July 21, 2015

Richard Armitage Made us Lose Sleep ;D as Serial Killer Francis Dolarhyde in Hannibal + Post Mortem Interview

RA worked out for 30min as FrancisD while camera rolled--Jul 25 episode
INTERVIEW wsj.com:
Dolarhyde article:
RA quote ""It's down to Thomas Harris's writing," suggested Armitage. "He really explores this damaged child that he created in Francis Dolarhyde - and it doesn't track in a linear way so you learn about his crimes first, and then you retrace where they came from."
Another Dolarhyde article and RA quote:
"The original Manhunter is more frightening than any of the other movies. And it's something to do with the soundtrack and the graininess of the film; it's more crudely shot. But I didn't revisit it for this. I thought I might go back and look at it afterward, but I haven't. I think I feel like I've had a bit too much Francis Dolarhyde. There's only so much of him you can take."
My other fav actor - Chris Evans - following opens in Sept.  It's his directorial debut, also stars....



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