January 28, 2013

RA Mention in Richard III Article + Feb Calendar + Stunning Fan Art + New Yorker Mag Quote:"earns consistent dramatic attention"..croons"in a yearning baritone" + Screenrant Mentions Richard Armitage as Perfect Fit For New Batman + New Suitor Search on Downton Abbey

EXCERPT from CNN article:
She has even been in talks with Leicestershire lad turned Hollywood hero Richard Armitage -- last seen as Thorin Oakenshield in "The Hobbit" -- to play the king.
"He was born to play the role," she explains. "He's an amazing doppelganger for Richard III, he was born a couple of miles from Bosworth on the anniversary of Richard's death, and he was even named after him."
The film won't be the first attempt to rehabilitate Richard III in the eyes of the general public - mystery writer Josephine Tey tried it in the 1950s with "The Daughter of Time," in which her detective hero "discovers" the truth about the much-maligned monarch.
It was this book which first sparked the curiosity of Michael Ibsen, prompting him to rethink the image he had grown up with, of Richard III as "this evil figure who killed the Princes in the Tower."
Now the Canadian-born cabinetmaker finds himself at the heart of the story, with a role he could never have imagined when he read Tey's novel 20 years ago: The potential DNA match for a long-dead king of England.
"Of course, I'd rather be related to a benign king figure than a brutal murderer, so it's hard not to be biased, but some of the history is so vitriolic, I'm a little suspicious -- can he really have been that bad?"
Historian John Ashdown Hill, author of "The Last Days of Richard III," tracked down Ibsen's British-born mother Joy in 2004.http://edition.cnn.com/2013/02/01/world/europe/search-for-richard-iii/index.html
Following stands out due to the captured glimmer in Thorin's eyes. This fan art is by Scarlet Raven at www.deviantart website..

As per above--always said there was only one thing that could improve The Tudors series. Where there's a will, there's always a way;D  Might a spy during the American Revolution wear the above shirt? Definitely looks appropriate to me.  There's a new A&E period drama currently in pilot stage.  It's based on Alexander Rose's book "Washington Spies" which focuses on Revolutionary era spy ring.  Surely they could use someone with a convincing British accent;)
New Yorker Magazine compliments Thorin performance:
No less welcome is Richard Armitage, scarcely known here, although he has throbbed hearts on a regular basis on British TV; he now pulls off the task, deemed impossible by every expert on Middle-Earth, of making a dwarf seductive. To be honest, the dwarves come across as a jumble of Brueghel faces, lit with grins, scrunched by scowls, and fronted by bulbous conks; only Armitage, as Thorin Oakenshield, the leader of the pack, earns consistent dramatic attention, and he brings the rumpus of the early scenes to a beautiful halt as he pauses to croon, in a yearning baritone, an anthem of dwarf-desire—“Far over the misty mountains cold.” 
Read more: http://www.newyorker.com/arts/critics/cinema/2012/12/17/121217crci_cinema_lane#ixzz2JEJU42aE 

In keeping with the "now there's a leader we can follow" theme:




cleopatraascreenplay said...

Love, love, love, LOVE the new pics, Ricrar!

My Heavens to Betsy, RA as the new Batman? That is a perfect fit if ever there was one :) :) I certainly hope we'll get some good news on that front, as you say, in the coming week.

Where is the "willow" photo from? Very beautiful. Love the sunglasses.

Have not been watching Downton Abbey. Will have to find it, upon your recommendation!

Happy Monday!

Ricrar said...

Don't recall where I stumbled upon the willow photo Cleo. It was in the midst of some online excitement - couldn't resist grabbing the beautiful pic.

Yes, Richard rocks the shades, doesn't he. There's also a candid pic of him wearing sunglasses as the Spooks cast was traveling around Moscow. Will post it asap.

I highly recommend Downton to you if you enjoy the upstairs/downstairs period of English history. One of my gggrdmothers worked as a governess for a doctor's family in NYC during that era. She was only 19yrs old and a new immigrant at the time. Her mother had died and she didn't get along at all with her stepmother, therefore(mindful of "when the going gets tough,the tough get going") she boarded a steamship off the coast of County Mayo and began an adventure that eventually led to meeting my gggrdfather within about 5yrs of her arrival. They had a family of 4 girls--Mary was my ggrdmother. The leading female role in Downton is also a Mary. It's an entertaining show - many characters both upstairs & down.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Afternoon, Ricrar! I have seen a season or two of Downton Abby and liked it very much. I'll have to catch the new season! I haven't been paying attention to it, since RA's not on it :) :)

Why don't they ask RA to join in some highly dignified capacity? BTW, it's just my opinion, but I think RA is far too dignified for The Tudors. We're so frenetic and -- well -- they're a bunch of lunatics. Downton Abbey, Game of Thorns, Batman (please!!!!), and yes, a American Revolution spy with a British accent....any of that would work just fine!!

I still think he should be James Bond. Or, perhaps the U.S. should turn Lucas North over to the dark side (U.S.) and get him to work for the NSA for a change. That could make a good plot twist! And bring some high sparks and British politesse to American shores.... Who writes these things, anyway?? What would such a show/series/movie be called? Something to supersede James Bond, if they don't have the good sense to hire RA for the part!

:) :)

P.S. Boy oh boy, does he rock the shades. You can say that again :) :)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

PPS...I mean "They're so frenetic," of course, and .... can't wait for the new shades picture!!!

Ricrar said...

Lol Cleo;D

Actually we have a great deal to be thankful for as far as The Tudors shock and awe governance style. It was the great motivator for many of America's original founders to emigrate across the pond.

Those being persecuted for their non-conformance to Henry's state religion in particular looked as the new world as a place where they could finally practice their beliefs without being hounded by the state.

Most prominent examples would be Quaker William Penn and the founder of the state of Maryland - Lord Baltimore, who was a Catholic.

If you've not tried Showtime's THE TUDORS series(now owned by BBC America)I highly recommend it. The writer Michael Hirst assures us he didn't alter any crucial facts of history. Only minor details were massaged in order to create a more entertaining tale. e.g. HenryVIII had 2 sisters that were morphed into one for the sake of plot cohesion. The production standards were very high - gorgeous sets, costumes, panoramic landscapes. Another fine reason to give it a try is in a name - gorgeous Henry Cavill. His role of Charles Brandon, lifetime friend of Henry's, is the actors claim to fame. Chas was quite a womanizer - even seduced the king's sister when the two of them were enroute to her first marriage to the king of Spain. What unravels after that incident makes for quite an interesting ride.

If Richard were to play another King besides Thorin, would you prefer it to be a young Henry VIII or Queen Elizabeth's father George in THE KING'S SPEECH?

Ricrar said...

If you're interested in writer Michael Hirst's comment about The Tudors, he stated the series is 85% historic fact.

Also of interest and covering almost every aspect of the series is

cleopatraascreenplay said...


My personal preference, were RA to grace the screen in a king's role again, would be for him to play Cyrus the Great, otherwise known, I believe, as Khurush (a much sexier name, I think). He is my personal hero, and, as I might have mentioned, I am far more familiar with Middle Eastern and ancient history than British monarchs (although I do like Elizabeth....)

Cyrus the Great was quite the sexy hero. Bringer of civilization, diffuse imperial style respecting and encouraging the flourishing of local cultures, the works. Plus, RA would make an AWESOME Persian Emperor (do you think he would be responsive to lobbying, say, if one were to lobby for his long Guy locks again?? :) :) ) My personal weakness :) :) :)

I have seen the Tudors. I believe I saw the first season. I did see the king's sister and the nice guy she married....horrible how she died. It was hard to like that message. As far as women's autonomy in choosing their own mates, it was a bit of a downer :)

The king went stark raving mad, from what I can recall, even in his youth (I'm referring to the series still). That may well be accurate, I just found it hard to keep watching a guy screaming all over the place. Tires me out. I get enough blood, death, and mayhem in my work :) :)

I will look at Hirst's comment. All of that said, I am QUITE sure that RA in any role in the Tudors would bring grace and calm -- and I would certainly then watch it!!!

BTW, my new short story of Rama and Sita has two endings, one in which they go under cover and into hiding, and the other in which she is burned at the stake and talks the reader through the experience. Just apropos blood, death, and mayhem :) :)

LOVE the new sunglasses. Sigh.

Ricrar said...

Cleo, evidently The Hobbit publicity rush has faded away. Now fans are employing their own creativity to express their approval of Richard's Thorin performance.

The following is a prime example. It's slightly too detailed to post above but thought you'd enjoy some art appreciation. Besides, my usual wish for an electric shaver or waxing kit was triggered by it. Or as Sue once said - perhaps some manscaping with an Aussie Sheepshearer:D Lol..

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Good evening, Ricrar! I hope you have had a lovely day.

Too detailed. Yes. Well. I see. I looked at the Richard-art-appreciation drawing/painting over lunch. It took me 15 minutes to recover. Really, Ricrar. It is too cruel for the ageing among us! Some of us out here in RA-fan-dom might be infirm or otherwise unable to handle that much hottness in one sitting. That said, keep 'em coming!! (Please!!!!) I'll keep my ventilator close by.

Love, Love, LOVE the shades. And, just in case you didn't know, that first photo is on FIRE. :) :)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

P.S. I had to vote for Guy, of course, in the "Love At First Sight" poll. But I think any one of them clearly would be able! RA's characters are so deeply feeling underneath their various exteriors.....

And, will you divulge your vote for the Thorin perfume? Or was it cologne? I must say that my top choices were Middle Age Euphoria -- oops, I mean, Middle Earth Euphoria!! And Top Sword. Of course.

Re: Waning Hobbit publicity rush. What to do, what to do to get People Magazine to do the proper cover that we all need to see??!! Their priorities are clearly all out of whack. I think they're just jealous because he is so beautiful and talented! But he must keep his beautiful dignity despite them :) I wonder if the NYTimes succumbs to lobbying, re: getting our favorite star on the front page?!

Ricrar said...

My mens' cologne choice was indeed 'Top Sword' Cleo. Theme from the movie Top Gun replays in my mind everytime I envision the label.

Actually the fact Richard now lives in NYC is the best inspiration for additional show biz coverage of his career. No doubt he has occasion to meet some of those involved with entertainment publications. Best recent example is the review in New Yorker Magazine. That individual was either randomly inspired to see The Hobbit, or perhaps was made aware of the film after meeting the actor who plays Thorin??

Richard made a comment, after learning he'd won the Captain America role, to the effect that you never know when a fortunate incident might result in good news.

He then explained that the casting director for CA was in London when humungous John Porter posters were everywhere, in order to advertise the upcoming Strike Back series. The man pointed to the poster and said to his companion "there's your Heinz Kruger."

Happy weekend!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Hi, Ricrar! A fine choice in men's cologne. You keep making these wonderful entertainment recommendations (quite apropos your site, I am sure) -- I will have to see Top Gun. Haven't seen it in years, and I don't remember the story!

Fortunate incidents and good news. As someone who is inherently impatient, I am impressed that patience can be added to our hero's list of other fine qualities. Somehow, country life has not graced me with a noble forbearance. :) :) Perhaps I should try the city.

What a lovely article that Anthony Lane wrote for the New Yorker Magazine and lovely comments about RA! My lunchtime perusal found a couple of other articles as well, when searching for that one. I am sure you have posted them already, but they are here:

From GQ: http://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/entertainment/articles/2012-12/13/richard-armitage-the-hobbit-film-interview

From Post-Gazette (I think I've seen you mention this one before): http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/ae/movies/actor-visual-effects-artist-richard-armitage-enjoyed-journey-666146/

All lovely. Why is the New York Times out to lunch?? All they can talk about is the former Deputy Secretary of State! (Same name, different middle initial.) Where is People?? Or -- Hey! The Rolling Stone!!!! America, get a clue! :) :) :) This man saved Middle Earth!!!!

Ricrar said...

See RA mention posted above in today's CNN article about the Richard III dig in RA's hometurf of Leicester. Interesting remarks by the female screewriter who pushed for the project to uncover Richard III's remains in the Greyfriar's parking lot.

The genealogy sleuth in me surfaced when I noticed both this screenwriter and the female collaborating with Fran Walsh for The Hobbit films are named Philippa. Merely coincidence or some sort of deeper connection? Most likely it's the first. After years of family history research it does become second nature to realize some first names often run for many generations in related families.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

A happy weekend to you, Ricrar. Thank you :)

I am so happy to see that CNN is on the ball :) :)

Can't speak as to the relatedness of the two screenwriters through the name Philippa. I always liked the name for its connection with the Philippines (always wanted to go). In Persian, Hebrew, and Arabic, and perhaps Tamil, the root seems to mean "Elephant." Perhaps it hails from Ganesha. Could there be a divine support for the coming out of the Richard III story? Who can say! But I can tell you one thing -- he'll be scorching hot in it in either case!



cleopatraascreenplay said...

P.S. I recently found The Usual Suspects page on Facebook. Benicio del Toro is so amazing in that movie. Perhaps he could be a close associate of Richard III in RA's (hope! hope!) new movie :) :)

I checked out Top Gun on your recommendation. Loved the beginning. Very dramatic and compelling. I would love to see RA in a movie like that. Top Gun II? I couldn't watch very far, as Tom Cruise began to get on my nerves. RA is so much better suited. I watched through the part where he sings "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" to the female lead. LOVED it. Someone actually once did that for me. Pretty amazing :) :) Brought back all sorts of memories! :) :) Those were the days!!!

Your recommendations always hit the mark, Ricrar! :)