February 12, 2018

Richard Armitage: Old Vic Theatre Ambassador for Bicentenary Year(see link) + All Things Including Berlin Station 3, Oceans 8, Narrations, The Lodge, Wolverine Podcast, Castlevania

The Crucible rehearsal at Old Vic Theatre..

A poem and North and South tribute for Valentines..
Back pain in Montreal..

Above is a clip from TNT's fascinating series 'The Alienist' - Breathtaking scenes transport viewers back in time to turn of the century NYC.  Murdahs are solved by a scientist, criminal sketch artist and the first woman to work in the New York Police Dept.  The plot includes President Theodore Roosevelt(a Republican politician) in his early career as the NY Commissioner of Police.  Recommend the series for anyone who enjoys a well-done period piece plus an edge of seat detective drama.  It does get gory which usually finds me tuning out after the first episode.  Not this time!  The writing, acting, sets and cinematography are all so well done it's even worth suffering through the gruesome murdah;) scenes.
This exciting film opened on Friday.  It's was a RL event - the main characters are portrayed by the actual men who thwarted the insane terrorist on The 15:17 to Paris.  When the men expressed their hesitation to play themselves to director Eastwood, Clint told them "you do exactly what you did that day and I'll fill in the rest."

Proving yet again that life requires different strokes for different folks--our fav actor gets it.  Female humans can enjoy Shakespeare and Lauren Blakely without feeling as though they are narrow-minded, inexperienced maidens or lust-filled tramps.  There is more than enough time in life to enjoy all forms of "literature" and especially relish when a velvet throated male is willing to provide a wide variety of choices:

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