January 17, 2019

All Things RArmitage: "definitely working" ;D (see link to video) + Wolverine Podcast Best Scripted(see below) + Vote RA Best in Period Drama(see link) + IMDb Adds RA as Star of Movie "The Seville Communion"

From Park City, Utah ski slopes
The Man From Rome is title of chapter one of novel 'The Seville Communion' - According to IMDb, RA plays Catholic priest Father Lorenzo Quart. Novel written by Arturo Perez Reverte.  RA fan Mat Khal's splendid rendition of Richard as Father Lorenzo Quart..
Remember the fan speculation when we heard Richard would appear in the movie 'Pilgrimage' which had many cast members playing monks;)
Have started reading The Seville Communion and enjoying the Rev Lorenzo Quart chaRActer. Reminds me of the days prior to filming of "Strike Back" when many fans speed read that novel. Then John Porter came to life..

VOTE Best in period drama, RA as John Thornton on list:

                              Award for Wolverine podcast..

Saville: http://www.aviewoncities.com/seville/plazavirgendelosreyes.htm


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