February 28, 2019

All Things RArmitage: Made in Manchester Wardrobe? + 'The Stranger' Writer Tweeted "back in Manchester" + New Game of Thrones Posters/Emojis(see link)

RA posted at his Instagram with Made in Manchester clothing
establishment in the background. Is it the source for his 'The Stranger' wardrobe? 

                                Game of Thrones Finale, Season 8
The Game of Thrones production is currently displaying tweets from fans in Times Square, NYC, which reminded me of the JT/Mgt train station kiss which was chosen as one of those displayed as a "Kiss of Peace" by the AXE Corporation..
Game of Thrones trailer analysis..

Breaking down the biggest reveals from the newest trailer
Cersei Lannister's battle uniform for final season, when the ultimate rulers of Westeros will be determined.....or not;D

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