May 27, 2014

Richard Armitage: Battle of the Five Sultry Gazes + Battle of the Five Suits + Blogger Says It's Working on Resolution of Poll Problem

The Battle of the Five Sultry Gazes:
This one is at Margaret...
Battle of 5 Suits:
Still no word that Euron Greyjoy role has been cast in Game of Thrones..

Blogger says it's working on resolution of their poll problem:
Belle Rosada
It appears that the blogger "poll" widget is broken. For some reason it suddenly isn't reflecting votes accurately (basically saying there have been none at all) and when I tried deleting and reposting the widget the issue persisted. Has anyone been experiencing similar issues?
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May 27
Hi Belle,
Thank you for letting us know about this issue. A few other users have posted about the same issue and we are currently looking in to this. I will update you when I know more information.


cleopatraascreenplay said...

Good morning, Ricrar! Long time, no speak. I hope that all is well with you.

Please let me cast my vote for sultry gaze number 3. Oh, my goodness. The world is made a better place by sultry gazes such as that!!!

What is the latest from RA-dom? I am still catching up after a busy year.

His new photos lead me to a burning new question (or perhaps an idea). Remake of The Sir Guy Story???? (Please???) Is there any chance of a return to Robin Hood -- by which I mean, of course, a return to Sir Guy. Be still my heart!!!

Cheers! :)

Ricrar said...

Hi Cleo, sorry but I've just noticed your comment way down here. I must have started the latest post above right around the time you left your comment. See my reply in Comment box under the most recent post.