July 12, 2013

Richard Armitage:Sarah Wayne Callies Interview Excerpt(Andrew Lincoln asks "How the he** do you guys do it over here?" Lol + Never Heard of INSP tv Before Today,Now Know It Stands for Inspirational + North and South Broadcast July 14:US digital cable INSP

Fans *gone all gooey* over curls springing up with longer hair:
Following is an excerpt from a recent interview with RA's co-star in Black Sky:
Are there any moments in the show that have really shocked you?
Sarah Wayne Callies: Oh yeah, we were filming a love scene for episode three between myself and Andrew[Lincoln-RA's co-star in SB] and the producers came up to him and said “Sorry Andy, there is no thrusting allowed” and you could see Andrews face sort of get this confused look working out how a husband and wife make love and he turns to me and says “How the hell do you guys do it over here!”
Sarah, what do you have lined up next?
SWC: I have a film coming out later in the year in the States called ‘Black Sky’ – I don’t think it’s released over here in the UK until 2014 but it’s going to be great! It’s a tornado thriller which is shot through the eyes of professional storm chasers and I get to work alongside Richard Armitage who is excellent and an absolute pleasure to work with. In terms of television work, you won’t see me this fall however I may be involved in a project due to start filming next year although  I can’t say too much about that yet.
[UPDATE: N&S will rebroadcast on INSP Sun, July 28 at 3pm]
Visual evidence that the best kiss ever filmed/taped? did indeed appear finally on a US tv channel:
I would say North and South was a huge hit for the INSP channel. They received almost 600,000 likes and of course not all viewers bother to rate things.
The photo posted along with INSP's other movie offerings:
               There was a screening yesterday of Black Sky.  Someone who was there commented on it at IMDb.

Re: Richard Armitage

Lucky enough to catch a test screening last night. He plays the dad of two american teenagers. Fine acting. I had never heard of this film coming out and they didn't tell us who was in it, so I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed--hey that's Thorin! And that's about all I recognized.

GREAT movie though. Helluva fun ride.

              Now for a more recent The Hobbit thingie.  It's a good thing Martin is so cute and cuddly--after his "luv this country" aside;D  


DEZMOND said...

oh, my, now look at those eyes in the first pic :)

DEZMOND said...

any news on what is Dicky doing after HOBBIT?

Ricrar said...

No, Dezzy we don't have word as yet about Richard's next project. We're hoping it will be announced as soon as the current Hobbit shooting is a wrap.

Yes, his millions of fans have been drowning in those deep pools of blue - what a delicious way to go! ;D