March 27, 2011

Sweet Things from Leicestershire + Sexy Back 3 by HeathRA + Richard Armitage Pix: "Da first of many"

Funny headline: “Twitter Trends: OMG! The Oxford English Dictionary Includes LOL!”

Past post of the Day:  THE HOBBIT casting announcement and we wonder about SB2, etc..

Woo Hoo! - Sexy Back 3 by HeathRA

Another coincidence - Lucy Griffiths has also recently won a starring role, which triggered renewal of the Guy/Robin squabble at the bbcA website;)

This tangent is all Sue's fault for telling me that it's traditional for a Leics baker to provide royal wedding cakes...:)

Warning: simply clicking on the following link will add 5lbs to your hips ;) it’s the confectioner that will bake the royal cake..
A second dessert requested by the groom will be a refrigerated cookie cake..

See a future Lucretia Borgia peeking through :) as John Standring and his bride kiss...

Quite a journey for both of them.  Richard from John Standring and other characters to Thorin in The Hobbit.  For Holliday from the unfortunate little 'sister' (avoiding spoiler:) in Sparkhouse to the magnificence of the elegant Lucrezia Borgia costumes...

Details about flowers chosen to decorate Prince William and Kate's wedding cake...

How sweet it is – a multi-tiered, traditional fruitcake will serve as a centerpiece of the wedding celebration of Prince William and Kate Middleton. on April 29, it has been announced.

A British "floral theme" will adorn the creation baked by Fiona Cairns, who started her business around her kitchen table 25 years ago. The cake will also be decorated with the couple's new cipher – most likely made up of their initials – which will be unveiled on their big day.

Also on the refreshment menu for the reception: a chocolate-cookie cake, made by Royal Appointment after sweet-toothed William, 28, specifically asked for it. The McVitie's biscuit company is producing the dessert, made from a favorite recipe of the Windsors', for the party.

At her bakery in Leicestershire, Cairns explained that each of the tiers of icing-covered, brandy-flavored fruitcake will have a different theme. Detailed piping is being used to make 3-D scrollwork, flowers, leaves and other decorative touches, while the flowers of the four corners of the U.K. will be represented by the English rose, Scottish thistle, Welsh daffodil and Irish shamrock.

Cairns, 56, sent samples of different fruit cakes to William and Kate, who chose their favorite, and she has now started baking to allow the cakes the necessary four weeks to mature.

Cairns also reveals that Kate is in the driving seat as far as the planning is concerned. She met the princess-to-be at Clarence House, in London, six weeks ago. "She has guided us right from the beginning and has quite strong ideas," Cairns says. "That makes it much easier than a bride who has absolutely no idea whatsoever, which has happened in the past."

But Kate has clear ideas about the 16 different blooms – including one called 'Sweet William".. She adds, "There is the bridal rose, which symbolizes happiness, the oak and acorn – which is an architectural detail around the room where the cake will be – symbolizes strength and endurance. There is a lily of the valley, which symbolizes sweetness and humility, and ivy leaves, which symbolize marriage."


Sue said...

Oh dear not the Guy (Richard)versus Robin (Jonas)debacle again! Been there done that, got the t-shirt! I have only one comment to make "which actor has been beating 'em off with a stick and turning down acting work since leaving Robin Hood?" (and not being arrested for being drunk and disorderly I hasten to add)Nuff said!I think we all know who the superior actor is. (Cute too!Especially when wearing black leather!)

RiCrAr said...

I had to chuckle Sue upon seeing the same former complaints. Just the mention of Lucy's name and a few old rivals were ready to pounce.

It always seemed to me that the Jonas/Robin faction were arguing that a basicly evil character - which Guy was for RH1&2 - should not be idolized. I agree with you that it was always the actors and their professional prowess that made the difference in which character became the real star of that series.

In addition, the vampire fad proves that there are large numbers of females who are attracted to the dark side (hopefully, for their sake, only when it comes to their fantasies) hence, the prince of growels & black leather stole that show from the legendary hero. Of course, the writers aided & abetted Sir Guy. They apparently became as enthralled with the latter's story as RA was w/his character's background history.

Musa said...

Well, Anglophenia is right that Lucy and Richard did smolder on screen together. No smolder between Jonas and Lucy or Robin and Marian.

I think RA ran away with RH and made it his own. He went beyond playing the villain. Guy was the most interesting character (not to mention how devastatingly gorgeous he looked in leather).

Laura said...

Wow... I think I'm glad that I missed all of that controversy. I enjoy a good debate, but come on, that one would be like shooting fish in a barrel, and that's just not fair. I liked the series, would buy it if I had the extra cash, but there is simply no comparing the two actors.

Laura said...

Musa... you are so right. I felt like Jonas stayed within the parameters of what everyone thought "Robin Hood" should be like. He took a bit of a detour when he would get angry, or tired, but he always stayed true to the "good guy" theme. Richard seemed to explore all the facets of Guy, going to the extremes when he could, from burning Marion's family home to murder, to coming to the defense of an innocent woman as he was discovering the other side of himself. I never saw that kind of depth in Jonas' performance.

And frankly, there's just no comparison in the physical realm. All leather aside, of course.... (hmmm, picturing the leather tossed aside....thud...gotta go.)

Musa said...

Hi Laura,

You make an excellent point that Jonas as Robin Hood was very "one note" in his performance. To me, even when he was angry or experiencing some conflict, he came across as an annoying teenager.

When they cast Richard (luckily for us) they pretty much gave the show to Guy of Gisborne. Agree with you no comparison physically either -swoon.

Sue said...

I think as soon as the scriptwriters realised how popular the Guy-Lucy-Robin theme was they decided to run with it. However I didn't like the revelations about Guy and Robin's childhood, completely out of character with the adult version of events. What I loved about the Guy character was the odd glimpse of vulnerability underneath that cold, calculating, murderous, exterior. (Guy was my fantasy, but I would never choose someone like that in real life - although I wouldn't kick him out of bed on a cold winters night either!)

Moving on to the Royal wedding of William and Kate, I'm glad to see that they've requested donations to their chosen charities rather than pressies(a bit like our darling Richard - who was named after an English King after all!)

RiCrAr said...

Sue, can you imagine the challenge of choosing an appropriate gift for William & Kate - what do you get for a couple who has their choice of royal residences and crown jewels? Their guests probably breathed a deep sigh of relief upon hearing the charitable donations request from them.

As far as Guy, Robin & Marian, the history buff in me was slightly concerned when the writers eliminated Marian. She survived for what?...800-900yrs but couldn't avoid her demise in C21. We know it's violent, but the termination of a lengendary heroine was really a shock. Of course, the final ep of RH3 reunited the ancient couple while the unrequited yearning character felt much love from hundreds of thousands females around the world...and he still does:) So, ultimately his is a happy ending as well.

Sue said...

I think William should wear a wedding ring (all men should, preferably through their noses!). I wonder why he's chosen not to?

I notice James Nesbitt wears one, quite right. By the way his new series Monroe is really quite good. A bit like a British version of House with blarney. It will definitely run to another series I think.