July 26, 2013

Richard Armitage:Historical Hotties(see below link) Almost Desolation of Smaug This Time--Definitely in Dec;) + See RAflecting Pool + Lucas North(Spooks/MI5) Belongs to The City

ahhhh,,,relaxing soak...

Dream scenario: You receive an invitation to the Open House mentioned in recent poll, which of the following little black dresses would you be most likely to wear?
See the Narrator of this program(thanks Fabo): http://www.radiotimes.com/episode/cmnhf2/fraud-squad--08082013
The following headline is hilarious.  It seems a decision was made that it would be necessary to sell the upcoming Starz series 'The White Queen' as a costume drama "without the costumes":) for the American audience.  Since when are UK tv shows circumspect when it comes to nudity??? Apparently so when it comes to portrayals of their historic figures.  Ah well, if that's what it takes to keep historic sagas *hot* for US tv audiences, so be it.  It is understandable why a nation doesn't want to display their former heads of state au naturelle - imagine the reaction if a US tv network developed a series based on life of George Washington, with the first President nude? haha Better not go there!  Now Thomas Jefferson - oh yeah -  Bring It On! That man was a TDH 18th century genius who could not finish writing The Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia until his new bride traveled from their home in Virginia to pay her husband a surprise visit. Here's the article showing the visual differences between what was shown in UK and what will be aired in US. (Bit of trivia for RA fans - the young king in this new series is actually the son of the actress who played Hannah Thornton in N&S. See photos in following article to get to know him far better:) The White Queen starts Aug 10 on Starz channel in USA.
Well, we almost saw an early desolation of Smaug, but no doubt we'll find the real thing that much more satisfying in Dec;D  Did bbcA shoot itself in the foot with that matchup? None of the others are of any interest to me and probably many others, so they've managed to cut off many daily hits to their website.  No reason to go there for another year..Here are the final poll results of Thorin vs Smaug:

Here's Peter Jackson's Facebook page.  Any man who has the b..errr..confidence to start his last day of shooting a major movie by hugging his cat, and subsequently  ending that day in the same way, deserves strong kudos all around. See director Jackson's hour by hour description of the very last day of shooting The Hobbit trilogy...


Sue said...

Hi RiCrAr,

Love the photo of Richard, he looks a little stunned, do you think that could be part of Thorin's dying scene? It's just that his eyes look so still.

Just seen another piccy of Richard and some of the cast, celebrating their final day of filming. I think Richard may well be feeling exhilarated (and relieved)right now, that filming is finally over, mixed with apprehension about starting work on another character and another acting job (hope he's got one lined up), and more than anything probably just absolutely knackered. Have a good skiing trip, I'm sure the first thing he intends to do is chill! Take a well earned rest Richie, you deserve it. I bet there will be a high old time at the Armitages' household on the 22nd August!

Ricrar said...

You're right, Sue, he does looked stunned in Thorin's extreme closeup. PJ said the death scene was shot 2 yrs ago, but this could be a pickup for it. No doubt he learned to appreciate the stunning effect of those deep pools of blue - although definitely not the same way we do;D

Have you seen the photos of the newly purchased Greenwich Village flat linked to RA by a realty website? Does it look to you like our fav actor's taste? IMO, the huge front windows would appeal to him plus the dramatic entrance leading to sunken living room.

There's much specualtion about the fact Richard's hair continues to grow longer, then add the fact he didn't immediately shave the Thorin beard and I can't help but wonder if it will be a costume drama next? Perhaps Poldark? Be still my heart! One of these days I'll learn to wait for announcements without getting up hopes for particular roles..but not this time - it's already too late for that.

Sue said...


Ross Poldark in the series was clean shaven, but had a ponytail. Although maybe when he first returns he is bearded, can't remember.

It looks nice the property Richard has bought, is he planning on being based over there? Personally I always inspect gardens, but will his apartment have a garden, even a rooftop, or balcony. Certainly should for the price. Hope he isn't spending all his pennies recklessly! (Although if he falls on hard times and the work dries up he can always flog it!)

I must admit it isn't the type of property I'd associate with Richard. Maybe something more traditional perhaps. That office space looked a bit pokey. A bachelor pad would you say?

Ricrar said...

Sue, there's a rooftop garden for residents to enjoy. NYC is only about a 2hour drive from here, so I know he'll get to use the garden at the most 6mos of the year. It will be too cold Nov thru Apr.

During one of his Hobbit interviews he said NYC is the most convenient location to catch flights to LA or of course to visit family. Greenwich Village looks about as charming as it gets in that humungous city. Must admit, after living in one of our largest for 5yrs, I prefer to be on a daily basis where the air is fresh, and visit urban areas for certain events during the year.

IMO the large front windows probably helped lure Richard to that particular apt. The cost, $1.2M, is very conservative for that neighborhood. Larger units in that area go for many millions more. It's convenient to center city Manhatten and the theater district--as we know, that's important to RA. He's surrounded by some of NY's best eateries and nightlife.

Your reminder that Poldark is clean shaven gives me pause--you mean that won't be his next role;) Another fan reminded us that RA was working on last touches for Thorin right up until the last moment of their last shoot day, so he probably didn't have time to shave the beard when the *dwarves night out* photos were taken.

Sue said...


I think he may be a little reluctant to shave off his beard - he must be quite attached to it by now (Quite literally in fact!)

I must admit it wouldn't suit me to live in a highly populated city like New York. A bit like London, where the poor old sparrows (birds) don't sing they cough! Too much smog and pollution.

A swimming pool might be a bit of a waste for Richard, remember he's afraid of deep water, so not a keen swimmer me thinks.

I wonder what is next for our Richard?

By the way Glamour magazine are asking for votes for Sexiest Men 2013, with Richard in the running!



Ricrar said...

There's also the contest at bbcAmerica but that one is starting to look a wee bit suspicious;) Methinks the person in charge of the contest is related to Benedict Cumberbatch. Can't imagine how else it would be possible for him to receive at least 15% votes more than Richard. I'm certain if I met BC, would find him to be a nice person BUT he doesn't have enough sex appeal to fill a thimble, and RA is a far better actor to boot:D That coming from a totally unbiased, objective observer.*cough*

Richard must've become comfortable around deep water while in NZ. during one interview he mentioned deep-sea fishing had become a fav pastime. Between that sport and skiing, I would not be surprised if Richard doesn't already have a piece of property in what must have become his *home away from home* for the past 2yrs.

You, me and hundreds of thousands other fans are wondering what's next for him but he doesn't appear to be in any hurry to make that announcement, does he. Perhaps he is taking a much deserved vacation OR is already busy moving into his new apt in NYC.

What might be your reaction if you woke up one morning and discovered RA was your new neighbor?;D haha

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Afternoon, Ricrar! Am enjoying the latest polls. Was particularly intrigued by the nibbles menu for RA's apparent upcoming "open house" -- are fans invited? :) :) I chose antipasto skewers; melon and feta bites; avocado stuffed tomatoes; and the smoked salmon rounds, although, truth be told, if I had my choice, I would do pesto and asagio stuffed mushrooms instead of the stuffed tomatoes, but that's just me. Maybe just guac and chips for the avocads? And baby tomatoes plain (these are old Florida&Caribbean standbys...) I have recently discovered that guava-jelly crepes are very fine as well. RA should hire me as his menu consultant!

Sue said...


Imagine Richard as my new neighbour! Wow I wish! The perfect boy next door!

Ricrar said...

Looks as though the melon/feta bites and smoked salmon rounds are the favorites, Cleo, you'd better go straight to that table if you receive the open house invite;)

I wouldn't be surprised if Richard is still in NZ enjoying some well deserved R&R. His new apt will be there whenever he wants to trade bucolic NZ for hectic Manhattan.

Will you be visiting Greenwich Village more often in the future? You just might spot a TDH new resident who looks verrrry familiar to you.

Ricrar said...

Richard would probably be amused at your "boy next door" comment Sue;D A boy at 42 yrs old and after playing a sort of grizzly older man for the past 2yrs. Can't wait to see him as lightly stubbled teach Gary Morris. The announcement of that movie release date and/or word of his next project, should cause fireworks among his fans.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Morning, Ricrar! Well, when I get an invite to RA's open house, I will most certainly run right for the food table and stuff myself silly :) :) I look forward to the salmon bites!

What's the story on the black dresses, though? Isn't RA's fan base a median age a little closer to mine? I might certainly wear a little black dress, but it will be a respectable tea-length!

I will be in NYC the week before Thanksgiving for a professional engagement. Will be waiting for that invite! :) :) :) I hope NZ and Greenwich Village are treating RA well, meantime.... Cheers!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

P.S. Actually, come to think of it, RA should hire me as his caterer! I can make an antipasto plate! And the rest is easy.... Maybe instead of a bowl of baby cherry tomatoes, he could do a plate of fresh mozz with basil around it, and a plate of some freshly cut Roma tomatoes, sprinkled in balsamic & lemon thyme... :) :) You can get it all at Sam's! :) :) Tell him just to be sure to order the salmon fresh from Seattle or Alaska! They'll freeze it and ship it 1- or 2-day mail. Works like a charm. The flavor is worth the difference. King salmon is fine. The very, very best is Copper River salmon, which is only available some times of year. This is the place that I used to use for shipping when I was a grad student there.... :) :) They were very reliable then, but that was at least a century ago.... :) :) It was sort of a local secret. (I don't think they'll mind....) http://www.yelp.com/biz/university-seafood-and-poultry-seattle

Ricrar said...

Morning Cleo, salmon is also my favorite fish -- absolutely love it!

If you don't mind, I'm going to repost your comment under the latest post and answer it there. You'll find, in today's latest, a choice of 3 different RA August calendars.