March 22, 2018

Richard Armitage: RA Included in The Crown Casting Speculation (see excerpt/link) + Tweets in Reference to Urban/NIFF(see below) + Wolverine and All Things RArmitage

Recent RA tweet...
I’ve been subpoenaed by Marvel. Going into HQ tomorrow to explain why this was a…

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Season 1 of TNT's The Alienist has ended without word so far of renewal...*sniff* ;D They have to renew it - there were 47 MILLION viewers each week...just a matter of time. They're probably renegotiating contracts...

New film Urban and The Shed Crew is about growing up in a disadvantaged family in Leeds. Thanks to @RCArmitage, who stars in the film, some of the profits will be donated to us, to help us reach even more disadvantaged children. @NewcastleFest
I can’t really take credit for this, Candida Brady and Titus Ogilvy always intended that should the film make profit @actnforchildren would benefit Lets make that possible.


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