July 11, 2015

Richard Armitage:RA quote "Francis gets what he deserves" + Cutest Men in Eyeglasses + Dolarhyde Preview Video + Comic Con Quotes/Link

RA with the producer of Hannibal series...
Above:My two fav actors apparently sometimes wear eyeglasses off screen..
RA interview at comic con...
"Francis gets what he deserves" Interview by - dailymotion.com/video/x2xw9w1_

Quote: Armitage recalls having his tattoos painted on, and specifically having two makeup artists "at my naked backside, painting… the crack." 
 Red Dragon is about a man transformed and inspired by a work of art
Red Dragon preview at following link, plus photos below...
Armitage quote: 
Dolarhyde's tattoo is a kind of clothing to him, Armitage continues.
How much of the sexual aspect of Dolarhyde makes it onto the screen, given they're on NBC? "There's something about Dolarhyde which has a kind of innocence to him, which sounds odd considering how complicated and dark his world is, but it was always fluctuating between an innocent, childlike mind and a very complicated man. So I spent half this series semi-naked..."




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