June 21, 2014

Richard Armitage:New Telegraph Interview(see link & photos) + 21st Century Political Witch Hunt Decided(see link)Male Condemned,Female Found Not Guilty + Rare Find:Actor Gary Oldman Blasts Liberal Hollywood for it's Political Double Standard(Wow--courageous man!--See Link) + Powerful Review by Member of Audience(see link) + Stagedoor Photos with Members of Audience

Hopefully latest interview heralds an upcoming "frightening" role..
New Starz series, coming in Aug..
Pinter Proust - as Swann..
The Proctors, Elizabeth and John...
More Crucible stagedoor photos with members of audience...
Modern day political witch hunt decided. Female found not guilty - Male condemned. It's still happening, only today it's the method used to target your  political opponent. The ultimate target in this phone hacking circus is PM Cameron. That's the way the vicious game is played on both sides of the pond:
These stories are not deliberately connected but, in the greater political context, they definitely are. Headline today stating actor Gary Oldman has blasted Hollywood for it's double political standard.(going to start watching his stuff from now on--never did before:) I always assume entertainers follow the template entertainment execs devise for them, until they prove to have the courage it takes to defy Liberalism's double standard, not only in Hollywood, but also displayed in the Rebekah Brooks news above - and elsewhere: 
 Member of Audience Review - Excerpt about RA's performance as Proctor:
"Richard Armitage’s John Proctor was a delicate and complex husband. It is to his credit that the role did not overwhelm the production; it was by no means a one-man show, a chance to psychologically monologue. His performance was truly as part of a strong ensemble, appropriate for a play about the claustrophobic, meddling intimacy of a medium-sized seventeenth-century community. The shame and self-loathing that wears him down was concealed by a stoic visage and sturdy stance, until the play’s final scenes, where his emotional and spiritual frailty overflows to curve his spine and hunch his previously brooding frame. He is a man whose single adulterous act has destroyed not just his marriage, but his entire life, and the life of his community, and he bears that burden with no self-pity and no self-forgiveness. His love for his wife Elizabeth (Anna Madeley) and for his boys is not enough, ultimately, to spare him from his self-sacrifice at the end of a rope. The production should be applauded for the restrained and rejected sexuality between Proctor and Abigail (Samantha Colley), a painful flame that has long since singed and burnt out, and instead for its focus on the clear emotional and physical desire that John still holds for Elizabeth: their final kiss, on the brink of death, is one of the most powerful stage snogs I have seen. It’s the kind of kiss where you forget anyone else exists around you, because you just want to pour your soul into that other person’s mouth so for that one moment, they can taste your tears and your fears and the sensation rising in your chest. Their marriage may have turned cold, and been blighted by resentment on both parts, but in their final interaction, you can see why baby number four is on the way. "
Another fan's review:  She asks how Abigail lived with herself once John was dead and Elizabeth survived. Great food for thought!

      Photos taken immediately following final curtain..uh,,air for The Crucible..
Summer Solstice post from 2010:
I know, I know...need to get out more;D haha Was impressed with the heady company of first 2 results today, when I searched "Richard Armitage The Crucible" on twitter..
New adaptation of a classic - The Musketeers is playing on BBC America, Sun 9pm. Filming locations in the Czech Republic..


Sue said...

Hi RiCrAr,

Not sure what your opinion is re the Andy Coulson 'witch hunt'comment. Personally I think they are all as guilty as hell, but then if you can pay for the best lawyers, your chances of 'getting off' dramatically increase!

Causing PM David Cameron more than a few problems over here in England, but again they'll try to lie their way out of it, as always, and continue travelling on the political gravy train.

Back to my favourite subject, which is RA. (Much nicer topic of conversation don't you think?)

Shame poor Richard had to have those lovely locks cut off, not sure that it was absolutely necessary for the role.

Not heard any critics voice their opinion of his performance yet (not that I take much notice of them anyhow). It will be interesting to see whether they agree with RA fans, as they are undoubtedly biased (with good reason), but never-the-less I would like to know from an independent source for confirmation.

From the photo's of RA leaving and signing autographs, etc., I'm drawn to the conclusion from what he was wearing that he may have got himself a motorbike in order to get himself home quickly through the heavy London traffic. I can't imagine how he manages to drive in those big, clumsy, motor bike boots of his, unless he drives an automatic, rather than a manual, car. Negotiating the pedals with those things on would be a nightmare! (I've been known to drive in bare feet when my high heel shoes have been killing me after a night out, maybe he might do the same?)

I also notice that he's ditched his battered briefcase for the old rucksack look!(Don't miss a trick, me).

Ricrar said...

Sue, your mention of PM Cameron is precisely my point. It's his political enemies who staged and blew into mammoth proportions the phone story. They've won the day when an average Brit believes it's anything other than political propaganda in order to skewer Cameron and thereby take votes away that will probably go to his next election opponents. Political witch hunts are modern politicians ways to defeat their opponents rather than have an honest election without staging a Crucible type situation for individuals.
Now I'll read your RA comments - I agree that's always a more enjoyable topic.

Ricrar said...

haha Love your RA must be using a motorbike conclusion, Sue. I expressed my opinion that he probably had a date after Crucible,once he managed to break free of fans at the stagedoor.

Your's is probably the most feasible theory, because he had a heavy agenda in the coming days as far as Crucible performances. Maybe he planned to get home asap and get much needed rest after that unusually long play. Will be interesting to see if they trim the time for press night which is Jul 3. After that we'll hear from plenty of so-called professional critics.

saraobsessed said...

He spoke about riding a bike or a cycle to Stonestreet studios in NZ. With all the Belstaf clothes it would not surprise me to find out he uses a motorcycle to commute. (I've submitted this as a Twitter question when the opportunities come up.)
Speaking of politics, do you think that Richard may have any political aspirations when he 'retires' from acting?

Ricrar said...

Hi saraobsessed - will Sara do?;)
I doubt very much Richard would ever have political ambitions. IMO,he'd much rather stay involved with acting/narrating perhaps run his own theater company in retirement? His interest in politics appears to have surfaced with Lucas North role which would be logical.Just my opinion,but I think he's only really interested in a few issues and bored by most of it. He seems to prefer spending his time being creative whether with acting, music or perhaps mastering the art of cooking whenever he has some time to spare in his busy life. A few yrs ago, when he was playing Lucas North,I'd daydream that he and I had long political discussions as foreplay:D So, as you can see, I am very curious about the amount of real interest he has in the subject.

Sue said...


Personally I hate it when actors start spouting their own politics to the public, or who let themselves be used in order to sway the electorate, so I hope he doesn't have any plans to become one of those actors who think because they are a celeb it entitles them to tell Joe Bloggs who they should be voting for.

Sorry, but I don't agree with your opinion about David Cameron's political opponents using the phone hacking case to damage him (he's doing plenty of that all by himself, without any help from anyone else, believe me!) No, I'm afraid David Cameron was warned countless times not to employ Andy Coulson, but my belief is he had aspirations to get into bed with Rupert Murdoch (so to speak) and it backfired dramatically. A severe error of judgement here, which doesn't look good for somebody supposedly responsible for running the country! (To be honest this old Etonian couldn't organise a proverbial in a brewery).

I'm not sure whether Richard is the type to be going out on the town after a hard night acting, more like to be heading straight for bed (whether he was planning to be alone there or not, I couldn't possibly comment on, but it would be a terrible waste if he were!)

Ricrar said...

Agreed about the "terrible waste" Sue. I'm sure hearing cascades of applause & cheers after your performance,then receiving all the fawning admiration at stage door does give an actor a very strong *high* Lol I know for a fact when a man's football team wins the game, that's enough to give him a..uh..*high*;D haha Have faith you understand my not so subtle double entendre. So hopefully the high wasn't wasted. Wow! that was a *hard* circuitous paragraph. haha

Sue, I know Murdoch has been painted as an ogre by the UK's liberal press(ours is just as Liberal) but I also know that simply isn't true. His network reports both sides of the news, unlike the majority of others who paint Obama & his Democrats as saints who can do no wrong.I was born into a Liberal family but years of observation convinced me those policies only keep an economy digging deeper and deeper into a hole. Plus social problems become even worse when unworkable leftist policies are enacted.

I'd take Cameron's proven methods anyday rather than the nanny state programs that have not solved problems on either side of the Atlantic. o.k. enough politics;D Why waste our time with that when we can talk about Richard. What did you think of today's new interview in The Telegraph? Did anything surprise you?

Sue said...

Hi RiCrAr,

I thought the latest Telegraph interview was very interesting, a bit more serious than some others he's done, but that's due to the newspaper being a relative 'heavy-weight' as is our RA.

I think the 'sexuality' issue about his private life may begin to hound him if he's not careful. You don't have to make any great announcement to the world, but just let people have a little peek behind the stage now and again. It is difficult, I mean look at Jodie Foster, speculation for years, then she announces it at an awards ceremony. Personally I find that rather distasteful, there shouldn't be any need in this day and age for any great fuss, just let it gradually leak out all by itself, without preventing or trying to stop up any leaks for fear of a deluge. (A drip, drip effect maybe).

Still waiting for the reviews, and news of his next project. He's certainly come a long way since playing John Thornton, almost unrecognizable, both as an actor and the roles he now plays.

Ricrar said...

IMO, Sue, there are often forces at play that have their own political agenda and don't want to give the individual as many choices as they may wish to have. Richard has done a fantastic juggling act over the years. It would be wonderful if he can continue to keep his private life as discreet or public as he prefers. I found his "people who try to keep a secret feel stress" remark fascinating. It's been my opinion for past couple yrs that The Hobbit fallout was first and foremost on his mind. He wanted to treat PJ's legacy with the respect it deserves. Now that movies 1 & 2 have made bazillions, there's probably little doubt the same will happen for the finale to Thorin's tale. That's where my focus has been when it comes to the trilogy.