February 20, 2010

Richard Armitage Velvet Voice Alert for UK Fans + 2010 calendRA

2010 calendRA - better late than never..

Velvet Voice Alert: Find full details at following website..
Following is an interesting olympic story - there are 4 sibling pairs this time competing in ice dancing competition??...some of the mandated dances require heat(such as last night's Tango Romantica).  Could you ever manage to look like a romantic couple w/your brother?...even if it is in front of thousands of people? -- not me:)  I'd break down laughing in his face everytime we were expected to look longingly into each others eyes.  Fortunately, teaching mine (in our teens) to dance well enough to get by at proms etc.,  didn't require anything other than patience.   Here's the story and clips of the skating siblings...

One of the sibling ice dancing couples currently competing in Vancouver...must say, they pull it off rather well--brother & sister from Scotland..

This year's compulsory tango - the emotional heat expressed by the pair is included by judges in their final grade..      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kc56jMMg10

News Story:  "Olympics: Sibling Skaters 'Sizzle' 2/19/2010
Some ice skating pairs will have to feign attraction more so than others -- at least, for those that are related. WSJ's Geoffrey Fowler talks with Kelsey Hubbard about four pairs of sibling ice skaters that have to "sizzle" on the ice."

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