar. I think for the most part we do a good job of it. As for politicians, I'm good as long as they are sentient. Truly, on most issues I'm probably fairly moderate when you consider the real entire spectrum. What I get frustrated at is politicians and other public officials who do not know or care about how our system is structured, and what their role is supposed to be *within* that. It's usually supposed to be a fairly small, limited role. So, whether we get it right or wrong on a given issue in some ways is less important to me. I care about the integrity of the system as a whole. So, I look for sentient. I get frustrated when they are not that. Then I would rather be hiking and working with rocks. They're *supposed* to be non-sentient. I'm all about inanimate objects. They are very Zen. :) :)

Cheers! :) :)

Ricrar said...

Here again Cleo, IMO it's always the left side of the political scale that radically tips towards an attitude towards citizens of "it's our way or the highway." The current healthcare mess is the latest and most glaring example. The leftists cannot even manage to get the registration part of the process running smoothly, and they expect everyone to believe they'll be competent enough to handle over 330 million citizens medical needs.

Ah well, thanks for listening;) It's almost the wkend - time to relax, enjoy the brisk Fall air and John Porter's beauty tomorrow evening. Believe that calls for some of his gorgeous yet rugged screencaps. Coming up asap. We definitely agree on his sentience when it comes to teaching terrorists some manners. oh yeah!

Did you see Richard's remark about the horse he trained on for The Hobbit? He said "I do quite like riding and we've done a lot in training, so I was determined that Thorin wasn't going to be a poor rider. But you know what..I really got it, and I love that horse Shaman. We got on so well."
(p.s. IMO, Shaman must be a mare - look how quietly she stands there as RA gently strokes her back;)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Always happy to listen, Ricrar! :) Thanks for giving me the opportnity to peddle my newest theory. RA does seem to have the attention of that beautiful mare. Thank you for that imagery. :) :) He can come and ride my mares any day -- I have two. They're small for him: one is 13.3 and the other is 15 hands. I've had a couple of large horses, but I just don't enjoy riding them as much. Very sad, because they were very sweet. My sweet little mares could be Buddhist monks, though, the are so gentle. Still, one's an Appaloosa and one's an Arabian, so you have to be sure to be nice to them. As long as you are, they will be sweetness and light right back to you. :) :)

Love that Cinemax interview, btw. Can't wait until tomorrow!!! Definitely agreed on JP's sentience :) :) :) Cheers!!