January 23, 2013

Name New Thorin Mens' Cologne + Choose Thorin's New Costume for Hobbit2(see poll)

Who stuffed the white curtains in a bunch behind t gorgeous Waldorf drapes?;)


cleopatraascreenplay said...

Afternoon, Ricrar! Beautiful, as always. Italian sparkly slacks to British cardigan (just guessing!)...to John Porter in the desert. He does have range, doesn't he? :)

His lectures are quite engrossing. He is very convincing.

:) :)

Any news on Black Sky? Pics? Storyline? Anything?

Ricrar said...

There's a photo of teacher Gary in latest post.

Director hasn't announced a release date and there's some speculation that it might be delayed due to lingering hurricane Sandy angst.

That said, one of Richard's teen co-stars said recently that he believes it will be released sometime this summer. That would be ideal.

As for upcoming The Hobbit film, they'll return the end of May and film until Aug.

We're in the deep freeze right now up North...temps in the low teens..brrrrr. You can feel fortunate down there in toasty FL;D Snow predicted for tomorrow. This too shall pass in a few wks and we'll start to see the crocus push their beautiful blossoms through the snow.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Good afternoon, Ricrar! Well, it's good to know that the storms will pass. It's always nice to have a bit of a thaw. We don't get Crocus in Florida -- too warm here. We have had a bit of a thaw here already -- we were 30s at night and up to 60s during the day. Now we're 40s at night and up to 72 day. It is hard to argue with North Florida weather in the winter. We've got it pretty good when you guys are under snow. It's during the summer that we hibernate! (With iced tea and lemonade instead of hot chocolate :) ).

Love the new pix. Where is that Waldorf? I love the building behind it. Do you know what it is? (Always interested in those old Mediterranean-inspired arches....) :) :)

Thanks for the Gary photo :). I look forward to seeing RA play a single dad :)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

BTW, Ricrar, did you see this from the RA facebook site?


Ricrar said...

Morning Cleo, The Waldorf Astoria is called the Grande Dame of NYC hotels - it's over a century old. That's where the Hobbit cast stayed for the NY premiere.

First time I saw the photo above,the thought the building behind RA might be St. Patrick's Cathedral did cross my mind. Your question prompted me to search for the hotel's exact location in mid-town Manahattan. It is indeed in the theater district and St Pat's is one of the vintage building next door.

I'd say Richard was in one of the conference rooms. The following gives you an idea of the art deco style. At least one set of striped drapes looks very similar to the ones behind RA, although not the exact pattern:


BTW, Richard's resume does list that Star Wars film but he has remarked his brief appearance might've missed the final cut. It could be another one of his self-deprecatory comments. Latter have been quite frequent.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Thanks for the link, Ricrar! Wow, that is a beautiful place. I think I actually visited it once a long time ago when visiting friends in Manhattan. Quite beautiful. I had completely forgotten until I saw the pictures, so thanks for the link!

St. Patrick's Cathedral. How interesting to have that in the middle of Manhattan architecture. Funny that the Waldorf is called the Waldorf Astoria. There's an ancient Mediterranean goddess of the latter name (before they killed off all the goddesses :) :) ).

RA trivia question. I was recently watching MI5 episode 68 (S8:E4). Roz (who I increasingly don't like after she killed off one of the female agents, randomly) mentions something about Lucas' "Boston beauty." I haven't been able to find any other reference to it. Is there an episode where Lucas goes to Boston? Am I missing something??

:) :)

Happy weekend!

Ricrar said...

Cleo, Ros is referring to the CIA's agent Sarah Caulfield who had an affair with Lucas North. (Best D@mn event in all 3 RA/Spooks series! IMHO;) Apparently Sarah was ID'd by MI5 as having origins in Boston,Mass. At one point Ros also asked Lucas about his "Nancy Drew".haha Ros had a dry sense of humor.

Actually, the female agent I believe you're referring to is Jo. It was necessary for Ros to shoot when an assasin was using Jo as a human shield. If Ros didn't eliminate the woman with gun she was prepared to kill other hostages. At the beginning of the following ep, it's evident Ros suffered emotional torment for what she'd done in the line of duty.

Is that the ep you referred to when Ros shot another female agent? I don't recall another time that happened.

BTW, Lucas and Sarah first *liaison* was at the Claridge hotel in London. Do you recall when she told him their password would be "Franklin" and then she added "my fav President"? Someone didn't do their homework for that scene, did they---Benjamin Franklin was never President, altho he did invent the very first eyeglasses and organized the first lending library in colonial America.

Hope you have a fun wkend!

Ricrar said...

Here's the Waldorf's Wikipedia page.Notice the photo where you get another glimpse of a segment of St Pat's Cathedral directly across the street from the hotel.

This site gives interesting history of the Waldorf Astoria. The Astor family built the original.


cleopatraascreenplay said...

Well, Ricrar. Clearly, I have to do my homework better. I thought Sarah Caulfield was from Texas. I will admit, the accent leans more toward Boston than Texas, but I thought she was from Texas in the storyline. (To me, her accent sounded more like Rhode Island. But I could be wrong.) Clearly, a more studied approach to the series is called for!

I had forgotten about the Claridge Hotel, but I did notice the Franklin reference and wondered at it myself at the time.

Yes, that was the episode to which I was referring -- I thought the shot was gratuitious, personally. I just thought she wanted to out the competition for Lucas. Man, did she have the hots for him. And he really didn't seem to like her. I could be wrong. Perhaps I am projecting.... :) :)

By the way, Thorin's costume for Hobbit2 -- has to be Guy's leathers. Is there anything else??

:) :)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

P.S. Love the "The Spy Who Loved Me" fanvid. Quite apropos. They used to let me sing that song in the dorms in Haifa. We must not have had a stereo in the commons.... :) :)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

I am having a lovely weekend, Ricrar, thank you. I hope you are, too!

I think I misspoke -- the fanvid is quite apropos for RA, spy that he plays so effectively :). I also like it because I sang the song once!

I hope it's ok to mention -- I have a new short story. It takes several old legends and melds them into one, making the Prince of Persia, the Hindi Lord of Love, Rama, and the Roman Rama all into one. It takes the reader from ancient Persia to the modern Holy Land. Just for fun :), and in legendary form, of course. It's at: http://patriciajwoods.blogspot.com/2013/01/lord-rama-and-sita-legend.html


Ricrar said...

Appears majority agree with you about Guy's leathers for Thorin2. He does look comfortable in them, although no doubt they would be as uncomfortable in the NZ heat as his heavy Hobbit1 costume.

It was a fun wkend until tonight latest ep of Downton Abbey on PBS. Are you watching? It was a heart-wrenching episode - very sad.

Hope this week brings some fresh news about Richard's future plans or perhaps a release date for Black Sky. Hope springs eternal...

p.s. I agree about The Spy Who Love Me. Seems very appropriate as background music for Lucas North's liasing sessions with CIA's Sarah.

Sue said...


I remember that Richard commented in an interview that he spent almost the entire time at drama school wearing leather trousers, so obviously he is partial to a bit of leather. I also seem to remember he still has them in his wardrobe. As his muscles seem to have expanded (as have the decades) it's doubtful he could still squeeze his well rounded bum into them, but you never know!We live in hope!

Ricrar said...

Hi Sue, Yes I do recall Richard mentioning his leather trousers and also those with a loud pattern that he'd never had the courage to wear. Perhaps that hesitation in his youth was the reason he didn't say No! recently when his stylist handed him that "wooly" sweater;D

In past few days New Yorker magazine said RA's Thorin performance commanded consistent attention and his singing has a yearning quality.

Screenrant website chose him as one of five actors they consider perfect for a new Batman. We know of course that he's the best choice of the five.

Hopefully this is the week we'll finally get a release date for Black Sky. We rarely hear any mention of hurricane Sandy any longer so it seems logical for New Line Cinema to release that film asap.