January 30, 2016

Richard Armitage: Report RA is #13 on Glamour Mag's Sexiest Men 2016 List + Upcoming Film 'Pilgrimage' Preview + War and Peace

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Reports that RA is #13 on Glamour's 100 Sexiest Men 2016 list. He's up from #16 last year.  
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The Royal Shakespeare Co is doing a modern version of the play 'The Rover' A few years ago RA commented he would enjoy doing that play again after playing one of the roles in drama class.  He's mentioned it more than once over the years - starting in 2010:
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Part 3 War and Peace Monday 9-11pm, History Channel. Paul Dano as Pierre has stolen the show as demonstrated in this Radio Times article: 
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Unlike Pierre(for most of War and Peace) Paul won the girl in real life. Here he is with longtime girlfriend, actress and writer, Zoe Kazan..
Pierre and John Thornton had a great deal in common in the female dept..
Source: Tumblr
This is the scene of Pierre watching Natasha as she dances with Andrei:(



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