December 1, 2012

Yet Another Interview("host a bit of a whinger":) + Canada:Another New Vid + Video of Today's Interview in Toronto,Canada + RA Signs Autographs at Tokyo Premiere + Thanks to RA Central for Tokyo Press Conference(see link) + Richard Armitage:The Hobbit Premiere Happenings & Misc.

An articulate RA fan on Twitter described above sweater/tie combination as "Mr Rogers with sex appeal" teehee;D

This one has to be titled "Thorin is the Wind Beneath My Wings"

Excerpt from a review of 'The Hobbit:An Unexpected Journey' by MrCere at theonering website. Most relevant passage:
"People who haven’t been paying attention to the promotional lead-in campaign may be surprised to find that joining Freeman and Ian McKellen’s Gandalf as lead characters in the film is Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield. It’s a role likely to launch Armitage, blessed with an already-fervent fanbase, masculine good looks, and ample ability, into the stratosphere. The character is deeply scarred and tragic. Thorin gives the children’s tale a Shakespearean disaster angle and the film makes the most of it in in ways that may not surprise viewers but will nevertheless delight them."

The interaction between actor and fans is just too adorable not to include on this tribute page. 

How cute is the photo below? 
Thanks to RA Central for The Tokyo press conference:

Even a safehouse needs a few Holiday lights - hope they're not keeping Lucas awake..

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