June 21, 2014

Richard Armitage:New Telegraph Interview(see link & photos) + 21st Century Political Witch Hunt Decided(see link)Male Condemned,Female Found Not Guilty + Rare Find:Actor Gary Oldman Blasts Liberal Hollywood for it's Political Double Standard(Wow--courageous man!--See Link) + Powerful Review by Member of Audience(see link) + Stagedoor Photos with Members of Audience

Hopefully latest interview heralds an upcoming "frightening" role..
New Starz series, coming in Aug..
Pinter Proust - as Swann..
The Proctors, Elizabeth and John...
More Crucible stagedoor photos with members of audience...
Modern day political witch hunt decided. Female found not guilty - Male condemned. It's still happening, only today it's the method used to target your  political opponent. The ultimate target in this phone hacking circus is PM Cameron. That's the way the vicious game is played on both sides of the pond:
These stories are not deliberately connected but, in the greater political context, they definitely are. Headline today stating actor Gary Oldman has blasted Hollywood for it's double political standard.(going to start watching his stuff from now on--never did before:) I always assume entertainers follow the template entertainment execs devise for them, until they prove to have the courage it takes to defy Liberalism's double standard, not only in Hollywood, but also displayed in the Rebekah Brooks news above - and elsewhere: 
 Member of Audience Review - Excerpt about RA's performance as Proctor:
"Richard Armitage’s John Proctor was a delicate and complex husband. It is to his credit that the role did not overwhelm the production; it was by no means a one-man show, a chance to psychologically monologue. His performance was truly as part of a strong ensemble, appropriate for a play about the claustrophobic, meddling intimacy of a medium-sized seventeenth-century community. The shame and self-loathing that wears him down was concealed by a stoic visage and sturdy stance, until the play’s final scenes, where his emotional and spiritual frailty overflows to curve his spine and hunch his previously brooding frame. He is a man whose single adulterous act has destroyed not just his marriage, but his entire life, and the life of his community, and he bears that burden with no self-pity and no self-forgiveness. His love for his wife Elizabeth (Anna Madeley) and for his boys is not enough, ultimately, to spare him from his self-sacrifice at the end of a rope. The production should be applauded for the restrained and rejected sexuality between Proctor and Abigail (Samantha Colley), a painful flame that has long since singed and burnt out, and instead for its focus on the clear emotional and physical desire that John still holds for Elizabeth: their final kiss, on the brink of death, is one of the most powerful stage snogs I have seen. It’s the kind of kiss where you forget anyone else exists around you, because you just want to pour your soul into that other person’s mouth so for that one moment, they can taste your tears and your fears and the sensation rising in your chest. Their marriage may have turned cold, and been blighted by resentment on both parts, but in their final interaction, you can see why baby number four is on the way. "
Another fan's review:  She asks how Abigail lived with herself once John was dead and Elizabeth survived. Great food for thought!

      Photos taken immediately following final curtain..uh,,air for The Crucible..
Summer Solstice post from 2010:
I know, I know...need to get out more;D haha Was impressed with the heady company of first 2 results today, when I searched "Richard Armitage The Crucible" on twitter..
New adaptation of a classic - The Musketeers is playing on BBC America, Sun 9pm. Filming locations in the Czech Republic..

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