June 16, 2015

Richard Armitage:Ep 3 Hannibal Tonight + Upcoming films Pilgrimage,Summer,Clearance,Sleepwalker,Urban & Shed Crew

RA as next 007?(22%)UPDATE: 28% of the vote so far says YES!...but, the current actor playing Bond says he'll remain in the role for a few yrs:(
[at one point in the first chapter, it's stated if Mr Royall was not reading Daniel Webster's speeches, he'd read Bancroft's History of the USA,1859. That volume is available to read online]  https://archive.org/stream/historyoftheunit037605mbp#page/n15/mode/2up 

The CyberSmile organization asked RA to gather a playlist of positive songs - following is on that list(see the others further down this page)

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