June 24, 2013

Richard Armitage, All Things:Interview excerpt re BLACK SKY from RA's Co-star + MORE New Photos(feeling "taken care of";) + An Excerpt of Winston Graham's Physical Description of Ross Poldark + Moving On Between the Sheets Wednesday

I always prefer the direct look into camera rather than any drama..e.g.
e.g. drama below - prefer it retained for the movie/tv cameras..
Something Kinda Ooh for the weekend..
Recent sunset at a NC beach
NEWS:Following is excerpted from a recent interview with RA's female co-star in BLACK SKY. She's also one of the stars of The Living Dead:
- Away from the show we are going to be seeing you back on the big screen in thriller Black Sky so can you tell me a little bit about that?
I actually taped an audition for that. The audition actually came through on my birthday and Melissa McBride, who works on The Walking Dead, had a camera and I just said to her ’can we throw this down real quick?’ And whatever she did was so great that I got the part.
So it got me my fourth consecutive English leading man and put me on the screen with Richard Armitage. Andy (Lincoln) and Richard had worked together on some project and so they were writing to each other about me long before I got on set.
It was a lot of fun. It is a big budget, high special effect project and it is a movie on the scale that I have never had chance to work on before.
And yet I found the same thing that I found on The Walking Dead, that it is driven by simple moments of honesty between people. And so the special effects only matter in so far as they support the human story. But it was a ton of fun and Richard and I had a ball together.
Book #1 from Winston Graham's Poldark series.  Ross Poldark is arriving home to Cornwall from the American War of Independence:
   "You'll pardon me, sir," said the clergyman in a sharp, vigorous voice. "Your features are familiar, but I find it hard to recall where we have met. Was it in Oxford?"
   The young man was tall and thin and big-boned, with a scar on his cheek. He wore a double-breasted riding coat cut away short in front to show the waistcoat and the stout breeches, both of a lighter brown. His hair, which had a hint of copper in its darkness, was brushed back and tied at the back with brown ribbon.
   "You're the Revd. Dr Halse, aren't you?" he said....
   Recognition came. "Ross Poldark. Well, well. You've changed. I remember now.."
   The little clerk had heard of the Poldarks, had heard of Joshua(Ross's father), from whom, they said, in the fifties and sixties no pretty woman married or unmarried was safe. This must be his son. An unusual face with its strongly set cheekbones, wide mouth, and large, strong white teeth. The eyes were a very clear blue-grey.." (Soon after it's revealed Ross Poldark walks with a limp.)
As a British soldier in the American colonies, Ross Poldark was under the command of Gen Cornwallis.  Following link demonstrates that Cornwallis is still reviewing his troops in Williamsburg, VA;)
            Bad boy characters highlighted today - John Mulligan: Moving On...

                   Between the Sheets: Paul Andrews
Who knew Captain America is a biker?
The Cinematic corner blogger supports RA for both the Euron AND his brother Victarion roles in Game of Thrones.  He suggests the actor could play both roles simultaneously.  Following is his vision for that scenario:


Ricrar said...

Moved Sue's recent comment re Poldark role:
Sue said...
Hi RiCrAr,

I think Richard as Ross Poldark may very well be a done deal. I really can't think of any other actor who could do it justice. It was a great series, my mum loved it, never missed an episode, but very tame by todays standards (I think that may well change with the new makeover). Richard will have to practice the Cornish dialect, which will be no mean feat. (Although I don't remember Robin Ellis sounding particularly Cornish, perhaps the odd trace of an accent).

I believe Richard could give Ross a deeper insight into the complex character, something which I feel was missing in the original series. If it's a hit, there will certainly be enough material to make plenty more episodes.

Since the Sky TV channel started making dramas, paying big money to coax well known actors over to the dark side, the snobbery between actors who concentrate on TV work as opposed to those that star in movies seems to disappeared. Plenty of actors seem to hop from the TV to movies and back again, without the slightest eyebrow being raised. Quite right too!

June 25, 2013 at 1:14 PM

Ricrar said...

And my reply to her:

Ricrar said...
Well Sue, I certainly hope you are correct that the Poldark role is a done deal for Richard. Why do you sound so positive about it? Do you suspect the fan group had some inside information when they endorsed him for the role?

If you don't mind, I'll move your comment to the latest post where I've posted Winston Graham's description of Ross Poldark. Interesting that he walks with a limp and has a facial scar - no doubt both injuries were suffered during his military career.

IMO, Richard would be pleased with both those characteristics. He's always expressed a strong wish to play characters with physical disabilities. Remember when he said he'd be thrilled to play someone who's face is terribly disfigured. If you are right, and he accepts the role, hopefully the scar will be minimal.

I'm at the beginning of book #1 - Ross has just learned(with numbing heartbreak)that the woman he pined for while away, Elizabeth, is engaged to his cousin and plans to marry within the month.

Hope did spring again when I read the article about the Poldark fans mentioning RA as their first choice for the role. Geo Martin's 4th book in Game of Throne's series was set down so quickly it could make your head spin, as Winston Graham's first novel was downloading to my kindle;D

June 25, 2013 at 9:44 PM

Sue said...

Hi RiCrAr,

I really don't know why I think the part of Ross Poldark will go to Richard, I just feel it in my water (and I'm not talking mineral water, you understand!) If they don't cast Richard, more fool them!

Looks like some of the actors over in New Zealand are wrapping up and going home. Wonder when Richard finishes filming?

I wonder if there really is a glimpse of someone in the nuddie or are we just being teased!

Let's just hope that the actor in question isn't Ian McKellan (AKA Gandalf). I can imagine it now, Richard and Jimmy Nesbitt stood talking between shooting, when IM comes flashing past (flashing being the operative word). Richard, with a quizzical look on his face, turns to JN and says 'was that Ian dashing past us just then?', JN to Richard replies (with that northern Irish lilt), 'yes I believe it was, but what was that he was wearing?'. Richard replies to JN, 'I dunno but whatever it was, it needed ironing!'(wink, wink).

Ricrar said...

Hey there Sue, I believe the "fleeting nudity" rumors re The Hobbit movie 2 rating are a reference to a particular scene where dwarves, clad in their fatsuits only, jump into a lake:) Neither one of us will be waiting in anticipation of that one, will we.

As far as Richard's wrap for next 2 Hobbit films, perhaps (due to the major Thorin role) he'll be more or less on call if PJ needs him after the next 5 wks of shooting.

Have you seen a premiere date for BBC's upcoming Poldark series? I've been told it might not hit the tv screens until 2014. Bummer! Here's hoping that's not correct.

As for IM's wrinkles, maybe we're in for a real treat because the "fleeting nudity" is actually a Gollum centerfold;D He's preciousss.