August 31, 2010

Collage Toasts to a Wonderful Macho Male & a Very Sexy Spook

These collages are a big hit today on Twitter..

Was hoping this was the pre-RH3 interview when Richard passed judgement on Sir Guy w/the 'get it in the neck' verdict (he wasn't far off was he...the neck joints connected to the back joint...or something like that;) Well, (another deep subject) as it turned out, it's not that particular interview but it is an interesting one - so without further adieu...


Musa said...

I love that GMTV interview. Not only does he look adorable and sweet, but I love his comments about RH and Spooks. Interesting to hear his comments about Spooks when he started and compare them to any interviews we may get for Spooks 9. No new news from the RA front lately...time to send out a search party :)

Ricrar said...

Perhaps RA advanced his plans to visit the US after SB2 scheduled 10 eps instead of 6 were announced. He said his calendar was free at the end of this yr. If SB2 starts shooting about Feb/Mar of next yr & he wishes to be home for Christmas, this time period might be his best opportunity to scout out future opportunities in the US.

No doubt an alert will be sounded on one of the social network sites if he's spotted anywhere in the 50 states;)

Found an interesting blog where an advanced ASoIaF reader critiques a re-read of GoT simultaneously with a newbie reader. I'll post the link in the post above.