August 23, 2010

Richard Armitage as Lucas North, Spooks8 - See Celibacy Poll


judithj1 said...

I am a big fan of restraint and sublimation so I was much more taken with Lucas and his-ex in S7. It seemed so very tragic that he had loved her so long but she had moved on emotionally. I was very disappointed that he secumbed so quickly to the blonde witch, they could have at least drawn it out until the last couple of episodes. I also thought the flower petals were totally cheesy!!
I think much of Sir Guy's appeal was his unrequited but persistant pursuit of Marian. Even though he did murder her in a moment of passion or insanity, I thought his grief and loyalty in S3 was very appealing and certainly redeemed him in my eyes!

RiCrAr said...

judith, what amuses me is that everyone seems to almost hate Sarah because she lured poor, innocent Lucas;) into her lair. In the grand scheme of things, that was just another sexual dalliance, but the political scenario portrayed was really frightening.

Sarah represented those who believe only the chosen few deemed the beautiful & brilliant people by ointment at elitist unis are clever & worthy enough to make life & death stragegic decisions 4 the teeming masses of the world. Those type of people really do exist today. They're extremely dangerous because they feel their self-appointed brilliance gives them the right to impose their political agenda on everyone else. We saw it in the global warming propaganda which was proven to be a scam by certain scientists. They feel democracy & Constitutions are stumbling blocks for the all-knowing elitist ruling class...which of course in their minds are them.

DH's reaction to the Sarah/Lucas love liaison IMO reflects the reason it was so easy for her to reel him in, so to speak.

When it was discovered by MI5 that Sarah was definitely in the building when her supervisor died, Lucas said he'd test her on that fact. She blatently lied & said she was elsewhere. He then knew without a doubt that she was lying to him.

Hubby's reaction to the moment was "well, Lucas old boy, might as well have one more roll in the hay." hahaha Men aren't usually into sublimation when it comes to sex.

Vaguely remember prior to S8 during an interview that RA mentioned Lucas initiated the relationship purely to obtain information, but then found himself falling in love w/her. He said it was first a power struggle between 2 high-powered intelligence operatives that blossomed into love.
Apparently that's how he felt about the situation.

p.s. My above sublimation remark reminded me of tonight's twitter activity. Immediately before leaving for a hike, I'd posted a tweet saying "don't miss the Lucas North celibacy poll" linking to this blog. Then left for some exercise on a beautiful day.

Upon checking twitter a short time ago, discovered Lucas(he reached 600 followers) had replied to me "let me know the results of that poll--am already developing a headache...think I know what the result will be"

Haha he'll be happy to hear the majority seem to be voting No to celibacy & yes for an active lovelife for him. No doubt he'll be relieved to hear the good news:)

Anonymous said...

Actually Global Warming (more correctly called "Global Climate Change") has never been proved "a scam", and one of the attempts to discredit the theory ("The Hacked E-mail") was recently proven to be a fraud.

If you want to look to elitists who believe that they alone should rule the world, you need only look at the economic elitists. The Right/Neo-Conservatives have done FAR more damage to the rights guaranteed by the Constitution than the Left ever has. Especially in the last ten years.

Anonymous said...

I would just love to know what sort of profit hundreds of scientists all over the world are supposed to be getting with this "scam"? Like grant funding isn't handed out for thousands of other of other topics, like you can really live high off the hog off grant funding...

RiCrAr said...

The global warming scam was created in order to force western nations to conform to the pretentious elitist Left's global priority list. A convoluted scheme was designed to bring pressure on more economically viable nations to funnel their wealth into third world nations. That sounds admirable but in truth does more harm than good. It only serves to undermine individual freedoms, duly elected governments & freedom-protecting Constitutions.

The elitist manipulators on the Left were outted when certain scientists admitted they had destroyed/suppressed any scientific evidence that didn't fit their global warming theory. Yes, the label was changed to 'climate change' by the rhetoric distorters in order to facilitate the scam during frigid spells as well. in that way, the socialist-loving control freaks can then ascribe any 'climate change' whatsoever to human beings(western in particular) negative effects on the environment.

The self-important Left employs classic propagandist tactics. When the political term 'liberal' becomes tainted in voters minds, they then in chameleonic fashion suddenly become enamored of the new title 'progressives'. That last term is really ironic when we remember the socialist Left's dinosaurian political beliefs were proven faulty & unworkable when the USSR collapsed.

Therefore, their accurate title - other than Liberal - should be Regressives.

Anonymous said...


My gawd, you have drunk the kool aid, haven't you!


Just check out the inroads on the Constitution/Bill of Rights the Bush administration made and then get back to me on who is going after your "individual liberties".

And I told you already, the "E-Mail Hack" was proved to be a fraud, three panels examined all the e-mail and found nothing in the them thatinvalidated evidence of global warming.

And you still have given no reason, let alone any contrary evidence disproving the existence of man influenced climate change, why anyone would go to the extensive effort to fake such a thing.

P.S. "Progressive" actually predates "Liberal" on the American political scene. It's comes from the 19th century.

Anonymous said...

I mean, why would America moving away from an oil based economy which ties us to the Middle East (speaking of pouring money into other nations), make us "pour money into third world countries?"

What supposedly would they have that we needed if we moved to self sustaining energy sources?

RiCrAr said...

No more than you've been programmed with faulty, irrational Leftist ideology.

When it comes to the Constitution, liberals look foolish when they try to claim their positions do not do it great harm. Most recent example of how a Leftist judge's decision warps the original intent was the undoing of the Stolen Valor Act. According to another wacky 9th Circus(more accurate than Circuit) judge, it's perfectly legal for anyone to claim they've been awarded military titles and medals(including the Purple Heart). The US military willingly endangers their lives to protect the freedoms of every lefty citizen, and in return they're shown gratitude by those same people with nothing other than disrespect and often ridicule.

Where was energy even mentioned in former posts? That's a completely different issue. Yes, it's wise for us to become less dependent on Mideast oil. Therefore, next time your Dem congressman votes NO to opening more drilling in Alaska or elsewhere, tell him he's not acting in the USA's best interest & you therefore will not vote for his re-election. Thank you

....your fellow citizens will thank you as well. They're tired of the Lib majority in Congress ignoring the populations' opinions & instead pompously pushing through their own agenda despite strong protests. Oh well, almost echoing Eddard Stark's 'Winter is Coming' mantra, it's comforting for voters to remember 'November is Coming'. Amen to that!

Now, it's time to get back to the purpose of this forum. Have a nice life.

RiCrAr said...

Sorry for the intermission. Well aware not everyone is interested in the US's political disagreements.

Back to the regularly scheduled appreciation of the finer things of life--See latest luscious Lucas photos:)

Anonymous said...

Ok, into (one of the most) fine things of life:

We are 15 'yes' against 19 'no'. We are not so far behind *wink, wink*

OML :)

Anonymous said...

BTW-I don't suppose it ever occurred to you, railing away against "socialism", that the U.K., home to the man you have dedicated a page to, has socialist aspects to how it runs things and it does not seem to have hampered anyone's individual liberties or capitalist success. In fact, economically they are doing better than we are right now. The British Pound is worth 1.5 times American Dollars.

RiCrAr said...

Brits recently elected a Conservative as their Prime Minister.

They've also reversed major aspects of their NHS due to out of control deficits caused by that socialist program. It has been taken out of the hands of central gov bureaucrats control(many of those redundant jobs eliminated).

Libs in general favor central planning & micromanagement of citizens lives---that's another reason their political philosophy sucks so badly. Control of the UK's NHS is as we type being instead placed into the hands of the local MDs. In other words, the exact political preferences of the US's Lib Democrats has been reversed in recent elections in Europe. The US's Left is at the moment swimming against the tide of global politics. The majority Dems in Congress are promoting the deficit causing socialist programs Europe's current Conservative governments are dismantling.

That fact is additional evidence of the appropriateness of referring to US Libs as Regressives instead of Progressives.

Will have to delete any future political posts - you're infringing on our ooh & aahing over RA Droolathon.

As I've suggested before, it's obvious you're hungry to debate political issues; therefore, your comments would be warmly welcomed at the numerous political US forums devoted to those topics. Find one and enjoy! bye.

RiCrAr said...

hahaha onemorelurker;)

As a famous American once said..."it ain't over til it's over" - didn't say he was eloquent.

You're giving twitter's Lucas North headaches by threatening him with celibacy. Doesn't the poor man have enough emotional trauma to cope with (caused by 8yrs in prison) without taking away one of his necessary emotional outlets. teehee:)

Sue said...

Well in series 9 Lucas meets his first love again. Apparently they were at university together and he simply vanished! I'm afraid the actress in a radio interview give the game away, she's a newcomer to the show. Won't tell you who though. I wonder if our Lucas North is a poacher turned gamekeeper? Perhaps he was once a radical who MI5 recruited. Seems more likely than a Russian double agent. My vote is that there will be some rumpy pumpy with his old flame! Such a gorgeous body shouldn't go to waste in my opinion. (It certainly wouldn't go to waste if I was given half a chance that's for sure!)

RiCrAr said...

rumpy pumpy...never heard that one before Sue;)

The actress gave what game away??...was it the fact they met at school & he disappeared? hmmm, makes one wonder why that would happen to a uni student, doesn't it? Although, wasn't it a very young authentic MI5 or 6 agent in the headlines about 18mos to 2yrs ago? Vaguely remember the news story, but it could've inspired the storyline for Spooks 9. Will search for the headline. There might be other clues to the plot in the real news articles.

Almost choked this morning on my coffee when a US TV newscaster(a liberal station--the majority of our so-called journalists are extremely politically biased. That's why online news is replacing daily newspapers)

Anyway, he started the report with "the UK's M16 today reported..." haha That's how brilliant our lib reporters are - he couldn't even correctly identify the intelligence agency as MI6. Believe an M16 is actually a jet fighter;)

Anonymous said...

I saw the link to the interview by the 'new comer' but my subconscious with the half blessing of my conscious avoided to read it.
I kind of blame my dislike of Sarah&John relationship on the spoilers RA gave about it being a sizzling relationship and subsequent 'they realize they've fallen in love' because I made my interpretation wich didn't quite fit what is shown.

Now resigned, they'll very likely get to the 'rumpy pumpy' (lol) so I'll see if by just watching I'll like her.

Alright, I don't really want a celibate Lucas, it would be *a real waste*. I'm just choosing the drastic measure to avoid seeing him hurt.

OML :)

RiCrAr said...

Anyone without even an inkling of courage to make comments under a name other than the vaporous 'anonymous'
should not try to lecture others with their Leftist propaganda.

Face it missy, you've been programmed with outdated, unworkable, failed liberal socialist policies. Your holier than thou lecture is borrring beyond belief.

If you were never taught to not impose yourself where you're not welcome, there's no other option other than to delete your misinformed radical ramblings.

Stop wasting energy where your lame political beliefs have already been found to be illogical & lacking substance. They're currently causing the US to go ever deeper into debt while Mr O fiddles away on his 10th vacation of the year. So much for the fictional brilliant & hardworking people of the Left. If the election were held today the Dem's current snakeoil salesman would be forced out of office by a landslide vote.

RiCrAr said...

Hi there onemorelurker,

We prefer not to see Lucas hurt, but isn't that almost a dream when the actor occupying the character's body prefers as much emotional turmoil & angst as possible. Will we tenderly grant him his professional enjoyment and keep our fingers crossed & eyes closed as he makes his way through the interpersonal landmines? well...maybe we could peek now & then so we don't miss any of the plot line. *cough* ;)

Will his rekindled flame live to tell the tale this time?(apparently she already has told it. HA!) Spooks9 moves ever closer with each passing day. Yippee:)

Sue said...

I hope Richard gets to do some interviews to promote the new series of Spooks, but I've a feeling that most of the interviews may well be done by the newbies of the show. Drat!!!! Apparently it may be a September start, but I won't hold my breath!

RiCrAr said...

Sue, if SB2 is scheduled to air in Winter of 2011, how could RA possibly be available in Feb to film Spooks10? Won't he be needed for SB by Mar at the latest? 6eps took 5mos to shoot, so the natural conclusion is 10eps will require at least 8-9mos??

Doesn't the timeline make it clear he couldn't possibly do both series?...unless of course his participation in Spooks10 is sketchy. Sort of the same schedule he managed for RH3 when he disappeared for 2eps. Suppose that's possible considering there are only 8eps for the show.

That thought gives me some hope our relationship-challenged spook might manage to survive S9;)

Sept would be lovely since it's just around the corner. We can start dreaming about the rekindled flame. Will it have an intriguing Casablanca type his former lover married? Why is her profession important to the plot? According to the actress's remarks, they take a stroll down memory lane together in more ways than one. *melt*

Sincerely hope it isn't only new members of the cast being interviewed, because that will trigger more thoughts of LN's possible demise:0 Besides, Richard always gives the most delicious details during interviews, OR attempts to somewhat soften the upcoming blow for fans IF he feels it's necessary.

Anonymous said...

"OR attempts to somewhat soften the upcoming blow for fans IF he feels it's necessary."

Interesting,I never thought of his spoilerish interviews as a warning to us, more sensitive-about-his-characters-fate fans :P

Maybe Layla, has read about fans reaction to Sarah and is also warning us: 'Ok ladies, my character had to get 're-acquainted' with RA's and I wasn't to give that up, so bear with it!' Hehehe

OML :)

RiCrAr said...


I've not yet taken the time to listen to Layla's remarks.

The quote you provided above is interesting because it sounds as though she's been observing the interatction of RA fans in reference to Sarah. She's almost apologetic to his fans for getting 'reacquainted' with his character. HA! Apparently she perceives the discussions as jealousy rearing it's collective head:)in a fanbase. If not that, why else would she be so hesitant about her character's relationship w/Lucas?

I'm going to start a new post above asking those questions. If not today, then tomorrow when more time should be available.

Anonymous said...

Ohh no! I just was speculating plus adding some of my wierd sense of humor...
I have *not* red/listened to the interview, have no idea what she said.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

OML :)

RiCrAr said...


I listened to a 10-15min recent Laila interview on that same radio network and discovered at the end it was the wrong one:) They blathered on about a celebrity dance program in minute detail...suffered through it hoping the interviewer asked the Spooks question at some point, but it never happened. The most pointed remark he made to her in that particular interview was "I must say you really looked wonderful while dancing." Not exactly deep stuff;)