July 27, 2015

Richard Armitage:Meet Reba(video) + Interview Quote "Dolarhyde's past similar to a damaged hair follicle"(see link) + Many Positive Reviews for Dolarhyde ep 1 performance + Hair today,gone tomorrow Poll ;)

Richard should be doing his happy dance, if he's read all the stellar Dolarhyde reviews since Sat night's episode 8, Hannibal

Forbes REVIEW:
RA quote from following interview: "I feel Dolarhyde is somebody that is tethered by his past. It’s like he’s trying to tread his path which is tied to his past, but it’s also shaping the way that his life is. His past is so damaged. It’s like a hair follicle. The reason hair goes curly is because the follicle is deformed. It’s exactly what Dolarhyde is going through. His world is emerging as something grotesque. What he doesn’t realize is he becomes a bargaining tool between Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter. In a simplistic way, the theme rumbling under the story is that Will Graham is trying to save him and Lecter is trying to draw him over the edge and to let him really embrace the darkness. Becoming the Dragon is something that Hannibal is drawing out of him. He wants to see this magnificent evolution, whereas Will Graham is trying to put it all back in this box. Of course, Dolarhyde doesn’t really know that."

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