June 26, 2014

Richard Armitage:More Historical Series Being Filmed in UK Due to PM Cameron's Changes to Tax Code--Historical sites Now Benefit from Productions(see article & excerpt) + Jun 27 Playgoer's tweet re Crucible & Her Photo of Cast's final bow + New Into The Storm Trailer + PoldarkSet Photos(see link) + Battle of 5 Pieces of Furniture

What's next?  Crucible:The Ballet?..
Ah, the joys of modern communications. See tweets below in reference to Crucible:The Ballet photo above - then notice the actress playing Abigail favorited the tweet..
Crucible review by a playgoer, sounds as though she was not initially a wellwisher:
While checking the upcoming Wolf Hall production, found following interesting article. It states many new historical series are being, and will be, filmed in the UK rather than in foreign locations due to changes in tax laws. (thank you PM Cameron;)
Excerpt: "Roland Brown, estate director at Berkeley Castle said: “Recent changes in the tax treatment for filming has encouraged investment in filming in this country.
“As a result, productions that were taking place in Ireland and mainland Europe a few years ago are now returning to the UK."This has seen hit US shows such as Game of Thrones and 24 filmed in the UK.
Wolf Hall was going to be filmed abroad, before production switched to the UK."
Poldark set photos
Playgoers reaction to The Crucible..
One of the best theatre performances ever.
A bonus...

               Teacher Gary Morris - Into The Storm, opens on Aug 8.





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