December 13, 2015

Richard Armitage:2015 Christmas Message(see link) + RA Says He Would Not Turn Down Bond Role(see link) + Digital Spy Mentions Dolarhyde(see link) + Vote Dolarhyde in IGN's Best Villain 2015(see link) + Critic's Choice Nomination for Dolarhyde Performance(see tweet) + Free 'The Chimes' Narration Available at

NEWS:digitalspy mentions RA as Dolarhyde in their 5 best shows of 2015:
Bond, James Bond...
Still, he admits hr wouldn't turn it down.
“I think it's a great premise. I'd focus more on him as a spy. I do feel like the franchise needs a breath of fresh air.
"It needs updating, which is what Daniel Craig did, but there's something else there, the old dinosaur needs to be brushed off. It's still a great franchise and who doesn’t want to go and see a great bond movie?”
nominees are: , , , , , & .
"Armitage had to deliver something different when he came into the series as Francis Dolarhyde. He was a tortured soul, and etc

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