June 16, 2014

Richard Armitage:The Crucible Rehearsal Photos

We know the feeling Abigail;D
Abigail's theme song as she pines for The Crucible's John Proctor..


Sue said...

Hi RiCrAr,

I bet Richard will be bricking it, now that rehearsals have started and the opening night looms nearer! Must admit I don't like those baggy old trackie bottoms much, tight jeans, much more preferable.

I've just come up with a possible new job for Richard!

It seems Colin Firth has let producers down and will no longer be doing the voiceover for the new Paddington Bear film which is now finished and due out in December.

Problems solved, it's got to be honeyed voice Richard for the role!


Ricrar said...

Hey there Sue, nice to hear from you;) Waxing poetic today it seems. That's because we've just learned the new Poldark series will eventually come to our PBS station. Now fans can start ogling Aidan as well as Richard.

Getting worried about you, Sue, if you were looking at the saggy sweatpants when you could've gazing at those bulging biceps instead;D haha

Richard's voice as Paddington Bear sounds like a brilliant idea. If his nephew was a few yrs younger, bet he'd be happy to furnish his velvety vocal chords for that cute little fella. Do you have tickets to see The Crucible? If so, please drop by and give us some insider news about RA as Proctor. Deep philosophical details about the role, such as why he was shirtless in one poster and whether he and Abigail get cozy again at some point. Take care, R

Sue said...

Hi RiCrAr,

I'm afraid as well as the saggy sweatpants my attention was also drawn to Richard's very pert nipples showing through his tee-shirt, rather than his bulging biceps.

I'm not planning on going to London to see Richard in The Crucible, although I wouldn't rule it out altogether at this point. I believe he will be brilliant as John Proctor, and it seems to be a right of passage for most actors to play this character role at some time or other in their careers. It's a really good play, and he will do it justice, as always. I think he'll find it rather strange to appear back on stage, after playing roles using the green screen, but it will give him a good grounding, and a chance to catch his breath before his next project.

Not sure Aidan Turner will give the character of Poldark the depth that Richard would undoubtedly have done, but he has the right kind of looks required for the part.